Imagine slowly awakening to the soft sounds of the birds, singing in your garden, and walking out to greet the sun while gathering fresh produce for your breakfast; fully enjoying the fruits of your labor and the bounty of your harvest.

You live privately with your family on 2 hectares, or 20,000 square feet, as described in the "Anastasia or Ringing Cedar Series".  You'd have enough room for medicinal herbs of every kind, fruit bearing trees, and various gardens of  vegetables and edible flowers; all that you and your family would ever need in order to be self sufficient and truly thrive. The borders of your property would flow into the land, utilizing trees, shrubs, and bushes, forming whatever pleasing design best suited you and your family, who are also awakening.

After a leisurely breakfast, each of you would again go outside and begin the day by taking care of your land and animals. Once that was accomplished, the true freedom of time would be yours, for you lived in Peace and Higher Consciousness, where each individual knew they were unique and all were equally valued.

The only "job" was the Joy of Being, for conjoint creation with the Divine Source, bringing joy to all who contemplate it, was the ultimate goal, and all moments were Sacred. Every Individual understood that only "They" were capable of birthing "Their" unique gifts into the world, and all were fascinated by uncovering just where their particular talents led. Families lived long and prospered together, for they had much to share, and lived within communities where neighbors respected and supported one another.

Life was truly something any "God" would be proud of, for as We took care of one another, We also took care of Mother Earth, and all life was revered.

Now come back to the hard, cold reality of war, poverty, and authority, all of which are lies that we've been propagandized into believing. A world where profit is god and the natural blessings of the planet are destroyed in order that the few in power may enslave us while feeding off our hunger and fear. A world where so called "leaders" can lie to us, steal from us, and declare that innocent people die through drone strikes and bombs in order to "save" humanity from "others" who would kill.....striking first and laying waste to all around, for generations to come through the toxins used in war.

Belief systems have enslaved our minds, and our hearts; turning us into human robots who do not think for ourselves, but follow immoral orders, waiting to die to gain rewards...instead of questioning immorality and Uniting to resist tyranny.

What if the biggest lie of all is that WE cannot co-create a Paradise HERE, NOW!?

All WE truly own is Ourself!
Each of us, ultimately, will be held accountable for Our  Own actions, by the laws of Nature, who do not suffer the excuse of "following orders",  or any other that resulted in  direct harm to others as a result of  Our Individual participation.

What if  All WE really need to do is to agree not to violate one another and to clean up the messes We've allowed to consume our world? What if it is that simple, for WE greatly outnumber  those who rule, and can reclaim OUR Power THE MOMENT enough of US realize WE CAN! Mother Earth will NOT be safe for ANYONE until we do!!!!

Murder is immoral, and as long as others are murdered in Our name, and We go about "Our day as usual", enslaved by Our thoughts and those in uniforms who work against their own, WE will NOT be Free, NOR Conscious!!!!

Truckers in Amerika are going to go on Strike Oct 11th - Oct 13th, some driving through Washington D.C., and asking the PEOPLE to Strike with them. United We Strike fully supports this, and encourages extending it through the 15th, proposing "WE" participate in Solidarity.

Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why!!!!!?????

Open Your mind and Heart, reread this article and consider the ramifications. The only reason WE don't live in the world pictured above, is because WE've been brainwashed into forgetting OUR worth.

Our world reflects Our beliefs. Instead of supporting ignorance, reaction, war profiteers and Our own demise, let us stock up now and starve the beast; educating Ourselves and following the true fruits of OUR labor.  Let US remember together and step into a new paradigm of Peace, Healing, and Abundance for All, beginning Oct 11th.

If not You, who?
If not now, When??? What are WE afraid of? Dying? Or truly LIVING?
What future will WE enable for OUR CHILDREN??

United We Strike, United We WIN! Begins Oct 11 !!!!!

OYM interview 9/29/13 with Karen Quinn-Tostado.
Wed, Oct 2nd, my guest on "Karen's Korner" as part of  Charlie McGrath's "Wide Awake News" will be Kimberly Carter Gamble, an awakened individual doing what she can to change our world. Tune in and find out how YOU can contribute, and call in with questions. Archives here by date.

Power to the PEOPLE through PEACEFUL UNITY!
Karen Quinn-Tostado

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