Is the Federal Reserve Going to try to Destroy the Trump Economic Recovery?

Recently the Federal Reserve chairman predicted that the US economy in 2019 might get dicey and lose some of its momentum compared to the impressive GDP numbers and low unemployment that has manifested under President Trump’s Reaganesque, Supply Side economic approach. They cited the possible cause as interest rate increases! Well, they identified themselves as being the source of the problem than didn’t they?

Counter productive

Since 2016 there have been at least 4 rate hikes in interest rates. When interest rates increase the cost of literally everything goes up due to corporate finance increases. Just like gasoline price increases when the cost of transportation becomes more costly it affects transportation of all goods and services. Interest rate increases affect the housing market and how much home a family can afford to qualify for so housing starts are affected as well. Interest rate hikes are capable of cooling down a red hot economy to stagnation if they continue.

Unsound practices

In order to ascend out of the recession of 2008 caused by the Democrats for allowing irresponsible lending practices that caused massive mortgage defaults and Wall Street to sell dangerously vulnerable derivatives based on unsupportable mortgage investments, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, prescribed floating the US economy on zero interest credit. What that did was allow the Federal Reserve to loan money to the Federal Government without finance charges in order to spend the government out of the financial bubble that threatened to cause a full blown Great Depression by nationalizing 2 of 3 major car manufacturers, paying for massive welfare increases, adding more food stamp subsidies, and even paying off the major news agencies with hundreds of millions when they did not even need the money simply to buy influence. The national deficit increased 10 trillion in 8 years as a result.

Mechanics of risk

With the cost to run the federal government under the Obama regime at 14.5 trillion annually surpassing the entire output of private US industry for the first time in US history government spending could have caused a monetary collapse while eclipsing private business as the source of economic generation in our country. An FRN (Federal Reserve Note) no longer represented a dollar that was backed by anything of tangible value, gold, silver, oil, it only represented debt.

Blood sucking

In 2016 the Federal Reserve stated that it had 3 trillion in equity it had invested in floating the US economy under the anemic fiscal accountability of the Obama White House and would now increase interest rates to reacquire their position! That means that by creating trillions out of thin air and then charging the government for it while the Treasury forced major US banks to absorb the losses of failed investment firms like Shearson Lehman and Bear Sterns the US economy stands to grind to a complete halt all over again in order to pay back the Federal Reserve for money it never possessed anyway.


Just think, a foreign privately owned banking cartel by a few elite families is allowed to control the US money supply and credit debt while taxpayers fund the burden of our government’s fiscal mismanagement when their income taxes are funneled to offshore accounts that are owned by the Federal Reserve! The Federal Reserve is not owned by the US government it is owned by private world bankers who do not necessarily owe allegiance to any one nation and have expressed those exact sentiments publicly. It was a political move to float the US economy under the Obama regime so the Democrats would not fail. Why would they now be trying to undermine the economic recovery under the Trump Administration? Connect the dots!

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Comment by Doc Vega on December 2, 2018 at 6:11am

Thanks Diana!

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