MSO is now recruiting. The purpose of MSO is to theorize scenarios, and actively take part in creating ideas, tactics, and War planning for Militia. Then take these ideas into the field and implement them from the Ground up.

MSO is not a General Militia Site. It is a place where specifics are highly valued.

There are 6 major Branches of MSO.

Psychological Operations
The purpose of this Branch is to create ways in which we can neutralize Enemy propaganda. Sway public opinion in our behalf. And develop mechanisms that will ensure Militia success in all our endeavors.

Recruitment Operations
This Branch deals with recruitment of forces into the Militia in General, and MSO specifically.

Combative Operations
This Branch deals with all things Combat oriented. Everything from simulations through the mechanics of hardware. Here is a real time example of a ongoing simulation.

Cyber Operations
The Cyber Operations Branch will deal with how the Militia can effectively reach more people through the Internet, as well as prepare Cyber teams to engage the Enemy using the Internet. Cyber Operations will work Join Operations with "Psychological Operations", "Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance", and "MSO Internal Operations" on a regular basis.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
This Branch will be the eyes and ears of MSO. They will hunt out targets both online and in Real World. Ascertain threats, as well as run Joint Operations with other MSO Branches.

MSO Internal Operations The Internal Operations Branch will maintain the Operational Security of MSO, as well as monitor Militia Security in General. They will keep watch for infiltrators, and seek out methods to further the Operational capacity of MSO.

Militia Special Operations is obviously a public site, that is on the Internet, and is open to viewing by the Enemy. We ask that you keep this in mind while there. We also ask that you keep all Classified information pertaining to your own individual Units Secret.

The reason for MSO is to provide a platform for people to further their skills as they pertain to the Militia. We understand that some people are not capable of training with individual Units either because of their age, handicaps, or other circumstances. Everyone has knowledge and ideas though, and are of use to the Militia. All are valued.

Though much of our information comes from external sources, it is asked that participating Members try to formulate their own ideas, and be creative. These Mental exercises will prepare us for future events in the field, when we will HAVE TO THINK ON OUR OWN, and have no other references available besides what is already in our heads.

We also ask that you remain anonymous while at MSO. Please use unknown handles and non identifying pictures. This is so we can concentrate on the objectives at hand, as well as prevent "occult of personality" issues from rising. It is also a means of protecting ourselves in the event that the Enemy decides to move on us. This will prevent one another from incriminating each other.

The beauty about such activity is that the Enemy will not know who is taking what information where and implementing it. To think they do not know our plans is foolish. The Military has entire divisions that do nothing but theorize scenarios from a forward looking posture in regards to their Enemies.

Warfare is nothing new. The tactics and techniques of War have long been known. But again, when, where, and by whom such tactics and techniques are employed they will never be able to ascertain. That is the key to any War.

We welcome anyone who is willing to put forth effort into the mission of MSO.

Our Organization will be evolving in real time, and we need people as well that are willing to take positions of responsibility in further creating the framework of the Organization, and creating by cooperation the overall Mission Directives that will further MSO as a whole.

1st Officer of The Watch

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