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All real or perceived injustices can be solved in one easy sweep of actually honoring equal individual human rights as stipulated by the supreme law of the land. That is considered radical nowadays. Instead, moderates employ collectivism and corporatism.
Collectivism places a higher regard on the concerns of the group over the rights of the individual. Thus the needs or even life of any single human being or all people of any smaller group can be sacrificed for the greater good. However, this term is really just a misnomer because it is almost solely applied by those who drive public policy to serve their own hidden illicit agendas. Socialist and communist ideologies are derived from this. Include corporatism and we now have the two primary elements of almost any fascist state.
Corporatism is really nothing more than collectivism driven by plutocrats who use their control of major corporations to hijack democracy by employing lobbies to secure it. This is often done by campaign financing and promises of very lucrative employment to politicians who leave public office. Many become lobbyists themselves. Of course there are many other legal and illegal ways to secure their loyalty and it happens far more than the press reports on.
Taxation Without Representation
Moderates who are loyal to collectivism and corporatism are the primary staple of both parties in all branches of and all levels of government. Their loyalty to their campaign financiers is the impetus for many harmful foreign and domestic policies. Their misplaced concerns over the interests of the general public is what defines taxation without representation.
The following is just a small sampling of treasonous things done by the federal government that we fund but are brought to you by the elected moderates from both houses of congress from near any presidency during 20th and 21st centuries:
All 20th wars and conflicts. All were and probably still are funded and instigated on both sides by the same bankers because blood equals money.
Many CIA coups that replaced democratically elected governments with dictatorships friendly to American corporatism.
The Federal Reserve Act (1913) that eventually replaced our honest money with worthless paper.
The 16th Amendment (1913) which installed the controversial federal income tax that legalized the theft of our labor and grew government.
The Great Depression (1929-41) that was manufactured by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street to buy out shares of failed corporations at basement floor prices.
The New Deal (1933-39) to relieve the burden of poverty caused by said depression. This generated a stranglehold dependence on government that persists to this very day.
The Patriot Act (2001) to shelter us from terrorists that this government fabricated or instigated.
Two wars of colonialism to capture or kill the same terrorists that this government trained, fabricated, or instigated. Instead it may have resulted in a direct and indirect loss of a million lives on all sides.
The housing mortgage bubble that went bust (2008-??) and is now a somewhat moderate economic depression. This was also a deliberate fraud whose burden (bailouts) was placed on the tax payers with a legal form of counterfeiting called quantitative easing.
The National Defense Authorization Act (2012) to altogether suspend most of our civil rights and reign in martial law. This is to preserve the status quo of big government controlled by moderates and plutocrats.
The American Apartheid Machine
The three economic classes is a myth. There are two more economic classes that the press and the state deliberately fail to acknowledge. Collectivism builds two economic apartheid classes of privileged citizens that are endowed with rights, earnings, and protections that are not offered to the general public. Even the expected future returns on their vested pensions are secured by law with public funds while almost everyone else in private industry is accountable for their own risk that comes with a 401K or other retirement programs. Very early retirement to take a second job at some other department of the government while collecting on a pension is not unheard of. And then there is the excessive number of holidays, sick time, vacation days, and unbelievable job security which makes it almost impossible to terminate their employment should it be necessary. Many departments at all levels of government are also grossly overstaffed including the ranks of the managers. What do they all do? Of course this describes the syndicate known as government workers (lower apartheid). All are represented at all levels by a very powerful category of lobbies known as public-sector labor unions.
Those that guide public policy are the top brass of plutocrat elites (higher apartheid) in the private sector who are the puppet masters of this and prior regimes. Such elites should not be confused with vanilla flavored upper-class wealthy people who play no role in directing public policy other than voting or contributing to campaigns. The real despots are those who usually control large shares of major corporations or sit on their boards and use this power to hijack representation by financing all viable moderates within the same election race through campaign financing. In other words, they finance everyone because they do not care who wins as long as they can buy our government. This also includes public-sector labor unions and Washington lobbies especially the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC or Israel lobby). These are the people who hide behind a curtain of secrecy while driving public policy at the federal and sometimes local level. In doing so, it is in their interest (economic and self-preservation) to make certain that no disruption in government occurs.
Government workers are endowed with this much affluence and privilege to manufacture a machine that is fiercely loyal and entitled. Thus their concerns for helping the needy by employing collectivist public policies is disingenuous or misguided because such socialism is exactly what breeds unemployment, homelessness, poverty, crime, substance abuse, mass crises, public unrest and anxiety, extremism, and many other social maladies that the government is depended on to shelter us from. The state will then extend authoritarian control by expanding the police state and growing social programs to relieve us of this while ignoring the root cause. That is how the state grows and protects itself.
Radicals are really only civil rights activists or candidates who are fully aware of the injustice by the state to perpetuate these policies. Much of the so-called free press deliberately falsely labels or infers them as radicals. That is because the elite plutocrats also control much of the media thus they are in a unique position of colluding it with the state with the purpose of managing our lives and indoctrinating our thoughts through propaganda to reign in support for public policies that are harmful to society. By doing this they have contrived an entire population of Manchurian citizens. Their only real concern is to restrain us to strict obedience and it is working very well.
What is a Moderate?
Moderates: Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman, and Bachman.
Moderates are also sometimes called centrists; they are candidates and office holders who do not want to shake up the system. Their goal is to preserve the status quo. In doing this, they avoid or ignore dire issues that really do affect our lives such as the Federal Reserve central bank and fiat monetary system that pirates our wealth; instead they focus on petty inconveniences to distract us. Abortion, gay rights, parental consent, stem-cell research (it is not illegal, this is really about federal funding), and even charges of racism are thrown at us as a smoke screen while they systematically erode our civil rights.
The Consequences of Supporting Moderates
They all support policing the world while waging wars of aggression and have no intention to bring home the troops. For example, President Obama promised this but has not yet fully delivered on it. He dragged his feet on Iraq but expanded Afghanistan with many new secret bases having been built. I do believe Gitmo is still open for business which was one of his many broken promises.
And then there is the problem of sustaining big brother. Again I ask, what do they all do besides spy on us and suspend our civil rights for our own good? If we are to be legitimately managed and sheltered by government then it is our duty to pay taxes to sustain it but how much is enough? The problem is not that the state runs deficits and needs to find new sources of revenue to fulfill its many broken promises and vital services. The real anomaly is that government has grown far too big and has now turned on us to serve itself. It needs to be reduced down to the red-headed stepchild that it once was and our founding fathers had wisely intended.
If you support moderates, you also support Wall Street welfare programs (TARP bailouts), big government, high taxes that come with it, anemic representation in Washington, wars of aggression, erosion of your liberties, and a loss of dignity. Such concerns should be a priority because everything else will have almost no impact on your life. If you do not mind your children growing up in a country where equal individual human rights are a thing of the past and are vulnerable to martial law (suspension of civil rights) and FEMA concentration camps, then please keep supporting those candidates who are backed by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street special interests including AIPAC and Federal Reserve.
Because the press and state deliberately use words to reflect opposite concepts, moderates or centrists are really nothing more than enablers of extremism. They are the status quo that are the enemies of freedom.
Please view the following short but outstanding video production, Inside the Liberal Mind. Unfortunately, this now applies to moderates who predominantly occupy both parties.
What is a Radical (as the press might imply about them)?
Radicals: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson (still in the race but not as a Republican).
This should never be confused with other form of radicals known as extremists. Other than any of the previously mentioned moderates, none of the individuals previously listed are extreme. They are constitutional candidates who intend on shaking up the system with the goal of restoring the republic. Their focus on the more pressing matters is inspired by their acknowledgment that these are the weighing issues that have been sinking this country deeper into a totalitarian plutocracy. They are often opposed by the press and their own party because they expose those things that other candidates are silent about. They are not backed by Wall Street but instead by grass roots organizations. These are people who are you, not the plutocrat elites.
One such candidate is backed by our heroes in the military including veterans far more than all others because they have first-hand knowledge of how unjust war can be and recognize him as the only viable candidate who intends on supporting the troops by ending all wars and bringing them home from around the globe. This also eats up a huge portion of public funds that could go toward rebuilding badly needed infrastructure within the United States or for simply reducing our taxes so that we may pay our mortgages and feed our families.
Dr. Ron Paul (do not forget that he is not an attorney) is the only GOP candidate who focuses on the most pressing matters (Federal Reserve, civil rights, etc.) because he has not sold out your representation even before the election began. All other candidates including current President Obama are ignoring this because they are under orders by their Wall Street financiers including AIPAC.
Please again view First Republican Presidential Debate (election year 2012). But this time focus attention on the issues that the moderates tend to expound on and their unwavering supportive of centrist policies. Then contrast this with answers given by Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) and Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) whose views for both are actually libertarian. This is what defines a constitutional conservative as the Republican Party once was but has since lost its way due to corruption by the two-party system that permeates all levels of government.
Our Founding Fathers Were Radicals
Radical views are in reality only extreme to those who have found comfort and complacency in a bubble of false security due to deeply indoctrinated patriotic, statist, collectivist, and other conditioned beliefs. Those who have found the strength to reject such mind control or propaganda will always appear foreign to those who marinate in misconceptions. To be radical is to have become awakened to the injustices by the state onto humanity.
Our founding fathers were considered radical whereas loyalists and redcoats were considered moderates. Even then we lived in an upside-down world. A radical is really nothing more than a conservative that wants to preserve the constitution. Without the "it's only a piece of paper," as George W. Bush once declared; we are several steps closer to tyranny. This is a contract between the government and the governed that must never be broken. But it has; this trend must be reversed now and not later.
Please do not allow the good doctor to slip through your fingers. It really is your last chance to elect a potential contemporary refounding father who intends on restoring our constitutionally protected rights because the despots are now putting suspensions on overdrive. Waiting for more evidence to exist also means that we might have reached a point of no return. This is the event horizon that separates the United States as we know it now from another Third Reich Germany that we cannot escape from.
Further Reading
The list that follows are current and republished articles authored by this once reporter and op-ed writer who was recently fired for something he regrettably wrote while not in the right state of mind. As a libertarian, he fully accepts this consequence from his employer and the resentment by the general public. It is really nothing more than accepting personal responsibility for one's own actions and welfare without encroaching on anyone else's right to this.
© 2012 Jules Manson — All Rights Reserve
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