More from Sandy Hook’s Smoking Arsenal

More from Sandy Hook’s Smoking Arsenal


Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report

In a clear case of not getting every picture redacted, I found the photograph of Nancy Lanza’s bed with the blood stain ON the bed, from “Sec 5 – Backup Scene ” photo #665:

Pages from Sec 5 - Back-up Scene 1

Now, can anyone explain how a woman who suffered 4 shots to the head, only bled the amount show on the bed?  I can’t even understand it if the stain is from soaking through the pillow…which, by the way, a pillow on the floor has a small stain on it’s corner…if there is another pillow it is not shown.  And, if you look closely at the bedsheet, you cannot find any holes from the four shots…don’t know if this is legitimate from the angle of the photo, but wanted to bring that up.

[Updated 21 May 2014] – In a display of chutzpah never seen before, the FBI has released HEAVILY REDACTED documents due to a FOIA request from the Hartford Courant.  I have archived the documents HERE, and will post more if I find anything readable in them.

  1. On page 81 of the FBI reports, a redacted individual (I believe to be the computer club teacher) states that “…remembers that Mrs. LANZA was a teacher or volunteer and would come from work to respond to ADAM’S episodes…”

[Updated 12 Mar 2014] – As there is a thread on REDDIT about this post, and I am NOT a user of that website, if anyone there wants to question this post, leave a comment.  REDDIT USER Mindsequalone is not the author or owner of this blog, he/she just shared it because he/she thought it was relevant (My thanks to them)…for example, one user on that site seems to delegitimize my point that Nancy Lanza was apparently taking many presciption drugs due to  blacked out photos and entries on her medicine cabinet by saying HIPAA still covers a persons info when they are dead; however if you go to the Health Journalism, and read this article you will find “Additionally, the following are NOT protected health information: police and fire incident reports, and court records. Also, birth records and autopsy records are not protected health information to the extent they are maintained by state agencies. In addition, if a state FOIA law designates death records and/or autopsy reports as public information that must be disclosed, covered entities may disclose that protected health information without an authorization”.

Note :  I will update this post as I go through the 1000?s of documents released by the Ct State Police, which I have archived HERE  (all references to documents will be to my archived vault).

As this is a “living” document, it will appear rough at first, but eventually I will wrap it all up.  Please be patient, and subscribe so you can get updated when I add new truths from the police reports…As you read through this post, ask yourself this question:  Why have the MSM not looked into the findings in this report that are highly highly suspicious and do not tend to prove that Adam, at the very least, was the only shooter?

First, some key points from the police audio tapes of the morning of the shooting:

The Audio Tapes of the Sandy Hook Police Dept:

I have started transcribing relevant portions of the tapes (What I consider relevant) from that morning of the Sandy Hook Police Department, and provide them here.  The tapes are available for download HERE.  In the tapes, you will hear interaction between state police, local police, EMT and fire department.  There is an annoying squealing sound that is officer’s using encrypted radios that sound eerily like aliens in the movie “Signs”.  They can apparently talk encrypted, and others can respond in the clear.  As I finish a transcription I will add here, and update the post.  Here are some important things I have found in the tapes:

  1. Within 1:39s of the call going out, the first police arrive at the school.
  2. Within 2:30s of the call going out, shooting has stopped (assuming Adam Lanza is dead at this point)
  3. About 45 s later, two individuals are reported running down the outside of the school.
  4. 13s after that, a officer states he sees them coming towards him (two individuals running).  He then takes down one of them into a prone position, and the other is the one shown on video, running into the woods.  Approx. 5 mins after the call about the shooting goes out, the suspects is reported to be on the ground, prone.
  5. At 1:36 into the second tape, officer reports a suspect in custody and searching for a second.
  6. At 4:20 into second tape, a staging area for EMT and FD is set up at the FD up the road, instead of at the school.  This is strange as it would mean moving any injured from the school up to the FD for treatment, movement to hospital.
  7. At 12:35 into the second tape, report comes in stating they have a shotgun and a rifle from within the school.
  8. At 29:00 into second tape (~36 mins after the shooting is broadcast on police radios), everyone is told that triage will be set up at the FD.  Again, making no sense as triage would “normally” be as close to the scene, and in this case there is no more shooter.
  9. At 17:20 into the third tape, report comes in that “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse“ – why would they be transported back?  Why were they not questioned at their homes, as this would further traumatize the students in coming back to the scene of the crime.
  10. At 18:00 into third tape, “they” are told to gather information, and names of the 4 students and refer them to “me” (whoever that is)
  11. At 22:49 of the third tape, Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEOThis is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post pic #15), his mother’s car.
  12. At 4:00 mins into the 5th tape (~2 hrs. 15 min. since shooting called over radio), an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Tape 1: (All times are minutes:seconds into the tape)
23:00 – Call goes out about Shooting at Sandy Hook School
–”Caller indicates she thinks there is someone shooting in the building
23:45 – “Dispatch says front glass door has been broken out at the school, they are unsure why
24:24 – “All units, the individual I have on the phone continues to hear what he believes to be gunshots
24:39 – First unit arrives, says for other units to take up position in school driveway
25:20 – Dispatch tells all units that “Shooting at Sandy Hook appears to have stopped at this time, the school is in lockdown
26:12 – A report that a teacher saw “two shadows running past the building past the gym which would be rear [garbled]
26:29 – Officer reports “Yeah, we got them, they are coming at me, down [garbled] lane
26:42 – “Coming up the driveway, left side

27:00 – “We have them
27:10 – “Stage at Methodist Church, I will need two ambulances at this time
28:04 – “Responding units, last known gunshots were at the front of the [garbled]
28:18 – “Acknowledge, we don’t have any [visual?] crew on station
28:30 – “I’ve got a party(i.e., suspect) on the ground in the prone [position]
28:35 – Chief acknowledges they have a second suspect on the ground
29:24 – Someone states again that last known shots were in the front of the school
Total time from dispatch notifying officers about shooting, until time dispatch says shooting appears to have stopped:
Total time from first unit arriving on scene till shooting stops:
40 seconds.

If we “assume” the shooting started ~ 1-2 mins before the dispatch notifies cops, we are talking total time of 3:30 to 4:30 from the time Adam Lanza shot out the glass and killed himself. In that short span, he is supposed to have shot the principal, psychologist and vice-principal in the hallway, who attempted to disarm him, then go to a room and shoot the kids in there, come out, the officer(s) at the rear of hallway see him, he ducks into another room and shoots everyone in there, then kills himself. THAT is if it was 1-2 minutes before dispatch notifies everyone. Also note the police apprehend two suspects and have at least one of them prone on the ground (the other ran into the woods which I have video on)

Tape 2:
00:48 – Officer states they just received report of a person in room #1 shot in the foot.
01:36 – Officer calls in to say something about a person either in custody or looking for the suspect, and will continue…
2:00 – Officer reports (09:45AM) they have [garbled] at the south east of the school (I believe this to be the suspect on the ground)
2:57 – Office reports multiple bodies in the school.
4:20 – Police are moving (staging area?) up the road to the fire dept.
5:12 – An officer asks if “We might possibly need a second medic?
08:58 – “We have suspect down
~10:00 – continues to direct everyone responding to stage at the fire department
12:35 – “Be advised, we have multiple weapons, including one rifle and shotgun
15:29 – “We are conducting an interior search at this time
17:22 – A team is dispatched to the roof of the school to “clear the roof
17:50 – “We need boxes (i.e., ambulances?) here – call Danbury if you have to
19:15 – “We just found a {garbled} by a police car.” (Command Center than tries to get hold of this person)
20:00 – “They said call for everything (ambulances)
20:10 – “What is the number of ambulances you will require?” answer: “They don’t know, they are not giving us a number
21:00 – 21:21 – Someone calls for Hook and Ladder fire truck to respond, medical emergencies
25:30 – Someone calls in to say an ambulance is transporting one patient to Danbury hospital
28:00 – Someone indicates they need access to the roof through the janitor closet, which is locked?
29:00 – More ambulances / FD call in, wanting to come to Sandy Hook, police indicate to stage at the FD, they then ask where do we set up triage, and they say again, at the firehouse.

Tape 3:
00:01 – Again the responding personnel are told to set up the triage at the fire house
01:45 – A unit is told to set up triage in the rear parking lot of the fire house.
3:33 – Someone asks if anyone grabbed the Mass Casualty Kit; they are told “That’s a negative“; They are then told to pick the kit up
04:04 – A question is asked about the status of the patient taken to the hospital. “Gunshot wound to the right foot, conscious and alert
09:20 – Someone cut’s in to say “Maintain airway traffic” (Meaning too many people talking unnecessarily)
16:40 – A policeman calls in and says “John I can’t get the Quad up here the roads blocked too much“. A person responds saying he has to so get the road cleared.
17:20 – “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse
17:30 – “Who is in charge at the firehouse at this time?
17:40 – “I have 4 individuals coming back to be placed in the meeting room
18:00 – “Gather information, names and phone numbers if you can and refer them to me
21:24 – Someone is told of incoming EMT and ambulances (6 ambulances (3 AMR, 2 Campion, and 1 South[garbled] to be staged at the firehouse)
22:49 – Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEOThis is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post),
24:45 – “Okay, all ambulances coming in at this time continue in with traffic. Hold all other ambulances” – Someone replies that they currently have 7 rigs (i.e., ambulances) at the firehouse.
27:03 – “Be advised we have the superintendent of schools set up in an office at the firehouse.”

Tape 4:
18:15 – “Have we cleared the building yet?
18:50 – Someone says “I can confirm the school has been checked 3 times and they are doing a 4th check
29:35 – Someone states there are three fed’s coming in and to make sure they have the state police(?) frequencies

Tape 5:

04:00 – responding to a request to find out if there were video camera’s in the school, an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Next, let’s take a look at the official State Police Report, and see if we can learn anything:

1. From CFS-12-00704597 State Police Report, talking about Adam Lanza’s body when inspected at the school ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOTING: (please go to the documents pages 32 – 34 on the left side navigation)

“Located on the floor east of the shooter was a “Glock 10? semi-automatic pistol…one round was partially loaded in the chamber, with a magazine of 8 rounds remaining…the pistol was approximately 3 feet from the suspect….the pistol had numerous hairs to the front sight area of the pistol…consistent in color with that of the shooter…A black colored canvas hat was located on the floor northeast of the suspect…This hat had blood stains hairs and a hole consistent with a bullet hole in the forward portion of the top of the hat…”
“This hole was consistent with having been worn by the shooter at the time the shooter received a bullet to the RIGHT REAR LOWER PORTION OF HIS HEAD WHICH EXITED OUT THE TOP PORTION OF HIS HEAD AND HAT“.
Did you catch that?  A kill  shot to the lower rear of the head…who shoots themselves in the BACK OF THE HEAD?
Further proving this shot was to the lower right BACK of the head, report 00118939 page 34, talking about the “boonie-styled” hat next to Adam on the floor: “…This hat had blood-like stains, hairs and a hole consistent with a bullet hole in the forward part of the top of the hat.  This hole was consistent with having been worn by the shooter at the time the shooter received a bullet to the right rear lower portion of his head which exited out the top forward portion of his head and hat…”
I also think it is VERY strange that they use the words “…at the time the shooter received a bullet…” instead of  “…at the time the shooter shot himself…”  Receiving generally means someone did it to you, not you doing it to yourself!  It really makes it sound like they were saying someone shot him in the back of the head…of course they then go on to say he shot himself in the “right side” of the head after just saying it was to the right rear lower portion…
Also, it seemingly conflicts with the following note from the autopsy report on Adam which was done later:
 (from 00101146 report, showing anatomic findings of victims and Adam Lanza) – “Adam Lanza died from “intraoral gunshot wound with extensive injury to skull and brain”…
Note the word “Intraoral“, which if  you go to any online dictionary and look the word up, it says “within the mouth, inside the mouth; situated, occurring, or performed within the mouth”…the report is saying he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, but the FIRST REPORT from the scene says the shot was to the lower right back of the head and exited through the top of his head
Lastly, in  report 00045958, it shows the record of photo’s taken of Adam during the autopsy, which do not show ANY photo taken of the back of his head, only the top.  Curious, since they clearly indicated in the first report it was there.  For the “debunker” on REDDIT, I would like to ask a simple question:  Who puts a gun to the back of their head and shoots themselves for a suicide?

2.  Also, from the 00122616 report, on the Bushmaster Rifle:

Swabbing was done on all parts of the rifle and cartridges (this rifle was in the school with him and was said by the coroner to have been the source of the shots fired that day)…here are the results of DNA comparisons to Adam Lanza and his mother:
From the conclusion in the report of the DNA samples taken from the rifle (all DNA samples taken, not just some): (go to page 5-6 of the report via left navigation)

However, even more mysterious and really very shocking, is that one of the items being tested, right along with the guns and bullet’s Adam is to have used in the school, was an envelope containing a Christmas card and hand-written note address to the students of SHES (Sandy Hook Elementary School).  This is detailed in “Sec 12 – CT State Police Forensic Laboratory Reports“, and it is extremely important to understand that this envelope is literally from Adam Lanza’s body, as you can see on page 12, where it states “009 – Item 83A- Envelope with fingerprint cards (Adam Lanza)” and again solely deals with ballistics and not items randomly picked our from classrooms.  And at the bottom of page 12 you see the envelope was addressed “For the young students of Sandy Hook Elementary School”

You can begin reading about this card at the top of page 13, and be sure to read everything from this point in the document on.  The envelope’s flap (both sides), Card, and adhesive side of the stamp were all found to have DNA.  It DID NOT MATCH ADAM OR NANCY, BUT DID MATCH SOMEONE IN THE CONVICTED FELON DNA DATABASE (see also #122616, page 6).  WHY HAS THE MSM NOT DEMANDED AN EXPLANATION OF THIS “HAND-WRITTEN NOTE” AND CARD IN AN ENVELOPE THAT PRESUMABLY WAS FOUND ON ADAM AND DOES NOT HAVE EITHER HIS OR HIS MOTHER’S DNA, BUT A CONVICTED FELON OF UNKNOWN IDENTITY?   AND WHAT DID THE CARD AND NOTE SAY?  This is critical to the case yet is totally unexplained.

Furthermore, in report 00063156, page 5, we read that during a search of the vehicles in the parking lot, “a red blood like substance was located next to a white Subaru bearing New York registration FGX5945, which was parked in the northeast side of the parking lot.  An Integriswab swabbing was taken of the red blood like substance (Exhibit #502) for the purposes of identifying a potential DNA source.”  Just who did this blood match?

3.  From 00124235 report: (see page 5 using left navigation)

“The DNA Results eliminate both Nancy Lanza and Adam Lanza as the source of DNA found on the drivers front door handle and drivers exterior door handle on the suspect vehicles car as well as the gun. “

4.  In all 472 photographs of the interior of the Lanza’s home, you will not find ONE single photo of:
a.  “Reams of stories on mass murders in the United States“.  There is one photo (p. 341-342) of ONE single story back in the 1800?s. (This is also chronicled in “Section 11, Evidence Reports” under item 10 as being 13 pages of a story from 1800?s…not REAMS OF STORIES ON MASS MURDERS)
b .  There is not a single photo of the “7 foot long  X 4 foot wide spreadsheet” that Adam supposedly cataloged all of the mass shootings on.  In inventory of everything they found with search warrants, this spreadsheet is not mentioned.
  • In report 00123535, a DNA test was performed on Nancy and Adam to determine if SHE WAS THE MOTHER.  Why was that done, and why has the MSM not questioned that?
  • In report 00146708, test firings of the Bushmaster were performed with unused ammo found on site.  These bullet’s were then compared to fragments retrieved from victims.  The report states “No positive identification could be made in ANY of the bullet evidence submissions noted (above) in the 5.56mm caliber.”  (page 10 using left side navigation) Why has the MSM not challenged this admission?
  • In report 00146708 the same type test was made with the Glock pistol, and it was noted “the general firing characteristics of a Glock pistol…all have polygonal rifling which is not a traditional cut rifling style…They ALL lacked sufficient striae for the comparison and identification process…” (page 11) meaning, of course, they could not concretely identify the expended bullets to the Glock.  Why has the MSM not questioned this?
  • The SIG Sauer pistol was NOT tested against comparative rounds because NONE were presented…so how is this weapon confirmed to have shot anyone?  (See Report 00146708)
  • 19 of the expended rounds could not be identified to any of the firearms (report 00146708) – page 11
  • In report 00162620, the gaming systems of Adam Lanza were submitted for forensic testing.  At the bottom of page 8, (page 5 using left side navigation) someone blacked out the last paragraph; however, if you zoom to 400%, you can clear see that it is two checkboxes:  The first is to confirm that the barcode labels from the lab on the equipment to be tested are the same as the request for evidence receipt.  It requires it to be checked and an initial.  There is no initials viewable.  The second states that the initials prove he form was filled out properly and all questions on the form answered.  Again, no initials (and as far as I can tell, no checkmark).  Why has the MSM not questioned why this document was redacted, and since you can clearly see what the redacted portion says, why did the MSM not challenge this?
  • In report 00162620, on page 8, a statement is made that “the case number on the evidence does not correspond to the case number on the warrant” (i.e., this was to retrieve computer hardware and gaming systems of Adam and Nancy Lanza).  The officer finding this (Trooper Bukowski) makes the point of notifying others about this discrepancy.  This is peculiar when you ALSO consider that, in the same report, the SN’s of the Dell Laptop and XBox are redacted (page 7 using left side navigation).  Why would that be, unless the SN might reveal something about someone else’s involvement, OR that this was, in fact, not the equipment seized from the home?  How come the MSM has not looked into this?  If you look at “Sec 11 – Evidence Reports” (page 1 and page 8), it actually lists the SN’s of both the laptop and the X-Box360.  This appears to be a case of redacting it in one place, but forgetting to redact in another.  Highly suspicious and no obvious reason.
  • In the report titled “Sec 1 – Initial Reports“, a detailed description of the search of the Lanza house is given.  In no instance are “Reams of stories on mass murders in the United States” found, only ONE single incident dating back to the 1800?s.  There is also NO finding of a “7 foot long  X 4 foot wide spreadsheet” printed out, detailing every major mass murder in modern history that Adam was supposed to have done.  Curiously, there are numerous papers found in the basement (where Adam was supposed to be most of the time), but no papers attributed to Adam.  Why has the MSM not questioned this information?
  • In the report titled “Sec 2 – Scene Search Reports for 36 Yogananda”, on page 16-17 (using left side navigation), there is this curious bit of information:  An individual logged onto a website called and said he was going to kill himself and to be watching at 9 AM (this was on the 12th of Dec).  When asked where, the individual says Ct, but that was all they would reveal.  Also on 14 Dec 2012, a person in Texas said their son was playing online 20 hours earlier and a person said “…something might go bad tomorrow this could possibly be my last moments alive  as far as I know there’s a list of people that are gunna get shot.  I hope I aint on it”.  This is confirmed as happening because screen shots were taken of the chat session by the person reporting this.  Now, ask yourself this:  How do we know this person making these statements was NOT Adam Lanza, saying he was hoping he wasn’t the one getting killed?  Any information pertaining to interview of the witness was redacted.  Why has the MSM not questioned this or reported this?
  • In “Sec 4 – Images of Items seized“, pictures of various items seized from the Lanza’s home are shown.  Page 7 shows a picture of (apparently) Adam Lanza as a toddler, holding a gun to his mouth with a belt of live ammunition on his lap AND WHAT APPEARS TO BE A GRENADE BETWEEN HIS LEGS, with various rifles and assault rifles behind him. 

What is this about, and why has the MSM not looked into accusations that the mother Nancy was a “Survivalist” or “end-timer” and did this have anything to do with the shootings?  Was this an instance of MK Ultra training the toddler from the very beginning to be a Manchurian Candidate?



[Hat tip: Brook - tx!]

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I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you …just wondering.

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