Obama Appointees Sabotage Deep State in White House

The Deep State Sabotages Trump White House

Inside the heart of the White House intelligence services are what remains of Obama appointees. In violation of their oaths to serve and protect the United States and its citizens they have undertaken a much different mission. Rather than serve the best interests of the greatest country on earth they have been leaking key classified materials in hopes of pushing back against President Donald Trump and his new administration. CIA officials, who have leaked stories to a press that is exercising a vendetta against the President, have acted in traitorous fashion.

No honor among thieves

During the Obama administration the NSA was running surveillance on AP reporters even when this news organization was decidedly in the tank for the White House, still they wire tapped certain journalists working there. Eight years of the Obama Presidency has brought a widespread shadow of lawlessness over Capitol Hill, and it seems to have metastasized into the Trump White House as well. The alarming aspect here is that with the successful hacking of Hillary’s home brew server, the Department of Personnel Management by the Chinese, the breach of cyber security at the Department of Defense during the Obama era by the Russians it seems the essential classified status of our federal government is no longer a priority!

Systemic lack of patriotism

That the inner sanctum of our national defense has been handled ineptly and without accountability is not only standard operating procedure for the Democrat ranks, but displays an inherent lack of concern for the security of our citizens when it comes to political priorities. Where once carefully guarded secrets carried with them grave consequences for the traitor we have seen President Obama in his final days pardon transvestite US Army officer Chelsea Manning, who divulged some 200 thousand US defense documents to our enemies over his emotional rift with his lover and permanently damaged our defensive capabilities as a result! If traitors can be commuted in the present politically correct climate of liberalism than this nation and its people are in inherent danger!

Our enemies applaud

When intelligence officers who swore to an oath of secrecy begin the work of our enemies from within the ranks of our espionage agencies simply to hinder a president they have no right to obstruct in the course of their duty to the country the demoralization from within has been achieved. Like all great nations that have fallen in the past from the Roman Empire to the last great Chinese dynasty, compromise from within begins when lawlessness comes from the top down as demonstrated by leadership who contaminate the lower ranks. The Obama Administration achieved their mission in this respect. With a new White House that is demonstrating an expertise needed to achieve an economic recovery, the Democrats would rather subvert that effort rather than see America succeed. They would rather provoke a war with Russia just to deny President Trump success in his efforts to reform the federal government!

Legacy of betrayal

These are strange times we are living in when those entrusted with the sacred duty of maintaining national security would rather sabotage the nation over partisan loyalty when their ultimate duty is to the people of the United States. Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent assigned to the White House is disturbed over the blatant disloyalty being exhibited by what Obama appointees are left within the new White House. According to him, his job was to step in front of a gun and take a bullet for the President or the First Lady. It didn’t make a difference whether he agreed with them politically or not. He had an obligation to them and the citizens of this nation, yet he is seeing a disregard for responsibility that never would have been tolerated before. Lawlessness, the true legacy and lasting damage of the Obama Presidency-the plague unleashed.    

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