Just finished watching the Premier Opener episode of "Minority Report- The Series" 

I can already sum this show up w/ 2 words without having to watch any more of these propaganda filled episodes.

"Pre-Programmed - Rhetoric"

This garbage HAD to be created by establishment controlled writers. Filled with NWO subliminals....

It's 2065, Pre-crime is now a reality. They already have pre-cog kids that were "Brain-Dead" but yet were "active", Governent experiments w/ them and WOW, they discover they can see crimes before they happen.                      STEP 1: Get Americans acquiesced into "Pre-crime"

We're introduced to new technology, IE: recording/tracking contact lenses, see-thru tablets, tons of Forensic Tech to catch the "Bad guy"  there seems to be tiny, personal "Drones" that launch from wrist/bracelet and a scene where kids on a field trip are shown launching one then taking "selfies"....."awwww, how cute"

STEP 2: Get Americans acquiesced to camera drones

Scene where an entire building is being dismantled, not by controlled demolition, but by talking, wheeled, robots. They apparently don't have safety sensors built in for 1 human was squashed by an I-beam dropped by a robot repeating, "STAND CLEAR, STAND CLEAR"

STEP 3: jobs will be employed by machines

There are 2 scenes where you see chemtrails in the sky, (RANT: been seeing alot of movies lately with the chemtrails in several scenes.)  We have a nice ethnic balance of characters, of course ALL PC and squeaky clean. The bad guys seem to be mainly drug addicts or "Domestic Terrorists" hell bent on taking out the "Leaders". All offenders are rounded up and sentenced to "Rehab" via brain washing (Sound familiar?)

The biggest joke is the blatant promotions for all the bad shit..GMO's, 1 Government, there's a scene where they're eating at a "50's" style soda shop complete w/ a comical robot chef and 50's rock music in background. Here comes an order of greasy looking freedom fries and the chick says, 

"Can you believe these used to be bad for you??..Thank Gawd for the GENETIC REVOLUTION"  

WOW, talk about in your face Monsanto backing there....

STEP 4: Get Americans acquiesced to GMO crops

DC is shown as some marvelous future city with no issues (pure fantasy there) It's all looking like "The Establishment VS Citizens" With the citizens the one's wearing black. This whole contrived mess made me almost puke and I couldn't stomach the last 15 minutes or so. I hope this rhetoric tanks in the ratings very soon. Watch this train wreck at your own discretion.

....and I used to love Sci-Fi.... ;(

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