Personal Letter from Joplin Tornado Survivor

April 25, 2011

Stan and Holly,

Hello fellow believers in Yeshua. My name is Tony Walker. I had discovered your video online about a year ago or less on anti-gravity and found your website and listen to all your interviews by podcast at work.

My family and I (including an older sister) live in Joplin Missouri, in the direct path of the tornado that ripped through the heart of the city. We lived in the apartment complex next to the Dillions grocery store that was leveled, just a block away from the high school which was also totally destroyed. I am writing to you from my cell phone from my sister-in-law's house that my wife and three teenage children are now staying with temporarily.

We lost nearly everything, like so many others, our home, both cars, most of our possessions as well. We have seen death and destruction all around us at a level I have nothing to compare it with.

I am not writing this to ask for anything. God has already blessed us beyond comparison in donations by family and friends alike.

We survived in the bathroom of our lower level apartment, all of us praying fervently for Jesus to protect and save us in the only room to survive untouched by the tornado. All the while with me trying to hold the bathroom door shut and holding the vanity against the wall (the direction the tornado was coming from) with my back to it with my legs pushing against the tub, feeling debris slamming into the wall behind me. My wife would think I was remiss in not sharing all of that. I don't believe my own strength was really keeping everything from caving in by any means. I have many photos on my camera but no way to share them at this time. We are going to attempt to go out today and give back at least a tenth of what we have already been given after we try and salvage a few more things from what we can from our apartment.

The main reason I am sharing this with you is in hope that you will post and share with others the tremendous amount of help that is pouring in from miles around. We can't begin to thank them all! We had strangers from Arkansas help us remove our belongings from our home yesterday! Many are giving thanks to God and praising the name of Jesus in this storm. But we also ask that you and others continue to pray for Joplin and the four-state area as we are expecting more storms today and beyond with a high chance of more tornadoes in the midst of recovery and still finding survivors as well as many more of those that did not make it.

We all took turns holding a three year old little girl we didn't know, crying that her daddy was dead and her mommy was trapped. The mother eventually suffocated to death under the debris. Her grandmother showed up later and took her from us.

All the upstairs apartments were sheared off. Our neighbours above us that just moved in days before survived outside our door under the stairwell. The ones across the hall are still missing and more than likely long gone.

Christian friends of ours are going out to set up a prayer station. If we can assist them we will. I know this email is a bit jumbled up but like I said, I am typing all this on my cell phone. I already believed God has removed His hand of protection from this country, now I have seen it firsthand. Even so, He still loves us and wants as many that will still turn to Him by repentantance and faith and in the middle of all this death and destruction He is still on the throne! We thank and praise you for your ministry!

Please repost and pray for all of us in Joplin Missouri and others.

God bless
In the name of Yeshua Ben-Elohim
Tony and Carolyne Walker & family

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