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‘Pro-gun Democrats’ AWOL from ‘Project Gunwalker’

  • March 30th, 2011 11:30 am ET

David Codrea

'Pro-gun Democrats' must force Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Leahy to let Chuck Grassley out of his cage (click for alternate caption)
Photo: United States Senate

"[T]his is not a political issue, but a corrupt bureaucracy issue," the ATF employee posting under the screen name "Zorro" wrote in the CleanUpATF forum on Mar. 27. "There were problems throughout administrations and political party rule. This monster was fostered by both parties and multiple presidential administrations through lack of oversight and accountability."
True enough.
Just like it's not an issue of being pro- or anti-gun. It's an issue of out-of-control government corruption resulting in murder, which all Americans should want to get to the bottom of.
Not that the Brady Campaign and their camp followers can be bothered with such distinctions. Rather than concern themselves with stopping "gun deaths" caused by the criminal actions of those helping promote the meme that it's all the fault of weak U.S. laws and greedy gun shops, their primary focus has been to call for even more restrictions on American gun owners and even more power for an agency and administration that resorts to stonewalling and deception in the face of congressional inquiries.
And not that those interested in partisan politics über alles want to see the truth come to light either. Because isn't it curious who has stepped forward to date?
Lamar Smith and 13 fellow Republican members of the House Judiciary... (and incidentally, their March 18 request deadline was also ignored by AG Eric Holder).
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