Psychological Warfare = Gang Stalking?

By Clayton R. Douglas

Psychological Warfare = Gang Stalking? As Patriot Movement Grows, Attacks of Average Americans Intensify

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This Criminal Game of Gangstalking:

Is this what has been happening to me?

Wednesday February 29 John Nutter Talking about Govt. Gangstalking

 1)     YOU are watched covertly and overtly; to make you self-conscious and willingly to do whatever is necessary to prevent all psychological hell from breaking loose in your environment, but specifically directed towards you. It’s a self-defense/survival mechanism.

2)    YOU are gaslighted covertly and overtly; to make you think or believe you can’t trust yourself to make “right” decisions. Since the perps seem to have ALL the answers, you may feel that joining them will stop the attacks and give you inside information that will make you safe





Southern Poverty Law, like Homeland Security, is a foreign controlled weapon aimed at the destruction of the American people.  Communism may have lost its name, but the apparatus, always controlled by Jews more loyal to Zionism than to humanity or the end of the exploitation of the working man, remains in action, subversion and sabotage and espionage and propaganda.

            The story linked above greeted me as I got up early this morning to finish off this week’s recap of the Wars we are currently engaged in. This War, as I told you in my film, True Face of FEMA, will be a long one, maybe longer than the Cold War. SPLC is trying once more to attack Patriots, Veterans and cover Jewish Crimes. Because I dare to talk about the Jewish issue, I am demonized and called an Anti-Semite. Because I support our Constitution I am called a Radical or Extremist. Because I, like Presidential Candidates Ron Paul and Gov. Gary Johnson support the Legalization or Decriminalizing of Marijuana I am called a hippie, Pot Head and druggy. Those men have been subscribers for a long time and are the only candidates for President that care about the Constitution and your freedom and Liberty.

            “I tried to tell my friends about you and your books, but they are upset about your ProPot stance.” My friend VK (Grandma) Durham told me this morning.

            This name calling, demonization, Libel and Slander has become a fact of life for me over the last 25 years. The story emanating from Jewish controlled SPLC and ADL might be scary for a lot of you but it was encouraging to me. The Patriot Movement I helped start is WINNING this battle we are fighting and they are SCARED. They are saying the same things about ordinary Americans, trying to turn all of us who love our Liberty into TERRORISTS! Starting with Waco, everything that has happen from that time, OKC and 9-11 has been psychological warfare against the American people.

            Is hanging still the punishment for TREASON?

            I have come a long way in knowledge and experience since I walked out of a Texas prison with my first pro-pot novel under my arm.  I do not say this with any hint of embarrassment or apology.  I was busted with pot and threatened with a life sentence if I did not accept a plea bargain of 7 years. My lawyer got to be President of the local Bar Association for getting me to take the deal. The charge?  Possession of Marijuana! The next state over it was a misdemeanor.

            The novel I wrote then was about what this country would be like if all laws against victimless crimes were abolished and Marijuana was used openly. It was Science Fiction then.

            Today, in 10 states, if you follow all of their rules, guidelines and pay off all of the State, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries, a few million former law breakers can smoke what we have smoked for 40 years without fear of fines or imprisonment…in 10 states! Maybe some consider that to be progress. In my radical viewpoint even those states are mere extensions of the swiftly emerging, even more intrusive police state of Global Government.

            The War on Drugs was a War on the American People! So is the War on Terror.

            True Freedom?

            Waking up, walking out in the sunshine, plucking a bud off the plant the Bible calls the “Plant of Renown” growing openly in my front yard, rolling it up, sharing a hit with my neighbor while I walk the dogs without fear of arrest or harassment by any governmental employee. Why should I have to pay a doctor for a plant God gave us?

            Many in the Christian and Patriot Movements as well as the programmed masses, have bought into the Hearst created Communist Propaganda that allowed the communists to STEAL our number one Cash Crop. You know the one they used to make the paper the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were written on? In the process they made criminals out of 40 million Americans.  I was one of them.

              The Bible referred to hemp several times in the Old Testament. In Ezekiel 34:29, hemp (Kaneh) is called a "plant of renown". Few remember that between the American Revolution and the Second World War, hemp was one of our country's most important agricultural crops.    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations and both encouraged its widespread cultivation. Benjamin Franklin started one of America's first paper mills with hemp, which allowed the colonies to have a free colonial press without having to import paper from England. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper. Because hemp fiber is ten times stronger than cotton, it was traditionally made into twine, canvas and clothing. The sails for the USS Constitution, and nearly every other old sailing ship, were made of durable hemp fabric.

            Since walking out of Huntsville, I have traveled to 49 states and 7 countries. I have owned and run my own businesses, started and sold to head shops, and published several magazines that were distributed nationally for many years.

            I have written articles for many different magazines, such as Motorcycle Industry, Easyriders, High Times, American Free Press, Biker and more. I started the Free American Magazine in 1994 and it was sold in through Books a Million and Barnes and Noble for many years. Thunder Riders was a huge success. “New Times Magazine” referred to it as Arizona’s Premier Motorcycle Magazine. I might add that in writing and publishing for 40 years, I have never been sued for libel or slander. My career and my businesses were off to a roaring start!

            Until the accident!

            That qualification has almost become a mantra I hope to change to a more positive one soon. My path to this point was not always easy but all of the problems I faced were nothing more than all of us face in day to day life. My opinions, comments, articles, analysis and guests on my radio shows and in my magazines might have been controversial but my magazine was read by many Law Enforcement officers, Congressmen, Senators and FBI/CIA agents. I was not shy about my contempt of corruption or Communism in our public offices. I had more subscribers in Langley VA than I did in Dallas, Texas!  From a business standpoint I have done everything right. . . .  Except for talking critically about the Communist/Judaic Control of our Money and Government! This article should serve as an introduction to a good author and Patriot who simply loves his country and people and speaks his mind. . . a writer whose words have helped start a virtual Revolution by promoting Ron Paul.

            My Trevor Cameron fiction books are pretty good. I wrote them as a continuation of the Travis McGee Series and as a tribute to MacDonald, one of my favorite authors, after John died.

            I met Maynard MacDonald, John’s son, at a John D. MacDonald conference at Bahia Mar in Fort Lauderdale. I docked my boat, the Sea Deuced, in the slip marked with a plaque for the fictional Busted Flush. I went to an event where you were supposed to dress as your favorite MacDonald character. I went as my usual biker self. When Maynard MacDonald asked me who I was supposed to me, I replied, “I came as Trevor McGee, the son Travis never knew he had. He is Molly B’s son, the one Travis slept with in the “Deep Blue Goodbye.” He had no sense of humor or head for business. Wonder how much he paid the lawyers to deal with me?

            According to HIS attorneys, I write just like his father, John D. My manuscripts were sent to Maynard in New Zealand by them to show him that all of my work was original and there were no trademark violations. He returned the manuscripts unopened.

            I voluntarily changed my character’s original name from Trevor McGee Hamilton to Trevor Cameron Hamilton but Trevor still feels that MacDonald met his father, Shannon, at Bahia Mar and based the character of Travis McGee on him. I think I may have handled it wrong. I should have sued for child support. My books are published and available on Amazon.              Needless to say I do not get along very well with the British Agents of the Banksters who are members of the BAR Association or IRS Agents. 

            I have always readily accepted challenges in business and life. I am the guy they flew to four corners of the country to put together 4 businesses. I was a problem solver. I was good at marketing, sales and writing. The books were ready to go to print.

            Then, suddenly, with an accident on May 20, 2004, everything was gone! 

            The accident, if it was an accident at all, put me in hospitals and a 3 month long drug induced coma. Supposedly I had a brain injury. That was the reason they gave my family for the drugs. I have no memory of three months in three hospitals. My sons finally ordered them to take me off the drugs.  Once I was allowed to wake up, the 3 broken ribs and collar bone had healed pretty well and I was up, walking and talking. What about that brain injury? I was told that I was violent. I awoke in a cell in the hospital, in some kind of plastic cocoon. The door was not locked so I wasn’t too paranoid. Communication with my family did not go well. “Why am I in a jail cell?”

            “You are in a hospital Dad,”

            “This is a jail cell, son. I have been in enough to know!”

            “It’s just a hospital room with little bitty windows, Dad!”

            After three months of drugs, and a ¾ million dollar hospital bill for 3 broken ribs? Who knows or could say if my mental state was due to the drugs or the head injury? To this day I do not know the truth about anything that has happened then or since! Nothing can be confirmed.




            After few days of consciousness, slightly amazed that I was walking around after being T-boned on my totaled Harley, I got a couple of visitors wearing blue pin-striped suits, no ties,   who asked if I had been hallucinating.  I had been, but I had told no one, not my family nor the doctors.  “A little,” I responded. “Who are you?”

            “We’re CIA and you can thank us for that.”

            “Yeah? What are you doing in this country and why are you fucking with me?”

            They told me they didn’t like me publishing my Motorcycle Magazine, Arizona’s Thunder Riders.

            “That’s just a motorcycle magazine. The Free American is what I use to expose spook types like you! Why would you care about a Motorcycle Magazine?”

            “You have a large audience and you paint a rosy picture of riding motorcycles. We don’t like that!”

            “I see. Does the term, ‘tough shit’ make sense to you? Get out of my hospital!”

            As they were leaving I stopped them. “Hey boys, thanks for the high, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the acid you brought in for the Sixties!”

            It took me a while to understand what was happening. My WWCR Shortwave radio show was gone. The Free American was gone, but my sons and wife kept Thunder Riders going so I still had an income. That is what they did not like.  I was only aware that my motorcycle was gone at that time.

            A few days later an attempt was made by a woman I only assume was a nurse, to give me an injection that had not been prescribed by my doctor. I asked what it was. She said a tranquilizer. I had not been violent since I regained consciousness.

            “No thanks. I don’t feel like being tranquil tonight.”

            “You have to! I have to give this to you!”

            “No. I have the right to refuse medication and I am not taking that.”

            “I am going to get Security and they are going to hold your down.”

            “Go get them lady!” Obviously they were not successful. I honestly believe that had I taken that shot I would not be alive today. I had lost a hundred pounds, hadn’t eaten in three months so I might not have been able to do all of the things I threatened Security with, the broken bones and having their throats ripped out and all. But I was still 6 foot four and they bought the tale of me being trained by Special Forces to hurt people. I call it the best bluff of my life.

            They attempted to forcibly medicate me a second time. They were not successful, because I had a phone brought in and I used it to call the police. A few days later I was well enough to go home.            But it was not the home or family I thought I knew.

             These events and those that followed in the five years are detailed in one chapter of my book “Mystery Babylon”. EXCERPT FROM MYSTERY BABYLON ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE TRIED TO DO TO CLAY DOUGLAS

            My family, programmed by the doctors and the hospitals, believed the hospitals and doctors had saved my life and that I was just hallucinating the government agents that were taking credit for the smoke and flames I had been seeing but had told no one about.

            Because I refused to take any more prescribed medications and retire like a good invalid to an old age home, my sons took my wife back to her father in Tennessee, a former Secretary of Agriculture of California.  I was told he threatened to disown her if she came back to me. None of them did. She works for him running a motel in California. My sons moved to Colorado.

            For many years I fought to get her back.  Drove to Tennessee, took her with me to Washington DC to try and put a deal together. She was angry all the way. Perhaps the accident had nothing to do with her anger towards me. Maybe it just gave her the opportunity to get away. Maybe she was angry at me for cheating her out of all that money. She had been paying for that life insurance for 24 years.

            Was I paranoid? Damn right I was. Did I have a severe brain injury? Possibly! How much of my mental or emotional state was due to that bump on the head and how much was due to the Morphine, Halcyon and Haldol I was pumped with for 3 months?  Who were the people who came to see me in the hospital?

            My family was gone. The Free American Magazine and shortwave show were gone. I was trying to run Thunder Riders alone in Phoenix. I tried hiring people. I kept selling adverting.  I tried selling in interest in it. I was trying to restore my businesses, my family my income. I was only partially successful.

            I sold a portion of my remaining regional motorcycle magazine, “Arizona’s Thunder Riders” to a publically traded company for a half million dollars. We signed the contract. They did a press release on Wall Street (Market Wire Tuesday Nov. 1, 2005.)

            The headlines read “MBA Holdings, Inc. Acquires Thunder Riders Newspaper”.  Clay Douglas will remain on as Publisher. The sale was not allowed to be completed!

            Someone had the money and resources to contact several hundred stock-holders in MDA Holdings to tell them what a bad racist/Anti-Semite Clay Douglas was. When I went to move in on Monday, the CEO, Galen Brotherson, was white and shaking. “I can’t go through with the deal, Clay. They are threatening to impeach me from my own company if I do. My stock is dropping like a rock!”

            A million dollar deal gone in an instant. Who was to blame? It was at this point I started to realize this had been no accident. What followed was out of a Stephen King horror book. Separation, Isolation, rejection.

            Recently I did a treatment for a script [The Lucifer Legend] that a Hollywood lawyer wanted me to let him submit to HBO. When he pressured me to sign a contract that would have given himself percentages for his role as my agent, my manager and my lawyer, I rudely declined. I had ridden a few hundred miles to meet him and was left standing on his front porch for 45 minutes. 

            With just the work already completed, I should be rolling in the dough and my name a household word. My non-fiction autobiography/Masters Degree Thesis, “Mystery Babylon” is being used as a Text Book in a Bible College. But it is only by God’s Grace or pure luck that I am still alive and not among the millions of newly homeless Americans. Actually, I am really one of them too.

            Someone came into my life, told me they loved me and handed me a check for $10,000 to get the Free American and Liberty Village started on my property. Because my credit had been destroyed by the accident, they suggested I put the property in their name. They would buy it and then I could put a few thousand back into the property to increase the value to a million or more. We did that. The day I collected the money, I was ordered off my property and home of 15 years. So I became homeless, living in a 36 foot fifth wheel I got in the deal.

            Again, let me stress that I do not write this article for Pity or Sympathy. What has happened to me happened because I was smart, well read and vocal and opposed to the tyranny of World government, Globalism or Communism. I qualify as part of the Intelligencia the second class of people the Communist always go after. That would be anyone smart enough to know what they are doing to us. The War on Drugs was really an attack on our farmers with a side benefit of making criminals out of millions of Americans.  

            What has happened to me is happening to most American right now.  Millions homeless. Jobs exported. TSA expanding from airports to highways. GMO foods that rats won’t east served everywhere. . .except Monsanto’s cafeterias!

            I have been fighting a lonely battle against Monstrous Evil. Some of that is represented by Muslims, some by Jews and a lot by supposed Christians. But the masses are starting to wake up to the strength and wisdom of true Christianity and the danger of the attacks by the Anti-Christ Religions that have been at war with the forces of Good and God for Millennia. My work is done with an eye to the Truth. I care about this country and my White Race, the true Israelites of old. It is not hate. Hate is being taught and spread by the Jews who control most of your media.

            I have been asked if I hate the Jews. I do not. I hate thieves, liars and tyrants. If us white boys had it as together as the Jews and worked together like the Jews, we would own the Federal Reserve the Bank of England and the IMF and World Bank and I believe this would be a different world! CRD                                     END  

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