Here's a really interesting and rare B movie directed by Kristo Papic, that stars actor Petar Bozovic portraying the life-story of Nikola Tesla.  It covers the time he worked for J P Morgan, played by Orsen Wells, and the conflict he had with Thomas Edison, played by Dennis Patrick.  Though it shouldn't be taken as a full authority on Tesla and the personal events of his time, as much is missing from the 'real' man's life-story.

In fact what this quaint portrayal does; is clearly shows us the difficulties that Tesla had to endure and overcome, and that despite millions or dollars being invested into his inventions and discoveries, and that he was on the brink of gifting the world with his wonderful invention of 'free energy', thus electricity, when all of a sudden, his main investor J P Morgan, soon realised the reality and awful potential of such a discovery, that he and his elk would lose-out on making billions of dollars from the billions of people on the planet who rely on such resources.

Tesla's incredible invention shows for instance when lightening strikes a particular area, it 'charges' the area, he placed a lightbulb directly into the earth and it then lit-up.

The same kind of thing can be achieved if you placed one end of a fluoresent lightbulb into the ground and directly under the cables of an electric-pylon, - it will light-up!

Its been proven that Edison had stolen other inventors ideas in the past, despite being a very intelligent and clever man in his own right.  As did Marconi, and more painful to Tesla who had given Marconi his first break.  It's alleged Marconi stole the "wireless-cable" "idea", before Tesla had time to patent it.

After promising $50,000 to Tesla if he would improve his DC motors and which he did, Edison reneged on his word, dismissing the promise as "American humor."  Tesla was furious and quit immediately. Unfortunately, Tesla was not able to find other work, so he was forced to dig ditches for two years.

Edison had been crowned; the 'Father of Electricity', his "own" invention supplying Direct Current (DC) to the world, who too by then had adopted it, had made him rich, powerful and famous.  Though still not as influencial as J P Morgan, who at the time favoured Tesla's new invention of Alternative Current (AC), though of course still looking into the monetary and profit side of Tesla's creation.

Edison's nose was put so out of joint that he even tried to petition Congress to 'ban' Alternative Current (AC), publicly electrocuting a dog so as to make out it's a 'killer' if 'used'.  In fact it is safer than DC, and certainly not any more dangerous so no need for a ban.

What's also incredible and a continuum of not wanting to give either credit to Tesla, or be seen endorsing his AC energy-power; not a one single mention of Tesla's involment in the Niagara Falls dam project is printed in many history books and including the CIA's kept-in-check and run by them website also known as Wikipedia.  What I mean is; a lot of the entries made on Wikipedia are made-up of facts [and many errors, inconsistencies and lies] and details in a variation of how 'they' want it to appear and be read.  You can even write to the creator of these pages and point out their errors, though they will just ignore you.  If you try and edit it yourself, which you can, or make another more factual page on the same subject, it will will be removed, either by the original creator or Wikipedia themselves; on the grounds that the 'subject matter' has alreay been covered, despite it being incorrect, and the creator will just amend what it is you first changed on their original entry.   

Not long after J P Morgan had dismissed Edison's DC for the Niagra Falls dam project, and opted for Teslas' AC instead; Tesla's laboratory burnt to the ground of March 13, 1895. Everything was lost, as Tesla had no insurance.

By 1896, with financing from moguls like J.P. Morgan, J.J. Astor IV and the Vanderbilts, they had constructed giant underground conduits leading to turbines generating upwards of 100,000 horsepower (75 MW), and were sending power as far as Buffalo, 20 miles (32 km) away from Niagra Falls.  Some of the original designs for the power transmission plants were created by the Swiss firm Faesch & Piccard, which also constructed the original 5,000 HP waterwheels. [As said; there's no mention of Tesla when they describe this world known story in many works printed around that time, and even todays Wikipedia entry reveals there is no mention of Telsa in any part of the historic section about Niagara Falls - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niagara_Falls ]

Tesla could see that our planet is surrounded in a constant electric field - as does the earth itself carry a constant electrical field of energy, and it is by simply using what mother nature has given us all, - and that Tesla was on the verge of supplying the world with this fresh-new-clean energy, when disaster struck.

To this day, the rich elite have suppressed Tesla's invention of free energy.  This is 100% proof "they" are out to see that the majority of us all get ill, infirm and then die pretty young or suffer from a lifetime of illnesses and why many have to rely on medication the rest of their lives.

Over a hundred years or more ago we could have applied this new energy to the world. The planet had/has no need to have been mined and stripped bare of the trillions of tons of coal that man has extracted in that time, yet do we hear any of these so called "green" politicians and academics making a song and dance about it?  Do we hell, that's why this type of technology has been able to have been suppressed for so long. 

"They've" long known about Tesla's inventions, yet haven't had the balls to take-up the gauntlet that Tesla sadly had to leave behind and before he had the opportunity to see his own creation come into fruition.  

Think of all this "global warming" [which is to do with the Sun [recent Sun-flares] itself and our universe, if the planet is getting warmer then it's because of mother-nature and the natural energies that transmit throughout the whole of our universe and far beyond and the very same type of thing Tesla talks about.  There's 'nothing' we as mere humans can do about what the Sun or universe is going to want to naturally do, that's why earth has experienced so many and various states of being; the 'Ice Age' being just one. 

This could in theory happen again; no scientist could every tell you whats really going to take place out there in deeper space.  They can't even see some of the Meteors that are hurtling towards us, and the recent one that exploded in Russia is a prime example of this "unkown".

Think back to your school days and those obnoxious little teachers-pet kind of kids and oddballs, the ones who couldn't really mix that well with the other children, [no not the one who joined police or army] the so called "smart-ones", and not your Tesla types, as there were none!  Well that's all these so called academics relly are, they're just ordinary burger belching-farting 'people' like most people are.  They're not "Gods", and many of them shouldn't be on the pedestal that quite often they seem to be placed, in fact many should be in jail!  These "people" are paid to keep their silence and to keep 'us' in the dark by continuing to teach us all "their" falsehoods and lies!

When Mr Westinghouse; one of Tesla's business partners - was financially broke, Tesla ripped-up the contract they had between them, despite it being worth $10,000,000, and that was back then!!

This was a royalty payment, which Tesla jokingly asked for to see how serious Westinghouse was, and who then agreed, he insisted Tesla should have it so as he can finance himself and his inventions.

Tesla wanted to virtually give away his invention of 'free energy'. And of course we understand that in a sense 'nothing is free', that there is always an initial investment and regular maintainence and repair-work to be carried out, though that doesn't justify why 'we' the people have been robbed to date of trillions of dollars worldwide and literally by a handful of men and women, the profits made and still being made is immoral.

That's right, turn back over and go back to sleep, ignore the facts; don't ponder how significant this is to 'us all'. 100ys or more of killing us and working 'us' as slaves digging mines miles deep into the ground, so as we can then burn and smoke the planet with smog that goes miles deep into the planets atmosphere and then comes back-down as acid rain; when all of this could have been prevented a long, long time ago; - Bye-bye-American pie...

Morgan [Orson Wells in the film] can be heard growling something along these lines; "Why, it means we'd soon be out of business, it's means every Tom, Dick or Harry would just have to buy an antenna-arial and get all the free electricity they need!"

And that's the sad truth behind why Nikola Tesla's greatest gift to mankind was destroyed and has been supressed ever since.

The good thing is, that in recent years Tesla's inventions are now widely known, he is revered by millions worldwide, there are many small ground-movements also around the world, that are advocating Tesla's 'Free Energy" invention, yet like J P Morgan, those still in control don't want us to have it. 

This is why we need to make this 'Free-Energy Issue' as important as our "governments" scam on 'global-warming!'  This technology is already there waiting for us to tap-into, - so let this generation of people go forth and bring it to the world; ignore what they teach you at school or University, or at least challenge it.

Question; "Why Sir, why the bloody hell are we not doing anything about this?"  "Why isn't every house, school, uni, hospital or street lighting run on Tesla's free alternative AC energy, as opposed to Edison's very costly DC?"

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was hailed as a scientific genius, and was perhaps the greatest inventor of science and technology the world has ever known.  Apart from his inventions, he discovered many other things which are now commonplace in our modern-day and age and lives such as; AC (alternating current), Radio, Television, Radar, X-rays, Laser-Technology, Solar energy and Wireless Communication's among many others.  

Coral Castle Garden

"Coral Castle" 

Those interested in Tesla, will know of Ed Leedskalnin.  The above video includes investigative journalist Joe Bullard discussing the mysteries surrounding Florida's Coral Castle and its creator Ed Leedskalnin. The Castle and its gardens feature thousands of tons of coral rock that Leedskalnin carved into artistic yet functional objects such as tables and chairs, a sundial and a huge perfectly balanced gate. While he made and moved these objects in secret, he claimed he used the same technology that the Egyptians built the pyramids with, and that he was a great admirer of Nikola Tesla and his discoveries.  And it's because of these cases such as Tesla's and Leedskalnin, that it surprises me as to why the "brotherhood" didn't see to it that these types of inventions were used and adopted worldwide, and perhaps is further proof that the inner core and very tip of the fraternity; run their society with an iron rod and make sure there's never been any real fuss about it.

The Great Pyramid of Washington D.C. - New Discovery


Part 1 http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/never-seen-before-evidence-9-11-th...

Who are all the Obelisks really for?


Tesla, Nikola (1856-1943)

Eccentric Serbian-American engineer who made many contributions to the invention of electromagnetic devices. Tesla was Serb who was born in the Croatian village of Smiljan in the Lika region, which at the time was part of Austrian monarchy. His father was an orthodox church priest.

Tesla had a keen memory and ability to visualize and construct complicated objects in his mind's eye. While working on his first job with the American Telephone Company in Budapest in 1880, Tesla suffered a nervous breakdown in which he claimed to suffer from a Edgar Allen Poe-like hypersensitivity of perception (Hunt and Draper 1991, p. 32). After he recovered, he was walking with a friend when the idea for the polyphase system of generating alternating current suddenly occurred to him. As of yet, he did not possess the means to actually build the necessary equipment.

Tesla was hired by the French branch of the Edison Company and assigned the job of repairing an electrical plant in Strassburg. Upon completion of the repairs, however, the Edison Company refused to pay the money it had promised. Tesla quit, and set his hopes on obtaining work in America. Strangely enough, once in America, he went to work for Edison. After promising $50,000 to Tesla if he would improve DC motors, Edison reneged on his word, dismissing the promise as "American humor." Tesla was furious and quit immediately. Unfortunately, Tesla was not able to find other work, so he was forced to dig ditches for two years.

Finally, he obtained work at Westinghouse's Pittsburgh labs. He told Westinghouse about his idea for the polyphase system, which would allow alternating current [AC] electricity Eric Weisstein's World of Physics to be transmitted over large distances. Edison, however, had invested heavily in direct current [DC] systems and fought AC with everything he had. Westinghouse saw the advantages of Tesla's system, and agreed to buy the patent rights for one million dollars plus a $1 per horsepower royalty. Westinghouse built power plants and transmission lines, proving once and for all that AC power was an economical and workable system, while Edison's impractical DC never got very far off the ground. Westinghouse used the polyphase system to harness the power of Niagra Falls in a hydroelectric plant.

Using the money he received from Westinghouse, Tesla founded the Tesla Electric Company in New York. Here, he invested time and money creating exotic new electric devices, including the Tesla coil. Eric Weisstein's World of Physics Tesla's biographer O'Neill reported the untenable story (which was echoed by subsequent biographers) that among these devices was a fist-sized vibrator which was capable up setting up resonances and creating a man-made earthquake. In any case, Tesla's lab burnt to the ground of March 13, 1895. Everything was lost, as Tesla had no insurance.

Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, where he built a new laboratory and performed more experiments using a monstrous Tesla coil. Eric Weisstein's World of Physics According to O'Neill once again, Tesla used this to generate man-made lightning. He then moved back to New York and began the construction of a lab with a huge tower in Wardenclyffe, Long Island. The lab was never completed, and the tower was eventually knocked down. There may have been some unusual maneuvering in the awarding of the 1912 or 1915 Nobel Prize. Biographer disagree on the dates, but report that Tesla was confidentially informed that he was to share the physics award with Edison, and was then surprised to see it go to a scientist (Hunt and Draper 1991, pp. 166-171).

Tesla was highly eccentric in his behavior and absolutely impractical with money. One of his compulsions was his daily feeding of the pigeons in New York. He is reported to have become attached to a dove, and his biographers report that the death of this pigeon, whom he regarded with an emotion resembling love, dealt him a shattering blow (Hunt and Draper 1991, pp. 192-193). Tesla was destitute for the last years of his life and was forced to move from one hotel to another when he got behind in his bills. Upon Tesla's death, his papers were impounded by the Custodian of Alien Property.


Edison, Westinghouse



Beckhard, A. Electrical Genius, Nicola Tesla. New York, NY: Julian Messner, 1959.

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Tesla Memorial Society. Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World. 40-minute VHS videotape.

Walters, H. Nikola Tesla, Giant of Electricity. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1961.

Wise, T. Tesla: A Biographical Novel of the World's Greatest Inventor. Atlanta: Turner, 1994.

© 1996-2007 Eric W. Weisstein

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I own a DVD of this B Movie   It is still worth seeing it  There is no other one that I know of  .Too bad a top director  like Oliver Stone  would take a crack at directing  a movie about Tesla

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