Restore The Constitution- ANOTHER ARMED MARCH! Permit Approved


Congrats to Tom Green and Randy Dye for getting this together quickly and smoothly. Permit is approved. Speaker list is ready. Rules of (non) Engagement remain the same as
last time.

North Carolina Restore the Constitution rally

Time: August 14, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park
Street: 2331 New Garden Rd
City/Town: Greensboro, NC

From Muster 8-14:


Speakers at this rally include:

1. Mike Vanderboegh (Alleged leader of a merry band of Three

2. Daniel Almond (Organizer of the Original Restore The Constitution rally)

3. Tom Baugh (author of “Starving the Monkeys”)

4. Taylor Ruble (from NC Rangers)

5. John Ainsworth (Civil War and Constitutional historian)

6. Ron Woodard (NC Listen)

7. David DeGerolamo (Founder of NC Freedom)

8. Bubba from the blog “What Bubba Knows”

9. Laura Long from “Triangle Conservative Unite”

10. Dr Dan (from the mountains in NC and has his owm TV show)

11. Dr BJ Lawson (running for Congress)

12. Rick Smith (Former Marine and running for NC State Senate)

13. Bill Randall (running for Congress)

14. June Griffin (running for Governor of Tennessee)

Current Rules of Non-Engagement

Pistol loaded, openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear. Bandoleer of magazines containing ammo. All in accordance with rules below. Please note that guidelines below are subject to final
coordination with the Department of the Interior:

Participants and attendees are expected to know and abide by all applicable state and federal firearms laws. None of the information provided below is legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is
created by reading or relying upon this information. If you have
questions, then you are expected to know the applicable state and
federal firearms laws before attending the event. Anyone prohibited from
possessing a firearm by state or federal law may not possess a firearm
at this event. Participants and attendees may not bring any firearm
prohibited by state or federal law.

1. ALL rifles and shotguns carried by participants at this event are to be unloaded (chamber empty, no magazine inserted, no ammo inside the rifle or shotgun, no ammo touching the rifle or shotgun
whatsoever) and slung to the rear or to the side, away from the hands.
Although the law does allow for carry of some types of loaded rifles and
some types of shotguns in some circumstances, our guidelines are
simpler and more strict due to the relative novelty of this event and
the high level of attention it is likely to receive from law
enforcement, government, and the media.

2. While we do ask that your rifles and shotguns be unloaded, you are perfectly welcome to carry ammunition and loaded magazines on your person if you so choose, so long as no magazines are
actually inserted into rifles and so long as you are not prohibited from
owning a firearm.

3. Open carry of a loaded pistol is allowed.

Concealed carry of a pistol is allowed for those with a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit or a concealed handgun permit from a state for which North Carolina allows concealed carry in
North Carolina (See the North Carolina Department of Justice website for
a list of those states at; we do not vouch for the
authenticity or accuracy of that list). Anyone carrying their pistol
openly or concealed cannot have in it a magazine capable of holding over
20 rounds and cannot have a pistol designed to accept a silencer or
suppressor. Participants and attendees are required to keep all pistols
holstered. Participants and attendees are required to keep all
rifles/shotguns slung over their shoulder, muzzle-down, unloaded, with
the safety on, and with no magazine inserted. Brandishing of firearms is
prohibited by North Carolina law. It is unlawful for any person to (a)
point, hold, or brandish any firearm in such a manner as to reasonably
induce fear in the mind of another or (b) hold a firearm in a public
place in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of
another being shot or injured. Do not engage in any horseplay,
demonstration of firing positions, or exchange of or other handling of
firearms at Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park, or any other location
or vehicle of transportation associated with this event. By federal
law, firearms are prohibited in federal facilities (defined by federal
law as a building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal
government, where federal employees are regularly present for the
purpose of performing their official duties). Do not transport a loaded
rifle or shotgun in any vehicle on any public street, road, or highway
during this event. Participants and attendees are not to consume,
possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at
this event.

Warning Orders

God bless these National Park Service Rangers. They have put so much effort into making this event run well that it is as much their event as
it is ours. There have been events preceding this one in the Blue
Ridge Parkway (the third national park in the state) involving open
carry and long arms. They have already had their discussion with the
local law enforcement agencies about this event and have made it clear
that on their side of the park boundary, it’s their world and they
rule. Make no mistake, there will be officers from the local law
enforcement in the park at this rally, just as they were at Gravelly
Point. As long as we behave and make sure the rangers don’t have any
problems, we won’t have any problems, and we all get to go home. If we
make them have a bad day, then we will have a bad day. Test their
patience only if you’re interested in having a little late supper at the
local hospitality center ran by law enforcement guys. They are open
all night.

To accommodate a large number of visitors to the park for special events, some larger that ours, the park rangers close down the loop road
thru the park and allow only event attendees and bicycle traffic to
enter. This makes available extra parking along the roadside. There
will be at least one very sharp and official looking Park Ranger asking
everybody that drives up to the park entrance, “Are you here to attend
the rally?”, and you will say, “Yes sir.” Then you will be permitted to
enter and park along the roadside. See Note 1 above.

On your way to the park, say the word “obama” several hundred times till you’re good and tired of saying it and hearing it. In this way you
won’t feel like saying or hearing it once inside the park. In fact, it
would be best, if it were to be reported by the press, that not one
mention of that name was made during the entire rally. After all, he is
just but one of the many that have trampled on our Constitutional
rights and used abusive political power. Deny them all individual
recognition because to them, this is achievement of their goals. “It’s
the words that we don’t say, that sometimes say the most”.

Just like at Fort Hunt, there will be an official check-in table. It will be located at the pathway leading to the General Greene monument
and amphitheater area, the rally point. That pathway is near the
entrance to the park loop road on the right. (see the pictures). After
you park and take a picture of where your are with your cell phone,
proceed directly to the check-in desk. just like at fort hunt, there
will be an official check-in table. it will be located at the pathway
leading to the General Greene monument and amphitheater area, the rally
point. That pathway is near the entrance to the park loop road on the
right. (see the pictures). after you park and take a picture of where
your are with your cell phone, proceed directly to the check-in desk.
there will be rally marshals along the loop road to assist you in
properly slinging your long arms and directing you towards the check-in
table. There may be Park Rangers along the way, just to make sure you
don’t get lost following the road. See Note 1 above.

The rally point has 25% shade at 13:00 and this increases in the afternoon. The amphitheater is completely shaded all afternoon. The
General Greene monument will still be in full sun when the park gates
close at 17:00. Shade is provided mostly by tall oak trees that
surround the rally point on all sides. (see pictures). There are no
tables or benches in this area, so if you need a chair or two, bring
them. Stay off the monument. General Greene is the only one authorized
to ride the horse. This section of the state is notorious for heat and
humidity in August. We will have some (hopefully cold) bottled water
available free for the asking, just in case you forgot to bring your
own. There will also be an EMS vehicle near our location. And if you
like bugs, we’ve got them. The only park animals you’re allowed to
personally dispatch, at will. Mosquitoes are fond of the shade and the
circle flies are fond of the podium area. Nothing you haven’t had to
deal with in the past, so you know what works best for you. Do not make
the etiquette faux pas of wearing black bdu’s to this event as
they attract an excessive amount of media attention. This always makes
those around you uncomfortable and occasionally irritable, although
they are not permitted to cause you bodily harm. Here. Now. This
time. And yes, see Note 1 above.

Our most gracious host, the Park Rangers, are permitting us four port-a-johns, to be located in the shade, near, but adequately away
from, both the rally point and the check-in desk. Regular restroom
facilities are located back across the road from the entrance at the
Visitor’s Center. There is much inside to see and you should stop by
either before or after the rally. If during the rally, it should happen
that you really, really need to make a quick visit to the Visitor’s
Center, the proper procedure is to ask a marshal to either shoulder your
gear or assist you in transferring your gear to a friend not wearing a
Park Ranger badge. There are no firearms permitted in the Visitor’s
Center. That road is not National Park Service property. Once on that
road, you are fair game for the local law enforcement guys and passing
motorists. Think “open season” and they have no bag limit. If the
marshals were allowed tasers (which they are not), then attempting to
cross the road with your firearms would guarantee the most gleeful
demonstration of their skills and abilities. See Note 1 above. Did
you read Note 1 above? It’s real important.

7.If all goes well, the event will wrap up at 16:00 sharp. This will give me time to go behind all of you and make sure we haven’t left a mess for the Park Rangers before they close the gates at
17:00. In the event the sky should open up and drop a big one on us,
hiding under the oak trees till it’s over isn’t an option. The Park
Rangers will direct us to stop and vacate the area or whatever they deem
necessary. There probably is a multi-page form that would have to be
filled out when park visitors get vaporized by lightning. There is no
rain date for this event, but there will be another.

The press and media will eventually find us at this rally. They will walk freely among us, while you’re doing your best to listen to the
speakers, and sometimes ask you the most amazing things. They might
have preconceived ideas, like this rally is all about the guns. An area
for interviewing will be maintained near the General Greene monument.
Great place for pictures, too. (don’t forget to include your new found
buddies in the National Park Service when it comes to photo ops). Most
of the press and media, even if they read the prepared press handouts,
will try to comprehend what it all really means, by getting you to tell
the story in your own words. If you have a lot to say, and they seem to
be encouraging you to talk, go to the interviewing area. If you don’t
feel like talking, you don’t have to. They can’t make you. I won’t
tell you what to say. But you know, this “Rule of Law” and “it’s in the
Constitution” stuff is so simple, even a caveman can understand it.
(And this isn’t about the guns, though they do say more than a little
sign.) But there are some that don’t get it and some that won’t get it.
That’s why we are having these rallies. Tom Jefferson could explain it
better, but if this republic is supposed to remain a government of “We
the People”, then the Constitution is the owners manual on how to keep
it that way.


Now scroll back up and read Note 1 again.

One Final Note.

The outcome of this event will shape future RTC events. This one does not require nor encourage you to raise your arms in protest and yell angry and provocative things. Look elsewhere for that if
somehow that’s what you think this is about.
more information on the Restore The Constitution rally, please email

Don Syfrett (left) and Daniel Almond (right) at the last RTC rally

I’ll be there on 8-14 as well. Updates at Randy’s Right here.

In the comments section of the recent Global Guerrilas blog post titled “more thoughts on coercing organizational heirarchies,” there is a fairly
in-depth discussion of my recent post, “The
Sulphuric Acid Attack: Incidents on the rise worldwide, but not too
many here in the US

Excerpt from the Global Guerrillas comments with link to more and my commentary on the other side:

“I didn’t want to post this as it disturbed me .

Restore the Constitution had an article on using acid as a political deterrent to “gun grabbers” i.e. political enemies

Its been one thing to take the “cold dead hands” tact –or even to “take the fight to the enemy” Kill but kill clean is part and parcel of our acceptable political ideology but mutilation complete with
graphic and nauseating pictures ? Invoking fear of mutilation for
essentially any reason is beyond the normal range of acceptable
political discourse, public or otherwise in this country.

And yes granted actually saying that out loud would get someone arrested. This wasn’t the point of the article at all.

A few years back it was “cold dead hands” then its “take the fight to the enemy” now its GG stuff — then its mutilate them — where do you draw the line ? Go after the family? The social network? The
waitress who served them coffee? Her family ? This is basically
something close to tribal warfare dolled up as 3% politics –

And yes I am aware that these are a minority even among the 3%’rs and that I sound like the Southern Poverty Law Center (and thats not necessarily a good thing) but it does seem to me that rheotoric has
gone into some bad places of late.

These are areas where the people saying it are not going for “lets kill our enemies and restore our vision of the Republic”which is bad enough but into “once this is done we will have to exterminate our
possible foes” because frankly once you’ve crossed certain moral
thresholds thats the only sound conclusion. You’ve lost the moral war,
they will never want to caucus or cooperate with you, you have to murder
or enslave them.

David Neiwert (of the Orcinus and Crooks and Liars Blog) wrote a book on a related topic called The Eliminationists. I haven’t read it so I’ll forgo comments on it but there is such a thing as a
moral event horizon.

The fact that the pre-action public discussion has already crossed it is not a good sign……”

First, to “using acid as a political deterrent to “gun grabbers” i.e. political enemies”:

I do not use the term “gun grabber” synonymously with “political enemy.” To be a gun grabber, one must actually grab, i.e. steal, someone else’s gun without just cause. I think most other 3%’ers would
use the term similarly, although it is sometimes used to describe
someone who simply tries to grab another citizen’s firearm through
attempts to pass anti-gun legislation. Most Patriots I know do make a
distinction, using the term “anti” for wanna-be gun grabbers. In any
case, it simply isn’t true that I use “gun grabber” interchangably with
“political enemy.”

And then this: “Its been one thing to take the “cold dead hands” tact –or even to “take the fight to the enemy” Kill but kill clean is part and parcel of our acceptable political ideology but
mutilation complete with graphic and nauseating pictures ? Invoking fear
of mutilation for essentially any reason is beyond the normal range of
acceptable political discourse,”

So it seems this commenter voices a theme I’ve seen in several comments on the issue, that shooting someone with a gun is “in a different league” than throwing acid in someone’s face. Discussion of
hypothetical scenarios involving shooting someone is supposedly
“acceptable,” while discussing vitriolage is always, in any case,
unacceptable. And killing is “clean” while non-lethal acid throwing is
dirty. And what if you want to make a “clean” (lol) kill but lack the
tools because they’ve been taken from you?

Remember, I never have advocated attacking anyone in particular, not with bullets, acid, bombs, knives, poison, or anything else. I merely posed some questions and attempted to analyze the effectiveness of
Sulphuric Acid as a weapon. This is like discussing the range of a
particular rifle or projectile weapon or the effectiveness of a
particular type of body armor. This is done all the time, only
Sulphuric Acid has, IMO, a more powerful psychological effect which is
owed in large part to the “nauseating” imagery.

However, ALL weapons, guns, knives, flamethrowers, bombs, etc., have the potential to produce nauseating imagery!!

To discuss the use of violence while avoiding talk about some weapons just because they produce nauseating images is, IMO, taking a naiive view of the topic. And it is precisely the
hideous images that, IMO, make Sulphuric Acid, potentially, a very
effective weapon in some situations. Now, did I say, “Go throw acid in
so-and-so’s face!”??? No, I did not. Just as the gun forum posters’
back-and-forth about which hollow point rounds are the most
effective isn’t taken as meaning “Go shoot so-and-so with hollow point
rounds,” the mere discussion and raising questions pertaining to the use
of acid as a weapon is not the same as saying “Throw acid in their
faces! Throw acid in their faces now!”

Anyway, and more importantly, has anyone noticed that the “cold dead hands” threat did not stop gun confiscation in NOLA after Katrina? And it hasn’t stopped too many of the all too common incidents of “civil
forfeiture” in which citizens’ property (to include guns) is taken
without their neccessarily being conviced of any crime. And what about
all those folks who are ordered to surrender their weapons following the
mere accusation of domestic violence? And now we have
folks in Maryland getting arrested for filming police officers, and,
–you guessed it—, ordered to surrender their firearms pre-trial!

How’s that “cold dead hands” thing working out lately?

Perhaps the real reason some don’t have a problem with “cold dead hands” is because it’s not a very effective threat. Perhaps it is viewed as a childish “keyboard commando” thing to say, so the other side
is OK with it. But start talking about throwing acid in faces,
especially using readily available chemicals in hit-and-run style
retaliatory attacks with the reasonable possibility of not getting
caught and…………….is that a nerve being struck?!?!

And then there’s this: where do you draw the line ? Go after the family? The social network? The waitress who served them coffee? Her family ? This is basically something close to tribal warfare dolled up
as 3% politics –

Anyone who’s read this blog already knows the answer to these questions. I have explicitly stated in comments and posts that targeting of innocents is always wrong. That’s terrorism. I’ll even
take it a step further– I will not tolerate comments advocating the
killing of innocents, such as family members, on this blog AND I will
notify law enforcement of any attempt to post comments that could be
construed as open, direct threats to innocents or similar communications
calling for terrorist activity.

As to “tribal warfare dolled up as 3% politics”…………….I’m not in a tribe. I don’t live in a village full of extended family members. Don’t know what else to say to that.

I’ll close by pointing out that the threat of retaliatory attacks against both bad guys and innocent civilians using methods sure to cause horrific disfiguring facial burns
and other injuries has been part of “acceptable” political
discourse for the past 60 years.
I’m referring to Mutually
Assured Destruction (MAD) which, arguably, actually worked during the
cold war to keep the US and the USSR from going to war with eachother.
So retaliation is part of acceptable political
discourse. The threat of nuking cities and causing quite a few
“nauseating images” of burned faces is part of
acceptable discourse. Is it only acceptable to speak of governments
using retaliation, using the threat of mutually assured destruction, and
using the threat of causing horrific images? Now, I’m glad my
government used the threat of MAD to keep the Communists at bay. But,
given the need for the restoration of the Constitution and the
restoration of the rule of law, I WILL NOT engage in double standards or
advocate for government monopoly on certain strategic principles or
tactics in order to keep things “acceptable.”

The upcoming North Carolina RTC rally now has ist’s own site. Bookmark and check often for updates:

Muster 8-14: Restore the Constitution

This weekend I spoke with the organizers of the 8-14 RTC rallies and I can confidently report that on Saturday, August 14th there will be at least two RTC open carry rallies. Tom Green (NOT the Canadian, the
North Carolinian) is taking the lead in organizing the rally to take
place at the Guilford Courthouse Battleground National Park
in Greensboro, NC, and his conversations with the park rangers about the
planned open carry rally have gone very, very smoothly. Walter Ray
Seidel is organizing the New Mexico rally. The date will be the same as
the NC event, 8-14, and the exact location is yet to be determined.

More updates to follow in the coming days and weeks.

North Carolina Restore the Constitution rally

Time: August 14, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Guilford
Courthouse Battleground Park

Street: 2331 New Garden Rd
City/Town: Greensboro, NC

Missouri’s finest shooting a captive dog this time. Sickening. Were this my animal, there isn’t a rock big enough for him to hide under on this planet.

Check the comments on the video clip itself.


-A Patriot

The latest word on the RTC rally movement:

Restore the Constitution Rally

Saturday August 14th, 1 PM to 4PM

Guilford Courthouse Battleground National Park, Greensboro, NC

………..Because if it were happening with any frequency in the US, wouldn’t the images of the victims be all over the internet?

Sulpheric acid, found in car batteries at about 35% concentration and available in 98% concentration from online mail order companies , has been used as a
weapon in publicized attacks in central and eastern Asia, Europe, and
Africa in the past few years. The results of such attacks receive wide
coverage on the internet, no doubt due to the horrific imagery produced:

Sulpheric Acid attack victim in UK

Sulphuric Acid attack victim in Ukraine

Recorded incidents of vitriolage, the act of throwing acid on individuals in order to permanently disfigure them, have increased at an alarming rate
in recent years.

Unfortunately, the victims are mostly women guilty of nothing more than rejecting a man’s request for marriage. I have not found, in any of my research, a “deserving” acid attack victim. However, there have
been reports of attacks in China in which it is not clear whether or not
the victim deserved the attack:

Anyway, my point here is not to make a value judgement on the entire idea of the acid-to-face attack. Sure, the pictures above are of completely unjustified attacks deserving of the most severe punishment
for the perpetrators. But that does not neccessarily mean that the use
of Sulpheric acid or other powerful chemical as a weapon thrown in the
face of another ought to always be considered a taboo “don’t go there”
kind of move in all cases.

I’m sure most of you reading this own guns and regard the use of firearms as completely legitimate in certain instances of defense and combat. People can use guns to kill, maim, or disfigure others with
results just as greusome as the acid attacks pictured above. But,
while myself and most of you reading this do own guns, you probably
don’t own a supply of Sulpheric Acid as part of your arsenal. If one
had to look at all of the imagery (recorded and otherwise) of combat
with guns, knives, and bombs, I’m sure one could find pictures just as
horrific, if not more so, than the acid victims shown at top. My point
is that the use of weapons is dirty business, but, once one has “entered
the game” so to speak when it comes to justifying violence, it is
naiive to dismiss the use of certain weapons or tactics out of hand
based on imagery alone. So, let’s try to step back from the
visual-emotional levels get down to the business of seriously analyzing
the effectiveness of Sulpheric Acid as a weapon:


As an everyday-carry defensive weapon, I’d take a pistol over a beer bottle of Sulpheric Acid any day. But I can carry a pistol legally where I am, so the choice is a no-brainer. But what if I found
myself in a restricitve, anti-gun state such as Maryland or Illinois?
I’d at least be safer walking through a rough area with a beer bottle of
nasty liquid as a defensive weapon than nothing at all. And it doesn’t
look like anything that would attract a lot of attention. It hides in
plain sight.

Retaliatory/ Deterrent:

Now this is the type of application that appears to be the most effective. It’s hard to argue against the deterrent effect the acid-in-face attack.

First, the results are horrific, something to be avoided. Some may be inclined to say, upon seeing the images, something to the effect of “I’d want to kill myself if that happened to me.” In
fact, that was the reaction of one of the victims pictured above upon
seeing her reflection in a mirror for the first time following the
attack. While she didn’t act on her initial suicidal inclination, the
idea of the facial burning as a “fate worse than death” looms in the
mind. Consider:

this image

or this

Now,….you can see why many would consider this a fate worse than death, right? And, therefore, it’s something to be avoided more so than being killed or maimed in a “normal”
Stomach turning as the tactic may be, it is hard to argue
against it’s potential effectiveness at
deterring one from taking a particular course of action.

Second, the results of an attack are “newsworthy.” This because of the unusual nature of the attack and because of the imagery. It’s a train wreck that people can’t help but look at. This
makes it very powerful as a deterrent or retaliatory weapon. If one were
to use Sulphuric Acid to the face as a tactic of intimidation, to make
an example of someone and send a message to others saying “do this, and
this is what happens to you,” then others would get the message. Shoot
someone with a gun or stab someone with a knife and it barely makes the
news; disfigure someone’s face with acid and it’s all over the place.

Third and finally, the chemical is relatively easy to obtain and use. It can be carried unconspicuously in a glass bottle. How many times do you see people, especially around convenience stores, carrying bottles
of beer or whatnot in bottles covered with a paper bag? How difficult
would it be to walk near someone with a wine bottle or beer bottle
filled with Sulpheric acid? The element of surprise is definitely
there. And how would one counter it? Does one avoid letting anyone
carrying a drink or a grocery bag get too close?

Now comparing Sulfuric acid to firearms, let’s look at two hypothetical intimidation statements below and compare them:

#1 “If you try and take my guns, I will shoot you” (we’ve all heard variations on this one)


#2 “If you try and take my guns, maybe you’ll get them and maybe you wont. I won’t risk my life then and there to stop you. But if you do manage to get any of my guns, I promise you that I will track
you down afterwards and I WILL throw Sulphuric acid in your face.”

Which statement is more likely to give a would-be gun grabber pause? In threat scenario #1, the individual must risk his own life, and likely die, in carrying out his threat, should a Bad Guy come for his guns.
The Bad Guy knows this, and he has trained for the gunfight. He has all
the latest toys and body armor and would definitely have them with him
at the “moment of truth,” the moment the “cold dead hands” threatener
must back up his threat or be made a liar. But, in threat scenario #2, I
think the threat is much more believable. The threatener does not
neccessarily have to put his life at risk in order to maintain his
credibility. He does not have to go toe to toe with someone better
equipped and better trained than he. He can simply step aside and make
his move at a later date. His “moment of truth,” when it comes to his
threat, is spread out over time. And this broader time
period means that his adversary won’t have his body armor on and his
weapon at the ready the whole time that the threat is in effect. He
understands that the Sulpheric acid attack can occur any time in the
future…..when he’s pumping gas, exiting his home, jogging, etc. Like the
submarine launched ballistic nuclear missle, Sulphuric acid makes an
effective second strike weapon. The Bad Guys may have
taken your guns, but you still have access to the liquid stuff.

I’m not saying always give up your guns without a fight, but I am saying to just consider the utility of deterrence through credible retaliation. And consider the effectiveness of Sulphuric Acid as a
retaliatory deterrent.

But perhaps you still think the whole idea of using acid to the face is never justified and the whole discussion is beyond the pale. For those of you in that camp………………..

Have you seen this video?

Still think Sulphuric Acid to the face is never neccessary or never justified?

If you’d like to help the organizers pay for the next RTC rally to be held in Greensboro, NC on August 14th, make check payable to NC
and send to the following address:

Restore the Constitution Rally
c/o Cadd Graphics
7714 Chapel Hill Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607

FYI, I am not organizing this one, and this blog is not the “official” site for this particular rally.

Another RTC 8-14 scheduled speaker and current congressional candidate, BJ Lawson, speaking at a Tea Party this past April.

Notice how the crowd cheers at the mention of the Constitution? That’s what the real Tea Party is about, and that’s obviously what RTC is about…………..only we came unarmed this time.

See ya there.

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Chemtrails Make Headline!

"Lake Havasu city Az city council is doing the right thing yet about 15 years late to the party.…"
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Keisha Ruan posted a discussion

No Covid-19 Overwhelming Here Yet.

Nursing Assistant, Salt Lake Utah at huge hospital.  So far as I know there is no one here being…See More
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be the kind of woman

"I married a redhead, trust me I know."
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Central Scrutinizer commented on steve's blog post Not an APRIL FOOLS JOKE but damn funny just the same
"Steve, Tricorder readings show no life forms exist ("it's dead Steve") within…"
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Chris of the family Masters commented on steve's blog post Here's the reason for this pLannedimic
"Yes, we all have to put our masks on, otherwise the Morona virus gonna get us......"
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Here's the reason for this pLannedimic

 6.2 TRILLION for the ones who caused this collapse, with the stroke of trumpies magic pen.Steve…See More
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