School Tells Boy He Can't Read The Bible And Five Other Examples Of Schools Behaving Badly

School Tells Boy He Can't Read The Bible And Five Other Examples Of Schools Behaving Badly

                                                "Hey teachers... leave them kids alone."

After reading the article about an elementary boy who was told that he couldn't read the bible, I felt the need to compile a list of other absurd incidents at schools. It doesn't take long to gather what you need when it comes to outrageous school occurrences. Seems like a new story tops the other every day even when you thought it to be impossible. So here you are...

                                                   Teacher Gives Non Alcoholic Beer To Students
A class of fifth graders in Michigan sure got a good taste of colonial- era drink, when a teacher allowed students to sip up on some O'Douls.
"We talked to the teacher and said this was an inappropriate choice," Koledo said. "There were a lot better choices to represent a colonial-era drink than what was chosen here."
The school official also said the students weren't forced to try the non-alcoholic drink (well, that's good enough for me) and that it was meant to be a lesson because in the 1700's the water was at times dirty or unhealthy. I guess I better break what's in my cabinet and bring it to school for the kiddo's.
                                                    School Bans 9 Year Old's My Little Pony Backback

So it's not as "sobering" as the non-alcoholic treat. Anyways, you might remember this story, a young boy who was subject to bullying because he wore the "cheerful" My Little Pony backpack. The principle then told his parents that he wouldn't be wearing that backpack anymore and that he had any right to ban whatever he deemed a distraction (what about Ms.Wallace's mole?). Of course, the parents were outraged, a national "firestorm" followed, and a massive Facebook  petition did as well.
                                                   Snooping School Must Pay Student $70k For Violating Rights
Girls love to gossip, I have two of them. So, when a girl found out that her school hacked into her Facebook account because of things she said about a teacher's aid, and that they expected her and a boy were talking about sex - she was angry. The girl made the comments on her Facebook account on her home computer. The ACLU got involved, said constitutional rights were violated, and now the taxpayers have to cough up $70k to pay Riley Stratton and the ACLU. Being nosy doesn't pay, school admins. 
                                                   Teacher Makes First Grader Clean Up Urine
The parents of an elementary boy, claim a first- grade Maine teacher made their boy clean up urine that wasn't his (Even so, shouldn't they have a janitor?). The parents filed a formal complaint, the school returned with a non disclosure letter citing they dealt with the matter, but wouldn't get into what was done because of "personal issues." Of course, this outraged the parents even further. The school claims the rents' are sensationalizing the matter, but the parents want some type of discipline for the teacher.
                                                   Christian School Complains 8-Year-Old Isn't "Girly Enough"
This might be the most absurd story on the list. A letter was sent home to the student's grandmother (also her legal guardian) reminding the student and grandmother of the school's religious affiliations and policy on refusing students who contradict a "biblical lifestyle." The girl has short hair, likes to do boy "stuff" such as hunting, collecting coins and playing baseball. When the girl was five, she cut off her long hair to give to a cancer patient.
Well, the school doesn't accept transgender lifestyles and believes that the girl should dress more feminine.
The girl now attends a public school.

Well, there you have it, a few outrageous, egregious, preposterous school cases. I'm sure I'm leaving out a score of others. So, feel free to submit any that I didn't get to below this article in the comments section.

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