Squalene - A History Of Vaccine Development And The Newest Adjuvant

Fish oil vaccine adjuvant programs bodies for "endless loop of self-destruction"

by The Idaho Observer

It’s a race—will we all be injected with substances that program our own bodies to attack us before or after we realize that the newest weapon in the New World arsenal is our own immune system?

The theory that vaccines prevent the spread of infectious disease is based upon the belief that, by injecting a small amount of a disease into the body, it will develop "antibodies" that will prevent the injected person from contracting the disease against which he had been vaccinated.

The theory is complicated by the fact that attenuated doses of pathogens alone will not initiate an "antigenic response." So, vaccines contain compounds known as "adjuvants" to intensify the body’s immune response.

Traditional adjuvants are alum (aluminum hydroxide), and thimerosal—which is 50 percent ethyl mercury and also serves as a vaccine "preservative."

According to Edda West, "A quick read of the scientific literature reveals that the neurotoxic effects of aluminum were recognized 100 years ago."

The neurotoxic affects of mercury are likewise not a secret and have been documented extensively in the scientific and medical literature since the mid-1800s.

More recently, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Recent medical literature shows that statistically significant numbers of kidney patients and intravenously-fed infants exposed to aluminum suffer neurological complications. Other research shows that pain from muscle diseases is also linked to the presence of aluminum in the body.

Dr. Boyd Haley found that vaccines containing both aluminum and mercury greatly magnify the neurotoxic result of vaccination.

Most people understand that both aluminum and mercury are toxic. It is our body’s reaction to toxic exposure that vaccine advocates measure to determine vaccine efficacy. That elevated levels of mercury and aluminum can cause side-effects worse than the disease is not a consideration for most pro-vaccinators.

The new wave

West, who is director of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network in Winlaw, BC, Canada, published the comprehensive, well-footnoted article "A Look into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants." The article explains that modern, synthetic or recombinant vaccines are "purer" and less toxic to the body than their live and dead virus predecessors and, therefore, require more potent adjuvants to illicit an immune response. "This has created a major need for improved and more powerful adjuvants for use in these vaccines," the article, Vaccine Adjuvants: current state and future trends, published in the medical journal "Immunology and Cell Biology" stated.

Under this line of logic, alum is scheduled to be phased out and replaced with oil-based adjuvants such as squalene—an essential fatty acid derived from fish.


"The most effective adjuvants are formulated with oils but have long been considered too reactive for use in humans. Immunologists have known for decades that a microscopic dose of even a few molecules of adjuvant injected into the body can cause disturbances in the immune system and have known since the 1930s that oil-based adjuvants are particularly dangerous, which is why their use has been restricted to experiments with animals," West wrote.

The following (in italics) is from West’s article. Keep in mind that the FDA determined that squalene was present in varying amounts in specific lots of anthrax vaccine administered to tens of thousands of Desert Storm personnel (without their informed consent). Not surprisingly, tens of thousands of Desert Storm veterans have suffered permanent neurological damage and exhibit symptoms commonly referred to as "Gulf War Illness."

"The classic oil-based adjuvant called Freund’s Complete Adjuvant can cause permanent organ damage and irreversible disease – specifically autoimmune diseases. When scientists want to induce autoimmune disease in a lab animal, they inject it with Freund’s Complete Adjuvant, which causes great suffering and is considered by some too inhumane to even inject into animals.

"Dr. Jules Freund creator of this oil-based adjuvant warned in 1956 that animals injected with his formulation developed terrible, incurable conditions: allergic aspermatogenesis (stoppage of sperm production), experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (the animal version of MS), allergic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that can lead to paralysis) and other severe autoimmune disorders.

"Adjuvants can break ‘tolerance,’ meaning they can disable the immune system to the degree that it loses its ability to distinguish what is ‘self’ from what is foreign. Normally, the immune system ignores the constituents of one’s own body. Immunologists call this ‘tolerance.’ But if something happens to break tolerance, then the immune system turns relentlessly self-destructive, attacking the body it is supposed to defend."

For national security

The issue becomes more complicated with oil-based adjuvants that resemble oils found in the human body. West reported that seasoned journalist Gary Matsumoto found evidence to suggest that, "…when an oil is injected, the immune system responds to it not only specifically, but with heightened intensity because the oil adjuvant resembles so closely the natural oils found in the body. A ‘cross reaction’ then happens, sending the immune system into chaos destroying any oils found anywhere in the body that resemble the adjuvant oil. Demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis are an example of this destructive autoimmune process."

Matsumoto’s impeccably-referenced and footnoted book is entitled, "Vaccine A-The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are Only the First Victims." West noted that Matsumoto, who was the first journalist to break the story of squalene-containing anthrax vaccine’s link to Gulf War Illness, documented decades of secret medical experimentation on Americans without their knowledge or consent. "The unethical experiments detailed in this book are ongoing, with little prospect of being self-limiting because they have been shielded from scrutiny and public accountability by national security concerns," wrote Matsumoto.

Biological time bomb

Squalene is an oil that is readily digestible if taken orally. However, it behaves much differently when injected. Matsumoto cites data from more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers from 10 labs located in countries all over the world that document how squalene-based adjuvants can trigger the development of autoimmune diseases in lab rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Regardless of the known toxic effects on animals and the toxic effects on humans as experienced with squalene-containing vaccines given to Desert Storm personnel, Matsumoto claims, "Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in a whole new generation of vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe."

Among the chronic conditions observed in human and animal test subjects injected with squalene are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

In her article, "The Adverse Effects of Adjuvants in Vaccines" (Nexus Magazine Dec. 2000), Australian vaccine researcher Viera Scheibner, Ph.D., lists the autoimmune diseases that have been linked to squalene injections in humans—arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhoea, night sweats and low-grade fevers.

But that, believe it or not, is the good news because its merely describes squalene’s experimental contribution to global epidemics of chronic autoimmune dysfunction. Once it becomes a common ingredient in vaccines (already, the squalene-based adjuvant MF59 is a component of the Italian flu vaccine FLAUD), it will be best described as a biological time bomb.

Our own worst enemy

From Edda West: "The immune system does in fact ‘see’ squalene and recognizes it as an oil molecule native to the body. The key is ‘route of administration.’ As Gary Matsumoto says, ‘Squalene is not just a molecule found in a knee or elbow – it is found throughout the nervous system and the brain.’ When it is injected into the body, the immune system sees it as an enemy to be attacked and eliminated.

"As any immunologist will tell you, the way an antigen encounters the immune system makes all the difference. You can eat squalene – no problem as it is an oil the body can easily digest. But studies in animals and humans show that injecting squalene will ‘galvanize the immune system into attacking it, which can produce a self-destructive cross reaction against the same molecule in the places where it occurs naturally in the body – and where it is critical to the health of the nervous system.’

"This phenomenon is also known as ‘molecular mimicry,’ where the immune system forms antibodies against one of its own structures and will continue to attack the ‘self’ molecule in the body that resembles the one in the germ, or as is the case with squalene, an identical substance that is naturally present in the body. Once this self-destructive process begins, it never stops as the body continues to make the molecule the immune system is now trained to attack.

"Another example involving autoimmune ‘molecular mimicry’ is when the immune system has been sensitized to attack myelin, the insulating fatty coating around nerve fibres which insures the smooth relay of nerve signals. The body would continue to make myelin in order to replenish and repair the protective sheath around its nerve endings. But says Matsumoto, ‘In the act of doing so, the body immunizes itself against itself, administering over and over again what amounts to a booster dose of something that the immune system now wants to get rid of. This vital constituent (myelin) is now the enemy, and the immune system is now programmed to obliterate it in an endless loop of self-destruction—the process involved in MS (multiple sclerosis), and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

"Squalene is a kind of trigger for the real biological weapon: The immune system. When the immune system’s full repertoire of cells and antibodies start attacking the tissues they are supposed to protect, the results can be catastrophic," wrote Matsumoto. Dr. Pam Asa concurs with Matsumoto when she stated," Oil adjuvants are the most insidious chemical weapon ever devised."

West continues, "The main proponents for the use of squalene in vaccines have been the U.S Department of Defense and the NIH. The anti-squalene antibodies found in sick American and British military personnel are evidence that military experimentation has caused an unprecedented health catastrophe in tens of thousands of people onto whom the vaccine was forced and who were denied the right to make an informed decision based on existing scientific knowledge of the dangers of injecting squalene."

Based upon decades of research in animals and humans, once oil-based adjuvants become the most common adjuvant contained in vaccines, there will be no way the pharmaceutical industry will be able to claim mass vaccination is necessary to prevent the spread of infectious diseases—it will be an open declaration of war on mankind. "By adding squalene to their new anthrax vaccine, they did not make a better vaccine, they made a biological weapon," Matsumoto observed.

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Comment by Patricia W Stanton on September 1, 2009 at 3:13pm
I have had numerous flu vaccines over the past 5 years, except for last year and this year. In 2007, two to three weeks after a flu shot I broke out in the most horrific rash I have ever seen on both my shins. Then it went from head to toe. To this day, it will come back on my shins from time to time. After the rash I began having a multitude of stange symtoms. I have finally been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist although my primary care says I have lupus. This has been and is a nightmare. Is there a chance that squlene was used in flu vaccines since 2007? Would thimersol do this? Is there anything that can be done to get it out of my body?
Comment by Jeff on September 1, 2009 at 3:20pm
I've been vaccinated perhaps with as many as 30 or more childhood vaccines. I've also had the flu vaccine three times and the pneumonia vaccine once. I have no medical problems related to vaccines.

Is there anything you can do? No. Are you're problems related to the vaccines? Who knows?

Vaccines aren't necessarily dangerous to the entire population. It appears that certain people have adverse reactions to them.

Many website have cropped up over the last few years to counter the pro-vaccine propaganda put out by drug companies (who profit from vaccines) and health regulators (who serve the drug companies). One of those sites is www.VaccinationDebate.com , which lists the following historical facts about vaccines:

• In the USA in 1960, two virologists discovered that both polio vaccines were contaminated with the SV 40 virus which causes cancer in animals as well as changes in human cell tissue cultures. Millions of children had been injected with these vaccines. (Med Jnl of Australia 17/3/1973 p555)

• In 1871-2, England, with 98% of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, it experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period in Germany, with a vaccination rate of 96%, there were over 125,000 deaths from smallpox. (http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/020...)
The Hadwen Documents

• In Germany, compulsory mass vaccination against diphtheria commenced in 1940 and by 1945 diphtheria cases were up from 40,000 to 250,000. (Don't Get Stuck, Hannah Allen)

• In 1967, Ghana was declared measles free by the World Health Organisation after 96% of its population was vaccinated. In 1972, Ghana experienced one of its worst measles outbreaks with its highest ever mortality rate. (Dr H Albonico, MMR Vaccine Campaign in Switzerland, March 1990)

• In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists, that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 "Abstracts" )

• In the UK between 1970 and 1990, over 200,000 cases of whooping cough occurred in fully vaccinated children. (Community Disease Surveillance Centre, UK)

• In the 1970's a tuberculosis vaccine trial in India involving 260,000 people revealed that more cases of TB occurred in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. (The Lancet 12/1/80 p73)

• In 1978, a survey of 30 States in the US revealed that more than half of the children who contracted measles had been adequately vaccinated. (The People's Doctor, Dr R Mendelsohn)

• The February 1981 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 90% of obstetricians and 66% of pediatricians refused to take the rubella vaccine.

• In 1979, Sweden abandoned the whooping cough vaccine due to its ineffectiveness. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was found that 84% had been vaccinated three times! (BMJ 283:696-697, 1981)

• In the USA, the cost of a single DPT shot had risen from 11 cents in 1982 to $11.40 in 1987. The manufacturers of the vaccine were putting aside $8 per shot to cover legal costs and damages they were paying out to parents of brain damaged children and children who died after vaccination. (The Vine, Issue 7, January 1994, Nambour, Qld)
Comment by Christopher-Peter: on September 15, 2009 at 9:40pm
They were intent on creating something Mother Nature had not. “Designer disease,” they would later call it.

Dr. Sergei Popov was one of the Soviet Union’s best germ warriors, and running highly classified field research projects at The State Research Center of Applied Microbiology at Obolensk, and another laboratory in Siberia, specializing in viruses called VECTOR. While at Obolensk, Popov supervised a program codenamed “FACTOR”—as in “pathogenic factors” or “virulence factors”—where he helped engineer designer germs resistant to antibiotics. That is when he got interested in U.S. research with myelin basic protein.

American molecular biologist had mapped out the entire amino acid sequence for myelin—one of the chief components of the insulation surrounding nerve endings. Now they were hard at work trying to identify the epitopes on viruses that would cross-react with a special site on the myelin molecule to which an antibody might react and, cause experimental allergic encephalomyelitis—the animal version of multiple sclerosis. As the California-based scientists Robert Fujinami and Michael Oldstone explained in a landmark paper in Science: “during the cross-reacting immune response, virus may be cleared, but the components of the immune attack continues to assault self elements. The autoimmune response leads to tissue injury that, in turn, releases more self antigen, and the cycle continues.” Fujinami and Oldstone called the initial infection a “hit and run event.” By this they meant the virus attacked, and though it didn’t stick around, it left behind lasting damage. That is because the immune system continues to attack the molecule in the body that resembles the one in the germ, long after the immune system has gotten rid of the germ. Once this self-destructive process begins, it never stops; our bodies continue making the molecule the immune system is now trained to attack. If this new target for the immune system happened to be myelin, for example, the body would continue making this protein in order to replenish and repair the sheath around it’s nerve endings. But in the act of doing so, the body immunizes itself against itself, administering over and over again what amounts to a booster dose of something that the immune system now wants to get rid of. This vital constituent of your own body is now the enemy, and the immune system is now programmed to obliterate it in an endless loop of self-destruction [italics mine]. Dr. Sergei Popov saw real potential here.

He would not bother looking for a naturally occurring molecule that could trigger this process. He would make one. Popov spliced a fragment of myelin basic protein into legionella—the bacterium that causes Legionnaire’s Disease—creating a “chimera,” named for the mythical creature with a lion’s head, goat’s body and serpent’s tail. Inside Popov’s new constructed chimera was what amounted to a living “nano-bomb”—molecular contraband that could theoretically cause MS. When Popov infected guinea pigs with his chimera, the immune system cleared the legionella, and, just as he predicted, the myelin molecule smuggled into the guinea pigs inside of his microbial Trojan horse germ initiated a second wave of disease. This stealth germ caused experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, the animal version of MS. Popov felt as proud as a new parent. He could not wait to show “the client.”

“The client” is what VECTOR scientists called the Soviet Army officers who commissioned their biological warfare research projects. “Their initial response was rather discouraging,” says Popov, “because they did not see the fast onset of symptoms.” What the generals were accustomed to seeing was a germ with an immediate and catastrophic effect, but when they came back a few weeks later and saw the guinea pigs crippled MS, they recognized Popov’s creation for what it was—a biological time bomb. Soviet scientists then constructed another one of these time bombs with a virus. They chose vaccinia, the non-lethal cousin of smallpox. Popov, who is now living in America, believes the “final construct” for this viral time bomb was not vaccinia, but smallpox itself. In any case, it worked. “The client” had seen enough. The generals were sold on the idea. “The Russian Ministry of Defense wanted us to construct these designer germs, using myelin basic protein from monkeys and humans,” says Popov. “That would create a human version of the disease.”

Molecular mimicry, seen for its diabolical potential as a weapon by the Soviets as far back as the 1980s, also applies to SQUALENE [caps mine]. But the real problem with using squalene, of course, is not that it mimics a molecule found in the body; it is the same molecule. So what American scientists conceived as a vaccine booster was another “nano-bomb,” instigating chronic, unpredictable and debilitating disease [italics mine]. When the National Institutes of Health (NIH), argued that squalene would be safe because it is native to the body, just the opposite was true. Squalene’s natural presence in the body made it one of the most dangerous molecules injected into human beings [italics mine]. When UCLA Medical School’s Michael Whitehouse and Frances Beck injected squalene combined with other materials into rats and guinea pigs back in the 1970s, few oils were more effective at causing the animal versions of ARTHRITIS, and MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS [caps mine]. By the late 1990s, Sweden’s Karolinska Institute proved that injecting squalene all by itself could cause arthritis. The Polish Academy of Sciences proved that squalene alone could severe neurological damage. Now Tulane University Medical School and its ardent intellectual adversary—the Army’s Col. Carl Alving—have both shown that the immune system makes antibodies to squalene, but only after it is injected [italics mine].

For Squalene’s proponents in the U.S. Army and the NIH, this has been a relentless march towards an unpalatable truth. By adding squalene to their new anthrax vaccine, they did not make a better vaccine; they made a biological weapon [italics mine]. The anti-squalene antibodies in sick U.S. and British military personnel are evidence that military experiments may have caused more casualties with its new anthrax vaccine than have been caused by anthrax weapons since they were first used by the Japanese Army in the 1940s.

The above is an excerpt from Gary Matsumoto’s book (with modifications):

The Covert Government Experiment
That's Killing Our Soldiers
and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims

MP has H1N1 concerns.
CBC News - September 14, 2009

An NDP MP from Winnipeg: Judy Wasylycia-Leis wants to know what measures Elections Canada has in place to safeguard voters from the spread of swine flu, considering an election poses significant health risks with large public events and many people coming into contact during canvassing...hmmm

$400M contract goes to GlaxoSmithKline factory in Quebec City.
August 6, 2009 - CBC News.

Canada to order 50.4 million H1N1 (SWINE FLU) vaccine doses - One dose should be enough, because: GlaxoSmithKline is using an additive (AS03 - SQUALENE based) known as ADJUVANT. Adjuvants are used to boost immune response from vaccines [italics, caps and info on AS03 mine].

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) recommends countries should use SWINE FLU vaccines with ADJUVANTS [caps mine] - to stretch the global supply of the vaccines.
August 4, 2009 - THE CANADIAN PRESS

Flu vaccines in Europe often contain adjuvants [italics and underline mine].

The European Medicines Agency has previously said swine flu vaccines based on a pre-approved bird flu vaccine could be licensed within five days, even without extensive testing in humans.

In the United States, there are no licensed flu vaccines with adjuvants - The U.S. has ordered $979 million worth of bulk vaccine and Novartis' adjuvant (MF59®) [italics and underline mine].

MF59; is a sub-micron oil-in-water emulsion of a squalene, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (TweenTM 80) and sorbitan trioleate. SQUALENE is a natural organic compound originally obtained from shark liver oil and a biochemical precursor to steroids. The “MF59” adjuvant was developed by Chiron Corp., a company acquired by Novartis. MF59 is approved in Europe and is found in several vaccines; such as an influenza vaccine manufactured by Novartis. It has also been licensed to other companies and is being actively tested in vaccine trials.

Information compiled and provided by Christopher-Peter: Maingot; without prejudice, malice aforethought, ill will, vexation, or frivolity.
Comment by James μολὼν λαβέ on September 16, 2009 at 11:25am
Dr. Laibow on squalene

Comment by Christopher-Peter: on September 17, 2009 at 3:54pm
OIL and Water Won’t Mix - ADJUVANT

The Greatest Story Never Told – Chapter Three

For the past 17 years, the U.S. Army has been working on a new anthrax vaccine that contains no anthrax, and is made with an ingredient that it does not want to name. That ingredient is called squalene. Squalene is an oil. Without it, the new vaccine will not work any better that the old one. In fact, for all intents and purposes, without squalene the new vaccine is the old one. What makes squalene so important is it’s proven ability to stimulate a strong response from the immune system.

Immunologist have a special name for substances used to boost feeble vaccines. They are called ADJUVANTS. Adjuvants are arguably the most extensively researched pharmaceutical product in the last quarter century that you NEVER HEARD OF.
I have used the word adjuvant three times in this paragraph so far and that is probably three times more than you have ever seen it in print. This is partly because the most effective adjuvants, those formulated with oils, ARE TOO DANGEROUS FOR HUMAN USE. That is squalene’s other proven ability, causing incurable disease, which is why it is such a touchy subject with the Department of Defense.

Today, only one adjuvant—an aluminum salt called alum—is licensed for human use. All the oil adjuvants are so noxious that their use are restricted to experiments with animals, and even then, governments have written strict regulations to govern how they are used.
The classic oil adjuvant, called Freund’s Complete Adjuvant can cause permanent organ damage and incurable disease. As early as the 1930s, these oil additives were notorious for inducing illness. By the 1950s, scientist knew these illnesses were specifically AUTOIMMUNE. Today that is their chief use in research—inducing disease instead of preventing it. Scientist studying autoimmune disease cannot wait around for it’s spontaneous appearance in a lab animal.

Autoimmune diseases are chronic and progressively debilitating ailments; some, like Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus, can be fatal. They occur when the immune system looses its ability to distinguish what is “self” from what is foreign. Under normal circumstances, your immune system ignores the constituents of your own body; immunologist call this “tolerance.” But, IF TOLERANCE IS BROKEN, the immune system turns relentlessly self-destructive, attacking the body it is suppose to defend.

Here is what they were not telling anyone. By 1964, the year when everyone in the military was supposed to get immunized with an OIL-BOOSTED INFLUENZA VACCINE, the Army already knew the risks this vaccine presented for a very specific type of illness. AFEB’s Colonel Abram S. Benenson had drawn up a list of diseases that investigators should watch out for in veterans injected with the oily flu vaccine at Fort Dix. Benenson’s list read like the contents of a chapter on autoimmune disease in an immunology text book. It included Multiple Sclerosis, Myelitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), Uveitis, Neuro-Dermatitis Circumscripta and Disseminata, Amyloidosis, Lupus- Erythematousus, Dematomyositis, Scleroderma, Chronic Pericarditis, Raynaud’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatoid Myositis and acute Glomerulonephritis—all of them AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.

Epidemiologists, mainly working for the National Research Council And the American Cancer Society, reported a “significant excess of deaths” in soldiers (TROOPS) given the OIL-BOOSTED VACCINE, which the investigators related to “ill-defined vascular lesions of the central nervous system.” They attributed this fact to the greater number of autopsies performed on the soldiers given the oil-boosted vaccine.

ADJUVANTS can break TOLERANCE…read more from: Vaccine A: the covert government experiment that's killing our soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims - By Gary Matsumoto
A free preview of the complete, Chapter Three, is available on line…you must read this…NOW!

CTV.ca News – September 1, 2009
H1N1 plan fails at-risk groups, journal warns.

The federal government is ill prepared to protect vulnerable populations in Canada, warns the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).
The journal’s editor, Dr. Paul Hebert says; the PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY of CANADA (PHAC) plans to immunize the entire Canadian population.
But Herbert, and vaccine expert Dr. Noni MacDonald, write that the federal government needs to fast-track the vaccine for pregnant women, children and people with chronic diseases.

PHAC has opted to order a version of the vaccine containing ADJUVANT, a chemical additive that ramps up the response the immune system generates to the vaccine.
"An adjuvant allows you to take a full dose of the vaccine and divide it in four... and vaccinate four people," Hebert explained.
But that type of vaccine also takes longer to approve than vaccines without adjuvant because it needs to be reviewed more thoroughly.

See OFFICIALS of GOVERNMENT; voting fraudulently -
LAWMAKERS…breaking the law – 4:00 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfhO38CPlAI
So much is going on during a vote on the “HPV” - VACCINE MANDATE; you really have to pay attention (1 minute and 11 seconds into the video). Watch the fraudulent voting; it takes place in the Texas Legislature. It continues without objection, or reprimand…what do you think would happen to you, or me, if we were caught doing this?
Comment by Christopher-Peter: on September 21, 2009 at 4:15pm
Received 11 February 2003;
revised 12 April 2003;
accepted 2 May 2003. ;
Available online 11 June 2003.


Exposure to the hydrocarbon oil pristane induces lupus specific autoantibodies in non-autoimmune mice. We investigated whether the capacity to induce lupus-like autoimmunity is a unique property of pristane or is shared by other adjuvant oils. Seven groups of 3-month-old female BALB/cJ mice received a single intraperitoneal injection of pristane, squalene (used in the adjuvant MF59), incomplete Freund’s adjuvant (IFA), three different medicinal mineral oils, or saline, respectively. Serum autoantibodies and peritoneal cytokine production were measured. In addition to pristane, the mineral oil Bayol F (IFA) and the endogenous hydrocarbon squalene both induced anti-nRNP/Sm and -Su autoantibodies (20% and 25% of mice, respectively). All of these hydrocarbons had prolonged effects on cytokine production by peritoneal APCs. However, high levels of IL-6, IL-12, and TNFα production 2–3 months after intraperitoneal injection appeared to be associated with the ability to induce lupus autoantibodies.

The ability to induce lupus autoantibodies is shared by several hydrocarbons and is not unique to pristane. It correlates with stimulation of the production of IL-12 and other cytokines, suggesting a relationship with a hydrocarbon’s adjuvanticity. The potential to induce autoimmunity may complicate the use of oil adjuvants in human and veterinary vaccines.

Information compiled and provided by Christopher-Peter: Maingot; without prejudice, malice aforethought, ill will, vexation, or frivolity.
Comment by Christopher-Peter: on September 21, 2009 at 4:16pm
GARDASIL is currently, at this time, still in its testing or evaluation phase, of its trials on our children.

Already there have been numerous cases reported…serious side effects and fatalities relative to the HPV VACCINE.

One great concern with this, and other (INFLUENZA, HERPES, HPV, HIV etc) VACCINES which many overlook, and too few are willing to own up to, is the horrendous neurological attack, and self destructive or disabling ability, of an additive known as SQUALENE.

Whether this squalene formula is the MF59 or AS03 brand, it does not matter, because it has been determined to cause irreparable chaos to the immune system in both human beings and animals, as well.

Not only did squalene leave its mark on the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE as from the beginning of the “Gulf War Conflict,” but much more importantly, on thousand of un-suspecting and, un-informed soldiers of the UNITED STATES, the UNITED KINGDOM and CANADA.

This squalene, AKA ADJUVANT, apart from being an extremely controversial and covert subject, has been medically determined, by many expert researchers (scientists) as the leading cause of extremely debilitating and, fatal health effects, once known simply as: “Gulf War syndrome.”

This OIL & WATER mixture, “adjuvant,” SQUALENE, administered to 10s of thousands of human beings via the U.S. Army’s experimental ANTHRAX VACCINES, is strongly believed to have been the cause of every conceivable neurological autoimmune disease, and then some, to emerge.
It has also been used to increase the efficacy of influenza vaccines…since 1984 and onward.

Information compiled and provided by Christopher-Peter: Maingot; without prejudice, malice aforethought, ill will, vexation, or frivolity.
Comment by James μολὼν λαβέ on October 30, 2009 at 11:48pm
Read this and send out to your friends and family!
Comment by Jeff on November 8, 2009 at 4:27pm
Obviously I can't make a recommendation either way.

I spent a great deal of time on the CDC web site reviewing literally 100s of pages of data to determine what's really going on here. The article I wrote as a result of that endeavor is HERE. It might very well help you to better understand the entire Swine Flu drama.

I do have an opinion. If the Swine Flu vaccinations were in fact dangerous over the long term and you're over 40 you probably have little to worry about from the vaccination over the long term.
Comment by James μολὼν λαβέ on September 29, 2013 at 6:15pm

Highly toxic squalene MF59 adjuvant now being added to some civilian flu vaccines



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