The Continuing Assault on America from Within

Taye Clinton laid in the street outside the mall.

Trouble in America From Washington DC

Even in the age of high speed information and instantaneous news coverage sadly history stunningly repeats itself. The bloody pages of the past stubbornly refuse to fade away. Why, you might ask, due to the continuing evocation of leftist propaganda that permeates a free society that is rapidly transforming into something else. For the left, cognitively dissonant, repudiating everything decent and logical, there can be no peace until the abominations have come full circle. Babies disposed of like garbage from the womb as feminists proclaim their right to women's health services funded by taxpayers who don't believe in such convoluted rationale.

Unsettling developments

In the early 1950's around the time of the Korean Conflict as it has now been deemed as opposed to war that caused 50 thousand casualties, the Soviets had penetrated our government and society much like the Fifth Columnists sent by the Nazis in World War II. Senator Joseph McCarthy conducted a number of congressional inquiries on the subversive activities of entertainers in Hollywood, officials on Capitol Hill, and citizens in various walks of life. That evoked a combined effort by the US media, the major movie studios, and organized Communists who were busy inciting violent labor riots in several major US cities. One of their favorite tactics was to roll up a piece of iron bar in a newspaper during demonstrations and literally fracture the skulls of desperate workers who dared to cross the picket lines in attempts to support their families as their thug union bosses organized strikes.

Denying existence of the enemy

As it turned out, Senator McCarthy was discredited even though on many occasions he was right in identifying communist figures who wanted to influence US society even breaking the law and committing violent acts to further their cause. Yes, there were some who had innocently wandered into the socialist realm during the Great Depression and were not practicing Communists, however, a wide brush stroke was painted by the US media that portrayed all Communists as victims when the exact opposite was true as they used their blanket labels such as “Red Scare” and “Communist Witch Hunt” to generalize for the sake of their own brand of propaganda.

Espionage and conquest

Russian espionage had uncovered the plans for the Hydrogen bomb, many third world nations were being subverted to establish Communist Regimes, while the “Satellite” countries of the USSR were brought under the brutal rule of the Kremlin whether they wanted Communism or not. Countries such as Hungary and Czechoslovakia would be normalized when Soviet tanks and Russian troops had invaded their streets to restore the great Leninist glory of Mother Russia, as the warped proclamations would parrot!


Meanwhile Americans laughed and had been influenced into denying that the threat existed while the left convinced them that a global campaign of the “Military Industrial Complex” was being carried out for all corporate moguls to profit from. A the same time our federally funded public schools were trying to convince the young minds in the classrooms that capitalism was evil, that it was materialistic and greedy, that people should be accept less in their lives, and that big government, not God granted their inalienable rights to them!

Disturbing revelations

Unbeknownst the general public in 1953 a Congressional panel conducted an inquiry into the un-American activities of a number of Charitable Trusts alleged to be contributing money to the establishment of a socialist society much like the Bolsheviks in America. The Reece Committee as it was called headed up by former banker, Norman Dodd was tasked with the investigation. What they found was so shocking that one female lawyer assistant to Dodd had a nervous breakdown after discovering the insidious plot underway from within the Carnegie Endowment, Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and numerous other respected educational endowments never before suspected of such subversive undertakings. Just as John Dewey had envisioned, they intended to use the clandestine influence of the state to mold the minds of children into becoming less critical in thinking, more inclined to achieve less, and to actually discourage the more analytical skills of potential leaders in the classroom. Taking their direct guidance from Russian educators they were intentionally making math a puzzle rather than an understandable tool for the minds of children to grasp. All this was intended to eventually merge the societies of Russia and the US together ideologically and politically.

The methodology

Norman Dodd personally visited these institutions and identified the concerted effort to do so through the charters he was allowed to review by officials within these Communist leaning educational trusts. When one speaks of a world government and the international efforts to erect it they need only to observe the concept of Communism being sanctioned through the United Nations, the CFR, and other organizations who claim to exist for other less insidious reasons, but whose policies and actions quickly dispel the denials of the left and it's “Useful Idiots” who continually regurgitate the propaganda from news networks today, the benches of corrupt judges, and the card carrying Communists that have taken office in Congress and the Senate as the fools laugh the facts off.

Deadly groundwork

By 1954 the dangerous implications being uncovered by the Reece Committee under Norman Dodd were obstructed by the henchmen in Congress who ran interference for the left and the subversives who wanted their exposure stopped! Congressman Reece died from cancer and Norman Dodd was left with a damning report that his colleagues refused to take action on. The Korean War had come to an end, but the “Cold War” was well underway as the Eisenhower White House began with the departure of President Truman.

The continuing masquerade

By the 1980's defected KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, was astonished at what he saw in America as he gave his speaking tours. To him, more than his colleagues could ever have imagined had already taken place in a society heavily influenced by liberal media, Pop culture, and a Hollywood that continually denounced conservatives, the US Constitution, Christians, and Republicans with the worn out rhetoric that we hear still even today. Repeating the “Big Lie” was used by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election trying to vilify Donald Trump for his advocacy for strong border security, less government restrictions, lowering taxes, and creating more jobs. Bezmenov warned of the stages of indoctrination that would take place in a society that the Soviets had taken aim upon and he skillfully mapped it out for all to see, but the refusal of the US media to cover his lectures is emblematic of the continued erosion of our society.

Dismal summation

The people, largely oblivious to the truth, depending upon the lies of the US liberal media, and our devious government officials foolishly believe that their best interests are being represented when their liberties are constantly under assault from the very 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx are still alive and well. Taxation without representation and over regulation, according to Marx would be the downfall of Western society, the very things our forefathers fought against during the Revolutionary War in 1776 against the King George government of England. Yet, history repeats itself because the people have refused to maintain vigilance upon a government that legislates their freedoms away while plundering the financial underpinnings of the nation. This, as they demonize the Donald Trumps and the Ronald Reagans of the world with their false narratives.

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