The Devil, Bill Marriott and Bilderberg

As we continue our labored journey into the workings of the Utah Illuminati Conspiracy, and its affiliation with the International Illuminati Conspiracy, once again we must stop and rest at Marriott Hotels and Resorts. The fact that the most powerful members of the Western Illuminati, known as the Bilderberg Group, have met and continue to meet in Marriott's hotels has not gone unnoticed.

The Bilderbergs, which are run by the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger, meet annually at a secure Marriott resort to discuss their progress towards a one world, Satanic Psychopathic, government. The book of Mormon talks about one hero who discovered and revealed the purpose and actions of the secret combination of his day. Sadly, this type of disclosure from the Marriott family is sorely lacking. Which is why the top Illuminati conspirators continue to meet at the Marriott Hotels and Resorts. A place that they can call "home".

One would think that, Bill Marriott, who professes a firm belief in the Book of Mormon, might recognize a little irony in all of this. You see, the Book of Mormon warns us of the power of the devil and his "Secret Combinations", which are organized to get power and gain (gold and silver). It also warns us of the consequences of letting these "Secret Combinations" get above us". That is, allowing them to rule over us. It ends with a strict admonition for us to eradicate these evil organizations from our society, not build them up.

One would hope that Bill Marriott would be bugging the pastry carts, sending in undercover waiters and waitresses, and whatever else a person does when they are trying to expose "Secret Combinations". The Bilderberg group was organized to bring the Illuminati members in Europe and the Western Hemisphere together in one place. Owning the building that they are meeting in would be a golden opportunity to let the world know what they are up to.

Seeing that there will be no disclosures from Bill Marriott, I am forced to turn to another source for my information, one Myron Fagan, who exposed the Globalist agenda during the 1960s:

"Actually that was the format set by the Illuminati and Nathan Rothschild at the turn of the 19th century. They first maneuvered all of Europe into the "Napoleonic Wars," then the "Congress in Vienna" which they, and particularly Rothschild, planned to transform into a "League of Nations" which was to have been the housing for their one-world government; exactly as the present "United Nations" was set up to be the housing for the forthcoming, God forbid, one-world government. Anyway; that was the format the House of Rothschild and Jacob Schiff decided to employ to achieve their objective in 1914. Of course they knew that the same format had failed in 1814; but they theorized that this was only because the Czar of Russia had torpedoed that scheme. Well; the present 1914 conspirators would eliminate that 1814 fly in the ointment. They'd make sure that after the new world war that they were conspiring; there'd be no Czar of Russia around to throw monkey-wrenches into the machinery. (Source)

The Illuminati controlled the French Revolution through the Masonic Lodges. They destroyed their enemies through the "Reign of Terror". Then, they exported their unique brand of Revolution to the rest of Europe in the Napoleonic conquests. Only Russia stood in the way of their New World Order.

"So even before the outbreak of World War I; the conspirators had a plan, in the making, to carry-out Nathan Rothschild's vow of 1814 to destroy the Czar and also murder all possible royal heirs to the throne and it would have to be done before the close of the war. The Russian Bolsheviks were to be their instruments in this particular plot. From the turn of the century; the chiefs of the Bolsheviks were Nicolai Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and later Joseph Stalin. Of course, those were not their true family names. Prior to the outbreak; Switzerland became their haven.

Trotsky's headquarters was on the lower East Side in New York; largely the habitat of Russian-Jewish refugees. Both Lenin and Trotsky were similarly bewhiskered and unkempt. In those days that was the badge of Bolshevism. Both lived well yet neither had a regular occupation. Neither had any visible means of support, yet both always had plenty of money. All those mysteries were solved in 1917. Right from the outset of the war; strange and mysterious goings-on were taking place in New York. Night after night; Trotsky darted furtively in and out of Jacob Schiff's palace-mansion and in the dead of those same nights there were a gathering of hoodlums of New York's lower East Side. All of them Russian refugees at Trotsky's headquarters and all were going through some mysterious sort of training-process that was all shrouded in mystery. Nobody talked; although it did leak out that Schiff was financing all of Trotsky's activities." (Ibid)

Bolshevism was created and funded by Illuminati Capitalism. The Bolsheviks were trained on American soil using the latest American military technology. Trotsky was the military leader of the Russian revolution and he was trained in the good ol United States of America.

"Then suddenly Trotsky vanished and so did approximately 300 of his trained hoodlums. Actually they were on the high seas in a Schiff-chartered ship bound for a rendezvous with Lenin and his gang in Switzerland. And also on that ship was $20,000,000 in gold; the $20,000,000 was provided to finance the Bolsheviks takeover of Russia. In anticipation of Trotsky's arrival; Lenin prepared to throw a party in his Switzerland hideaway. Men of the very highest places in the world were to be guests at that party. Among them were the mysterious Colonel Edward Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson's mentor and palsy-walsy, and more important; Schiff's special and confidential messenger. Another of the expected guests was Warburg of the Warburg Banking Clan in Germany, who was financing the Kaiser and whom the Kaiser had rewarded by making him chief of the Secret Police of Germany. In addition; there were the Rothschilds of London and Paris also Lithenoth, Kakonavich, and Stalin (who was then the head of a train and bank robbing gang of bandits). He was known as the "Jesse James of the Urals." (Ibid)

"And here I must remind you that England and France were then long in the war with Germany and that on February 3, 1917; Wilson had broken off all diplomatic relations with Germany. Therefore; Warburg, Colonel House, the Rothschilds, and all those others were enemies but of course; Switzerland was neutral ground where enemies could meet and be friends and especially if they had some scheme in common. That Lenin party was very nearly wrecked by an unforeseen incident. The Schiff-chartered ship on its way to Switzerland was intercepted and taken into custody by a British warship. But Schiff quickly rushed orders to Wilson to order the British to release the ship intact with Trotsky's hoodlums and the gold. Wilson obeyed. He warned the British that if they refused to release the ship; the United States would not enter the war in April as he had faithfully promised a year earlier. The British heeded the warning. Trotsky arrived in Switzerland and the Lenin party went off as scheduled; but they still faced what ordinarily would have been the insurmountable obstacle of getting the Lenin-Trotsky band of terrorists across the border into Russia. Well; that's where Brother Warburg, chief of the German Secret Police, came in. He loaded all those thugs into sealed freight-cars and made all the necessary arrangements for their secret entry into Russia. The rest is history. The revolution in Russia took place and all members of the royal Romanoff family were murdered.

World War III, the final war before the introduction of one Satanic World Government, is at our door. Unfortunately, the one man who is in a position to stop it by exposing the criminal elite, is unexplainably silent. Billions of lives at stake and he is busy wining and dining the psychopathic Satanists at his luxury resorts. The simple fact that they place so much trust in Bill Marriott is more than enough cause for us to divorce ourselves from the man and his financial contributions.

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