The GCC Engineering Web Site Status Update - 10/28/2009

We have just lost millions of websites through geocities, some were archived including ours, but our DX-398 page did not. This is terrible! Yahoo! shut down 85% of the web with their budget loss!

I was browsing the internet on my T Mobile G1 and I came across this site here that archives the geocities internet webpages and possibly other sites that have been taken down. I want to show you a site that has my sites that have been updated since 2005. I don't know if it backed up the other pages, but I hope the main page, the one that will not survive will be backed up. When this happens I will be linking that site from the archives until I get a new page which will be around next year. Please spread this out that GCC Engineering is carved in web history archives! Main thing about pics and flashy things, those will not be backed up though. Still its proof that GCC Engineering existed before October 26, 2009.

If you want to connect to the new website of the GCC Engineering just click on the

Is This The Reason Why Geocities Is Shutting Down? Here are the reasons!

When I was researching websites and found these sites about conspiracy theories such as
9/1, NWO1 and such. It maybe the reason why geocities in planning on shutting down to
cover up THE FACTS and hide the truth! Here are a few examples why geocities has planned the shut down, not because of my GCC Engineering site that is ok, it might be backed up maybe next year or start a whole new one soon, its because of others they are out to shut down such as the following. Yahoo! is not just saving money, but they are doing what the New World Order wants them to do this October 26, 2009. These sites are very easy to find if you know where to look.

PLANET X ~ NIBIRU ~ WORMWOOD - A Geocities Site - About an event of 2010-2012 -

The Truth About the 9/11 Attacks - A Geocities Site - About 9/11 Truth - SHUT DOWN! - ARCHIVE STILL AVAILABLE!

Zacherle Hoag Interview with Sherry Shriner: Alien Agenda and the N... - A Geocities Site - About The Aliens and The New World Order - SHUT DOWN- NO ARCHIVE! NOTE : Data Retrieval Failure, Did Not Back Up!

The Bilderberg and the New World Order - A Geocities Site - Bilderburg and The NWO - SHUT DOWN! - NO ARCHIVE! - Did Not Back Up!


GCC Engineering is making a new website, but is slowly progressing its located on
Google Sites, Google Sites is going to be a new home for the GCC Engineering Site
also the good thing about Google Sites is that you can privatize your website so you
and your friends can see it.

The Yahoo! Website will have to go, I don't have any money to back the site up. I am
going back on the site and collect text, pictures, links and put it all in a big folder for
the Google GCC Engineering website. The drawback is that I do not know html
code that well, so my site will pretty basic and easy to read. Soon GCC Engineering
Group will move all of the Yahoo! Groups to Google groups. So, when is IX Quick
going to have what google has. Google is becoming a mass information monopoly
while IX Quick is a minority like the GCC.

About You and Your Site and Others Who Need Information Through Geo Cities

1. I feel that this is going to cause a huge amount of data loss and kaos, cause most
data that is based on important information such as lesson plans, valuable link sites,
engineering projects, and a few business sites using geocities. Some sites use geocities for weather station display and organization to get information that people
need to know. Some medical advisory and law enforcement use geocities and when
these sites go down, 85% of the web will be gone!! With this tight ass economy that was screwed by design, the 1/4 of the web will be shut down. Many schools and
universities use geocities to get technical and educational information that is very
important to others.

Here are a few examples of vital websites that are in Jeopardy that WILL BE SHUT DOWN! NOTE: These sites are contributing important data such as addresses, phone numbers, and contact information, not some social site that geocities is trying to brain wash the public about social networking, Geocities and My Space are different from each other! This information is so important that it could save you and your families lives. Many businesses and organizations are low funded they use geocities to get online. Yahoo! does not realize what they are doing to our web environment and could will cause loss of life and property. This is so sad!


Important Weather Information - WILL BE LOST!
Meriden, CT Weather Conditions Updated on the Hour!
Coldstream AWS & Kilmore Gap AWS BoM Weather Station Data 1

Important Local Law Enforcement Information - WILL BE LOST!
Wauseson Police Department - Geocities Site
Greenfield Police Department - Geocities Site
Important Local Medical Information - This Info Could Save Your Life! - WILL BE LOST!
Manila Medical Phillippines - An Inportant Directory For Phillppines
Emergency Airway Management - VERY IMPORTANT!!
Important Local Fire Department Information
Westwood Fire Department - Very Important!
Riley Fire Department - Very Important!
Kenefick Volunteer Fire Department - Very Inportant
Clothing and Needs Sites - WILL BE LOST!
Barely Used Thrift Store - Clothing
Computer Sales - WILL BE LOST!
Nanotech Computer Parts

These examples are spine chilling to the bone, that Yahoo! would do such great damage this October 26, 2009. This not funny and we need to let Yahoo! wake
up and think before attempting to shut part of the web down. What if someone
was looking up important information and ends up not finding anything, who
will be held to blame now??


WTRH-AM GCC Engineering

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Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on May 7, 2009 at 11:34am
Libero, I tried to sign up for membership, I still have not got my conformation email in my inbox yet. It might come tomorrow. Thanks for the link. Geocities was a site that was offering free website service, and my other friends helped me get started with it. But thanks to geocities shut down I am glad they are shutting down cause they down one of my good medical/nursing website. I will see about getting a site here and the other called freeservers.
Comment by Libero on May 6, 2009 at 5:44am
Why do you need this freaking GeoCities, use uCoz. Aren't free unlimited disk space and bandwidth enough for you?
Comment by truth on May 4, 2009 at 12:07pm
You can transfer your whole site to FREESERVERS.COM
Sign up, I would reccommend paying the 5 bucks a year cost to remove the ads. They are nuts with ads so 5 bucks is worth it.
After you sign up, go to tools and then click on "site copier".
There you will be able to transfer over your site.
Pretty cool.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on April 27, 2009 at 5:36pm
The problem is that Yahoo! has been doing alot of censoring even my old medical pages was deleted. Yahoo! is known for internet censorship and also blocking out websites. You see, I used to have a screen name called "gcccode3sector1" I built a site about nursing and caregiving in the GCC and also survival and medical radio communications, and then Yahoo! pulled the site down and deactivated my old email address. I am glad geosh*ties is going to be offline. And by the way Yahoo! or Yoohoo! I want my old medical site back.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on April 25, 2009 at 1:07am
Yahoo! Sucks they are going to loose popularity if they pull this action on many users on geocities. I chose to use the free web hosting is because I cannot afford to build a website using html code. I am using Google Sites instead so the URL will change. So I will be working on many pages to add to it. GCC Engineering is not dead, but geocities is likely to damage the GCC network infrastructure and also cause data problems and loss of valuable information aimed toward hobbyists and engineers for shortwave radio. I might save the site with a couple of bucks on Yahoo! Webhosting since I am running out of space on the page builder and I will keep it online for another year until something else comes. If I get a domain it will be called I would like to see that happen for GCC Engineering.

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