The Myth of Sustainable Development of Agenda 21

In 1971 Maurice Strong put forth a proposition that drastic environmental protocols needed to be enforced through out the world in response to climate changing man made pollution. One might recall that at that time scientists were concerned that atmospheric pollution might lead to a man made Ice Age that would devastate mankind and the animal kingdom as well. Yet, all false theories and unproven schemes must continually evolve in order to remain relevant and so it is with Maurice Strong, a UN Official who saw fit to denounce the United States for its level of energy consumption in proportion to its relatively small populace compared to the rest of the world. Typical class warfare in action.

False premise

Agenda 21 was hatched as a global conservation program that would engineer a more sustainable form of co-existence between man and the earth so that future generations could inherit a viable earth and that human kind could have the God-like power to control the climate and slow down what appeared to be the accelerated extinction of many wild species, a process that has been going on since time began.

The epiphany

In fact, Agenda 21 proved to be so frightening and controversial that the name had to be changed to such terms as “Sustainable Growth” “Sustainable Development” as well as ICLEI cities on a local level to get mayoral level government in the US to adopt these protocols at the grass roots level illegally as these are UN or foreign treaties that are unconstitutional. Yet, by 2010 more than 900 Mayors had joined together on a federally guided program and without the knowledge or consent of the citizens converted their jurisdictions into ICLEI cities. Since then, a number of US towns even some in liberal states like Colorado have rejected this program once the citizens became aware of the fascism behind the program.

Global intervention

Fascism, the forced compliance of the citizenry by the iron fisted hand of government-right? This is exactly the premise upon which the United Nations would implement Agenda 21 to regulate all nations despite the violation of their sovereignty over the aegis of sustainable development. Over the years several costly and hypocritical summits have been held around the world with nation's leaders partying, flying their fuel guzzling aircraft to the event, and having a generally pompous self important demonstration of just how consensus works when refusing to acknowledge science in search of a politically correct solution to a clandestine plan. That plan was not to conserve the environment but to fabricate a way to enslave the nations of the world under a singular governmental scheme to use Agenda 21 as an excuse to justify military intervention on a global scale should the false narratives of sustainability not be observed by individual countries. This would allow for draconian action to be commenced against any and all administered by a dedicated UN bureaucracy!

Truth does not matter

The first method of justifying the “Big Lie” often referred to by Joseph Goebbels, the infamous Nazi propagandist, was to begin ice core analysis by scientists who were supposedly searching for a fossil record of accelerated temperature changes since the 20th Century due to human activity. Instead, the first team of scientists who tested core samples taken from hundreds of feet below the Antarctic ice sheet came up with inconclusive results. What did the UN do in response? Much like most fascist regimes intent upon proving their deceptive points they ordered another scientific team out to do the same thing all over again this time with an agenda.

Academia's lie

The new agenda would be to offer funds from the rich endowments of universities who stupidly align with globalism to offer millions in research grants only to those scientists willing to pocket the money to achieve results that justify the global warming agenda regardless of breaking proper procedure under normal objective protocol. In doing so new industries have emerged along with typical out of control government regulation proposals such as carbon credits which do nothing more than increase the cost of energy production passing on the cost to the already beleaguered consumer while doing nothing for the environment. President Obama particularly liked this program and was more than willing to impose upon Americans who in 2008 were rapidly losing jobs, their mortgages, and buying power of the US dollar. In one of the few successful attempts by the GOP to stop the oval office occupier from punishing the citizens the program was stopped.

The hazards

Proponents of “Green Energy” rarely bother to mention that per kilowatt hour, alternative energy such as wind and solar will never provide cheap and reliable electricity compared to coal, oil, hydrogen, and natural gas, but they will prove to be unreliable due to fluctuations in weather conditions. Many green alternatives have turned out to be even worse and more injurious to the environment than their conventional counterparts. Take for instance the new high efficiency light bulbs which use less wattage to provide more lumens and last longer. Fact-they are much more expensive than filament light bulbs, do not necessarily last longer, and contain toxic Mercury. If you have a fire in your home some cities are already enacting statutes and codes that would prohibit fire departments from entering your home due to the poisonous vapor being released by heated Mercury in those efficient bulbs you were encouraged to buy!

Definition of tyranny

Agenda 21 protocols that would be enacted would provide for astonishingly draconian directives to be implemented from top down global government. It really is the perfect Communist scheme which continually advocates equality by victimizing free enterprise, the affluent, and incentive by reducing society to the consumption of the crumbs dolled out through unrealistic regulation. Once again in the wet dream of Communism the state is the only one allowed to have land ownership, free movement, consumer discretion, and the liberty to seek prosperity. The individual exists under the thumb of big government once again told what to do and when to do it with God forced out of the public whenever possible as government has now replaced a deity that teaches morality.


The ultimate intention of the “Sustainable Growth” schemes will be to proliferate restrictions, enforce those restrictions, and to continue the program of re-education in order to justify the insult to the intelligence of the general public. Using such narratives like “the science is already decided” when the majority of the scientific community has not made any prognostication is only one example. Carbon dioxide, a required element in photosynthesis, being declared a toxic substance when without it all plant life and animal life on the planet would die, is yet another false narrative. NASA caught lying about satellite weather data being indicative of man-made climate change is further example. Staff at East Anglia instructing their colleagues on how to modify their flawed climate models due to the fact that earth has been in a cooling phase for the last 17 years is simply more evidence of the ongoing conspiracy.

Deception at the core

Labeling scientists who do not agree with the climate change consensus as oil industry whores is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of the gigantic smear campaign unleashed by the left and the UN to coerce people opposed to pseudoscience into being intimidated into a false conclusion is emblematic of the propaganda that is at full throttle at the heart of this “Big Lie”. NOAA was caught fabricating false weather data to justify the “Global Warming” narrative when document leaks revealed the truth. Yet, the news networks such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC are little concerned over reporting events as they really occur. Their job is to convince citizens to submit to the globally institutionalized intervention over their quality of life, incomes, and private ownership.

The revelations of just what Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development” proposed that alarmed those who can see this scheme for what it is are as follows:

  1. Cattle raising and the beef industry would become unsustainable.

  2. The dairy industry would be considered unsupportable.

  3. Hydro electric dams would be destroyed.

  4. Paved roads would be considered unsustainable.

  5. UN contractors would be designated to build population dense pack'em and stack'em housing without warranty

  6. This housing would be located along railroad routes with bicycle transportation for most people.

  7. Automobile ownership would be discouraged.

  8. Movement beyond local access would be discouraged with national relocation by employers limited.

  9. Smart wireless thermostats and appliances that can be shut down during peak hours would be mandatory to prevent overloads caused by the limitation of electrical power grids.

  10. Government control of food stuffs that correspond to sustainable agriculture would be imposed.

  11. A dedicated global military would be equipped to enforce sustainable compliance upon all nations.

  12. The cost of energy would necessarily increase in order to discourage use with air conditioning being phased out where possible.

  13. At least 50% of the North American landmass primarily the US would be converted to wilderness where no human habitation would be allowed and the reintroduction of animals would ensue.

  14. Government run re-education programs would be used to orientate the young and convince adults of the value of the “Sustainable development” agenda.

  15. Fabrics for garments not necessarily natural requiring less energy to dry would become the preferred textile (example) polyester as over cotton.

  16. The populations of the world would be taxed in order to fund the “Sustainable Growth” global program.

Exposing the truth

Another example of the falsely contrived nature of the Agenda 21 protocol would be the denial of evidence that contradicts the validity of the pseudoscience. In one of many cases a scientific ice coring operation drilled down to a level of ice that would have been 250 thousand years old, a geologic era when the earth was at its coldest reported average global temperature. Levels of carbon dioxide were measured at 20 times the present levels of carbon now in the present day atmosphere proving that carbon is not a driving factor in climate change. However, the entire premise of “Sustainable Development” is not based upon science, but on political leverage against the masses. The draconian control of global resources and the people along with is the ultimate goal.

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