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The New Villain of the World: White Privilege

The Myth of White Privilege

Among the plethora of false narratives spewed by the left to keep division and social unrest alive and well within our ranks is the so-called talking point known as “White Privilege”. Once again we are faced with another reason to spread controversy through a relatively peaceful American society so that the Democrats and the ruling class can justify the welfare state they have creating the resulting voter platform they have purchased with it. America united cannot be defeated, but divided we will fall. Even our forefathers knew that the unrestricted flow of refugees into the United States would cause social problems.


Today in our private schools and public schools we have a form of fascism in our midst forcing little boys and girls to feel shame for acts they never committed but that shame is inflicted anyway. The narrative that if you are white you have an undeniable edge over everybody else in a society whose government is supposed to run under the auspices of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Unfortunately for people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton we cannot turn the clock back 50 years and begin race rioting again and in the first place it was Democrats who consistently refused to allow Blacks in America their civil rights to begin with.

And other privilege?

What about privilege of the color of one’s skin as it pertains to Affirmative Action programs? What about the privilege of being black when it comes to the NFL or the NBA with the majority of players being black? Is this simply because they’re better athletes, that Caucasians are not as good, is it perception on the part of scouts and coaches, or could it be because White college age athletes have other alternatives like a career they had already selected to take a curriculum for so there is a backup plan? One might ask why is it that in the NFL there are not only outrageous salaries involved even with players constantly settling paternity and domestic violence lawsuits and still after retirement they are guaranteed a huge pension? Where in the private sector does the work force have such a generous parachute while we always have the left complaining about how the board of directors of many corporations possess such outlandish benefits?

The true agenda

Yet, the elements of race baiting in the warped agenda of the left never stop. It all centers around race. Class warfare is not just about the small proportion of society that is wealthy, but that the small proportion of the affluent who happen to be white! Why is there no outcry about the prosperity of NBA and NFL players, overpaid, lawless, and even when lying in a brothel overdosing on crack while cheating on their wife they still end up becoming a hero under the persistent bellow of the sold out leftist US mainstream media? When one considers all these elements along with the misdirection intended by false talking points the question of white privilege disappears and rapidly becomes all together something completely different. It becomes an assault on American society and even European societies that are alleged to be dominant due to their racial origin.

Did it happen the way they allege?

One might ask why it is that Africa according to archeologists being the cradle of civilization and yet being the least of the developed regions of the modern world in terms of society, industry, and sophistication? Why? If all of mankind’s roots evolved from this continent should not this region of the world have had a head start on technology, empire building, and colonization? Yet, Africa most assuredly did not. As a matter of fact, Africa, much like North America was primarily an uncoordinated mass of tribal entities all waring amongst themselves frequently in a vast untapped wilderness. And here is a lesson that the Africans learned as well as Native Americans learned from the colonization that resulted in their lands and their societies being eclipsed. United we stand! Divided we fall! And these individual tribal nations had no particular monopoly on morality or those who colonized them. They sold their own to the slave traders. They joined on the sides of competing European conquerors and committed atrocities against the innocent and non-combatant pioneers in both hemispheres.

The big picture

White privilege is the new rallying cry for the Globalists to create deflection from attention to their activities and to create the continuing social unrest that distracts the divided from seeing the big picture. What is the big picture? The big picture is that the left, Democrats co-opted by socialism, and the worldwide Communism malignancy all acting as proxies for the Global Elite, the true power brokers who want dissent, terrorism, and class warfare to continue as they build a troubled world unto their intended vision of a one world government that will rule with an iron fist. The fools who play into their hands will continue to be the Blacks who vote each year for a Democratic Party that does nothing for them. The reverse racial discrimination of the “White Privilege” mongers who want an easy target for their frustrations.


So we now have a government sanctioned movement that advocates violence, enslavement through higher taxation, the rise of the security state, a leftist party that uses false allegations to create straw man enemies (Democrats), and along with this wave of misleading talking points the new scapegoat, the easy target, the demonized segment of society that is responsible for all the misgivings of the dark skinned underprivileged victims whom political leverage can be gained from, just as the Jews became Hitler’s villains that he could use as justification for the atrocities he would quickly sponsor, and it all conveniently congeals under the title of “White Privilege”.



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