The Pivotal Moments In History That Haunt US Now!

Three Major Events That Affected Mankind in the 20th Century

In human history there have been pivotal points in the affairs of society, technology, religion, economics, and in militarism that have instigated sweeping changes even epiphanies that have had an impact that could be measured decades and even centuries later. Such events as the birth of a savior, Jesus Christ, the Renaissance Period, the Industrial Age, and the modern day Age of Information have influenced humanity on a macro scale, but there are smaller pivotal moments in time that have been just as influential but on a more subtle level.

The Reece Committee

In 1953 Congressman, Reece, suffering from a terminal cancer ailment appointed Norman Dodd, a former Morgan Bank official turned investment advisor to investigate a number of supposed charitable organizations purported to be endowments tasked with funding educational programs for the sake of the American classroom. Yet, as Norman began to explore these organizations given tax exempt status such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Institute, and others, there was something seriously amiss! As it turned out, these organizations were doing the exact opposite. They were using education in the manner of the John Dewey paradigm, using government to influence the classroom and indoctrinate the pupil. To see that there were fewer over achievers, to see that there was less critical thinking while encouraging consensus, were just the tip of the iceberg.

Critical thinking has always been an enemy of the statist government. Those who think as individuals and many times being the great minds of our time would be discouraged in order to uphold the status quo as anyone capable of creating an invention that could unsettle traditional industries and the fortunes of the influential families who controlled those markets could be dangerous. For instance, if someone created a new energy source that made petroleum based fuel obsolete could create an upheaval in society. Any individual who invented a new mode of transportation that obviated trains or automobiles would create a tidal wave of disruption that would resonate through the economy. These endowments, these Ivy League, charitable trusts, supposedly formed to aid the development of the American student's mind were actually using Communist ideology borrowed from the Bolsheviks to instill socialism rather than a free society based upon a Constitutional republic

Their ultimate intention besides keeping farm boys on the farm or making mathematics so difficult as to discourage the participation of a large number of pupils even necessitating the recruitment of Russian instructors who helped take down the Czar's Russian society to propose policy in the American classroom. These disturbing details were unveiled under the meticulous investigation of Norman Dodd and his staff. The revelations of which were so disturbing that his head assistant, a talented young woman, a prominent attorney, collapsed from a nervous breakdown as she was so overwhelmed by the sinister and treasonous acts behind these charitable educational trusts!

When the Reece Committee convened in Washington DC for a presentation in front of Congress the discussion was disrupted and objected more than 200 times by a hired operative in the panel who later apologized to Norman Dodd for his traitorous behavior. The highly illuminating facts presented to the US Congress of 1954 had heard the Dodd Report and the far reaching implications were all but ignored. At a time when Communists were being exposed in all segments of US society and especially in Hollywood in the aftermath of the bloody Korean War, America chose to ignore the warning signs of a threat in the making. In the aftermath of such negligence America in decades to come would suffer the consequences of liberal influence fueled by the Communist regimes of the world in an attempt to bring down the US and western civilization.

The Robertson Panel

Close to the same time frame came another pivotal point in human affairs and the history of mankind. In 1953 after startling UFO flaps in 1952 all over the nation as well as undefended flyovers in Washington DC air space that went uncontested by the best radar and USAF jet interceptors. The Robertson Panel, a consortium of scientific and intelligence minds would preside over the question of UFO threat to the United States. Despite evidence of expert testimony, demonstration of superior technology, and even the possibility that misidentification of unknown aerial objects in hot corridors of militarily contested regions of the world between the Soviet Union and the US, a verdict of denial would be adopted.

Project Blue Book had been the serious incarnation from 2 previous programs, Project Grudge and Project Sign. Due to increased observation of unknown airborne aircraft over sensitive installations such as missile bases, nuclear facilities, and seen by pilots both military and civilian. Repeated chases by the best US jet fighters had resulted in fatal crashes and disappearances that were often covered up and denied when reporters pressed for details. Officially, the scientific community only denied the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement, but some rocket engineers and Aerodynamicists began to question official denial ask what if.

Ignoring a memorandum issued by General Nathan F. Twining that suggested UFO's were real, along with the Tremonton Film taken by an off duty Naval officer along with the Beaver Falls film footage photographed by a baseball coach, the Robertson Panel refused further serious funding for Project Blue Book. Despite pleas made by Doctor J. Allen Hynek, and Director Captain Edward Ruppelt arguing that more assets were bound to increase the understanding of the source of the phenomenon, those attending were not impressed enough to make positive recommendations. Despite Ruppelt's excellent efforts at professionalizing report procedures and witness testimony as Project Blue Book gained credibility though out the armed forces it would become benign, nothing more than a PR campaign by the US Air Force to repudiate UFO reports even ridiculing expert witnesses and some cases implying the observers were drunk, perpetrating a hoax, or that marsh gases and the planet Venus were the mistaken source of these inexplicable airborne anomalies! Project Blue Book after 23 years was finally terminated by the US Air Force in January of 1970.

All serious study and investigation has ceased by 1953 with Captain Ruppelt, Aviation Engineer Major Dewey Fornet immediately applying for transfer to another command thus ending the role of those who had formed the initial serious effort at investigation. The Robertson Panel had reasoned away radar testimony that had been documented during the infamous Washington National Sightings where repeated unidentified flyovers had occurred for weeks and had been explained away as thermal inversions (weather targets) while expert technicians claimed to have tracked solid objects. One aviator during that incident Lieutenant William Patterson in his F-86 jet was surrounded by UFO's that closed in on his plane and then after several tense moments backed off to the relief of all present in the radar room on that fateful night in Washington DC, but the Robertson Panel refused to bite. So ended another pivotal moment in human history where a possible threat to our planet was instead shrugged off and denied.

The Grace Commission

Under the Presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1982 the Grace Commission was authorized to study government fiscal inefficiency and budgetary waste. The two year study was instructed by President Reagan to tirelessly investigate and leave no stone unturned. The original intention was to prevent untenable levels of deficit that were projected to reach 13 trillion by the year 2000. The object was to expose government mismanagement and propose methods of budget cutting to curb unmanageable debt, but instead stumbled upon revelations that should have rocked American society and revealed who was behind the biggest scheme ever unleashed upon the American public! What they uncovered was that the federal income tax assessed to all working Americans was not applied to paying government operations! They discovered that income despite being purported as needed for paying off the national debt was not in any way the major source of income used by the federal government to pay it's debt and never would!

Income tax was instead funneled into the coffers of the Federal Reserve, a privately owned banking corporation that controlled monetary supply and credit for the US government acting erroneously as an agency of Washington DC. The actual domicile of the Federal Reserve was actually seated in Puerto Rico, a territory of the US, but not a Constitutionally recognized state. The amount of revenue brought in by the income taxes were only fractional compared to the true sources of funding created by the federal government such as gas tax, intrastate transportation taxes, import tariffs, FCC taxes, utility taxes, licensing fees, corporate taxes, sin tax, and many more forms of confiscatory practices that make America the most heavily burdened society from government fees in the world.

In essence the Grace Commission determined that Americans were being taxed by a foreign entity made up of elite banking families who were using income tax not as a form of government revenue to finance operations, but as a targeted form of fiscal enslavement! All of this enforced by the terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, violating the Constitutional rights of US nationals as a criminal rogue enterprise operating under the guise of a government agency when only the US Congress had been granted the Constitutional authority to tax and create currency. Now that capacity had been illegally transferred to a privately owned entity that was imposing its agenda upon the US public unbeknownst to the uninformed whose life styles have been financially penalized and stressed by a direct and un apportioned tax upon earnings never intended by the founding fathers of America!


In each of these pivotal moments in history a major truth, a warning of things to come, was either ignored or suppressed by the powers that be so that influences and forms of oppression over America would go on without being addressed. These issues would continue to result in social engineering, aerial losses, and taxation without representation due to the official version of the truth which was to cover up threats and allow injustice to prevail. Sadly, our society today goes on victimized and financially penalized by the elite, the supposed experts who know better, or the traitors who would sabotage their own country for an ideological fallacy! The rise of the Security State in 1947 coincides with not only the Roswell Incident, even obstructs today's Trump Administration in its efforts to recover the US after 8 years of Obama!

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