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The Reptilian Brain. The Key to Understand The Illuminati and the World We live In

I'll just include one quote from this resource. Its a bit long to cut-n-paste the entire thing. The website is a vast resource of knowledge. I hope everyone has at least a look around at what is available.




The Illuminati seek to control the way the two sides communicate with each other, so they secretly talk to the right brain through symbolism and subliminals, while the person is only conscious of his or her left brain activity - the physical view of the world.




You and I, and everyone else have more than one mind. Some would say three, others four. Whether the left and right hemispheres are one or two is where the debate lies.


Your left brain is like your scientist. It will be very rational, logical and adept at recovering memories. Scientists, engineers and all kinds of people doing work that requires constructive knowledge use this to create their works. Your right brain is creative and intuitive. Artists, musicians, poets, etc... all employ this part of their brain to create their works.


The other two have various names depending on the source. There is no real agreement other than the lower mind is the Lizard Brain, or the Dragon. It is little different from the brain found in reptiles. 


The fourth brain is called more things than even I know of. I call it your higher mind, or Angel. It is the opposite of the Lizard Brain is nearly every way.


The left and right brain can do nothing on their own other than argue with each other. They can't make decisions or control your body. They are tools of your other MINDS. 


Either the Dragon or the Angel; one must be in control. The other must be chained or restricted in its control. When your Dragon is in control it can still call on the angel for inspired action. When the Angel is in control it can still call on the Dragon to pull your hand away from the hot stove.


Which one is in control of your mind determines what kind of person you are. Almost all people are Dragons. They react and are easily controlled. 


The few, and many of the people here are among them, are Angels. Their higher mind is free, their lizard minds restrained. Their thoughts are outside of Plato's Cave in the light. They are always seeking knowledge. They reject controlling forces. They ACT, instead of reacting. They CREATE instead of destroy.


But they don't lead because once your higher mind is free you don't want to control others. You want others to discover what you have discovered. And you know that you can't lead someone there. If you are following then you can't get there even if you are following someone going there.


High five to the Angels. We eagerly await all the rest. 



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Comment by Alex Daube on June 12, 2011 at 11:18pm

ArchAngel, you've touched on something profound. I like your division of mind into Higher and Lower minds, because in a very real way it's true. I see humanity in a similar way, people needing to be released from their carnal (earthly) nature and free to walk in their higher (heavenly) nature – that of the Spirit. This is a very real division, and each of us makes such choices every day to obey our higher or lower natures.


The fruits of the Carnal nature are thus: envy, jealousy, arrogance, selfishness, hatred, strife, discord, lust, adultery, sexual immorality, orgies, debauchery, drunkenness, impurity, idolatry, witchcraft, fits of rage, murder, theft, openness to falsehoods, predilection to evil, and finally, spiritual death.


The fruits of the Spirit are thus: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, desire for truth.


Here's the catch: We are all born with an earthly (carnal) nature, and it is the Spirit of God which works in us to reveal a better nature, and calls us to do right and choose good, and to follow our consciences. This is obvious in children, who are naturally selfish and must be taught to be good. The Spirit of God calls us and enables us to act outside of our sinful natures, and, if all goes as the Spirit intends (note: free will must choose), we one day put on a higher nature, and become new, Spiritual people, also known as Children of God. This is the great meaning of life – to choose to give up our Earthly natures and take on a Godly nature. We can also describe it as leaving darkness behind and moving into the light; leaving Satan's kingdom for God's kingdom; choosing life over death.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on June 9, 2011 at 2:20am

tin pot philosophy... i'm going to use that if you don't mind.


Comment by Alex Daube on June 9, 2011 at 12:33am

Beautiful, Jen. I'll save that photo.
"And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."

Charity is best translated there as "love" - faith, hope, love  :-)

Comment by ArchAngel on June 8, 2011 at 5:35pm

While I knew that this post would be controversial I didn't expect quite this much. I had so much to say I didn't know quite where to start. The linked source and the title seemed to suit my purposes for a beginning and to attract attention. Perhaps if I try again I'll find a different start point.

From the next step what I say may sound like Chiristian Religious junk to some, New Age claptrap to others, unlettered psudo-psychology to the skeptics, or just all around tin pot philosophy. It is none of those things. It is what I have learned about myself and my own mind and confirmed with people I know in real life and online who have also opened their higher mind going all the way back to the earliest philosophers. 

Since there is such controversy on my divisions of the mind lets just throw all of that out and divide it in half based on characteristics and not physiology.

The Higher Mind & The Lower Mind

The Higher mind is brilliant in so many ways. It is creative and intuitive. It can recall memories with ease you may never have thought possible. It can communicate with all different kinds of people. It allows for projecting by simulating potential events and by putting the shoe on the other foot to allow you to see from the perspectives of others.

The lower mind is shallow and easily led. It reacts to everything instead of being pro-active. The lowest forms of human life are entirely trapped within the lower mind. 

The NWO, Illuminati or whatever you want to call them use the lower minds of people to control them. It all acts through your emotions. The Higher Mind is repressed while the Lower Mind is activated. There are many tools to achieve this. I've broken them down into the most basic ones to make discussion easier.

Shame, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Lust, Greed, Envy, Resentment, and cognative dissonance. 

Of them all Shame and Guilt are by far the most powerful. They make people shut up and accept what they might not have otherwise. If you really want to open your Higher Mind the first step is to clear them out.
Shame comes in many forms. Maybe you are not the most beautiful or intelligent person in the world. Maybe there are things in your life that you find embarrasing. Maybe you are overly concerned about the opinions others have for you.

I am TELLING YOU that none of it matters. There is Beauty and Brilliance inside. You have no obligation to prove yourself to anyone. But thats not nearly enough. You need to prove it to yourself. You need to let go of your shame and do it truthfully. You have to not only believe it you have to know it. I'm not saying you can go running through the streets naked because you have let go of your shame. We still need to keep decency. 

Its not easy to do. We all have things we have done in the past that we remember. They hide in the dark corners of our minds. It can hurt to revive them. But as long as they are there the shame can control our actions and keep us locked into the Lower Mind. Replace Shame with Love. Love yourself. 

Guilt is nearly of equal power. Its effect is very similar to Shame. I'm neither expecting or asking anyone to admit what they feel guilty over. But I am TELLING YOU that you need to go into the dark corners of your mind and find these things. You need to either decide without reservation that they were not wrong and thus do not constitute guilt, or you need to find a way to forgiveness. 
I forgive you. Can you do the same? For some it will help to pray with humility and ask God to forgive you. For others it may help to say you are sorry to those you are guilty of harming. Find the strength to confront what is holding you back. Look inside yourself with honesty. Say it out loud. "I forgive myself". Replace the guilt with Joy. 

And let your Higher Mind be freed.


Comment by Alex Daube on June 8, 2011 at 3:10pm

Sure, Denise, let's be friends.

Yes, I understand that this isn't a Christian website. Nevertheless, I like to warn people when I encounter a website full of religious/spiritual lies and deception, like bibliotecapleyades.                 

I love truth and hate lies, and spiritual lies can kill us. I'm a protector by nature, so I seek to protect people from dangerous and deceitful things, including certain websites. This isn't a game - it's quite literally life or death for some readers.

Comment by Alex Daube on June 8, 2011 at 12:19pm

Denise, you're right - truth is never anti-Christian. The problem with bibliotecapleyades

is that it is loaded with lies and half-truths, and how are people to know which is which?

I've never read Trance-Formation of America, but I'll look into it.

Did you know that we can't send people messages here without first befriending them?

Why is that? On Facebook and most other websites, you can.


Comment by ArchAngel on June 7, 2011 at 4:39pm

Maybe I didn't directly answer your question.


"Are you not aware of just how anti-Christian that website is?"


Some of it is directly anti-religion. Parts of that are Anti-Christian. Same with the library and the internet. Same with TV and Radio. Yet, I still use all of these sources to one degree or another. 


We are told to test our faith. To test ourselves. To seek knowledge. And I do. I'm not interested in the Darker aspects of it all. Its enough to know their properties and see the results. 

Comment by ArchAngel on June 7, 2011 at 4:35pm

Some of the books there have nothing to do with religion. Many of the books are on the reading lists for anti-NWO people. It was offered up as a resource for anyone no matter their faith. I won't be reading a large majority of them, but I have read a few from there already. Notably some works of Icke and Sitchin for my own knowledge. I can ignore the reptilian overlord parts and see the serious hidden hand aspects from Icke and accept the Sitchin as a somewhat historical review of the Sumerian culture and theology.


Just because I've read about it doesn't mean I believe it. I've read much of the Koran and Talmud but I am not converting to Rabbinical Judaism or Islam. Etc...


I know you were not condemning this site. My comments before were about posts that were deleted.





Comment by Alex Daube on June 7, 2011 at 3:57pm

ArchAngel, I applaud your open mindedness and friendly discourse. BTW, I wasn't condemning this website. When I wrote: “This website alsoadvocates a false religion/spirituality,

I was referring to

Since you're a Christian, I'm confused as to why you're supporting bibliotecapleyades? Are you not aware of just how anti-Christian that website is?

Comment by ArchAngel on June 7, 2011 at 2:48pm

Thank you for that, Alex. I can't disagree with what you have said about the Triune Brain theory. True or false, evolution does not fully account for the lower brain and brain stem. Perhaps its origin is something else, or divine creation. Dividing the brain into just three parts is very simplistic. There are other parts unaccounted for in that concept. 


Yet, this part of the brain has been shown to have the qualities of a reptile brain. It could be called reptilian based on its characteristics, if not origin. 


While I am Christian and have my own beliefs and faith this is not an exclusionary theocratic forum. Many, and maybe most, of the people here are not Christian. I know I can discuss things with others without throwing in religion or excluding anything because of my interpretations of the Bible. I'll save that for religious themed subjects and Bible Chat out of respect for the beliefs of others.


As for the website, there are a lot of things that people here may be interested in. Not all of it is about aliens and woo-woo stuff. Sociopolitics,  health, civilizations and archeology sections may be of value even to Christians while the rest may also be valuable to others. 


I try to not discriminate against people for their faith or lack there of. If it brings them closer to the truth or comforts them then I can't argue against it. The Bible tells us to seek knowledge and not be silent. I'll continue with that even among non-Christians. I've found a lot of good people among them in my time. And on occasion I have helped lost souls come back to God. But not because I was on a mountain top preaching hellfire and damnation. 



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