The Summit, Collusion,  and the People Peter Strzok Could Smell


More than anything else that we could have learned since the election of President Trump has been the almost the entire news media has become the mouth piece for the Deep State and Democrat Party. In the absence of President Obama, his appointees have continued to resist President Trump and have leaked classified information to a press that would rather see America embroiled in World War III than see our nation succeed under the stewardship of our current President. It is a sad study in the frailty of human nature and just how group think can be used to overwhelm logic, patriotism, and morality, yet each and every day becomes a little more unhinged than the next.

Pervading atmosphere

A delusion has set over the mass media of America and the world that continually assassinates the character of Donald J. Trump no matter how much he accomplishes for American interests and international relations. For example: President Trump came away from the NATO summit with a 40 billion dollar commitment from the alliance that US taxpayers will not be on the hook for and full agreement from the NATO Secretary General. Why should America continue to foot the bill for nations who refused to pay their fair share of defense costs while the US endures a proportionally larger financial liability from countries like Germany making deals with Russia?

Painting a deceptive picture

What was the media’s take on the meeting? When all US presidents of the past had failed to make NATO partners pay up, President Trump not only succeeded but strengthened the alliance with his presence and ability to make a deal. World leaders respect that and Obama wielded little in the way of respect or confidence among our allies. The news reporting was that President Trump was too harsh, too overbearing, that he would undermine the partnership! The exact opposite happened. This is the ongoing illusion of lies painted on a daily basis by our own US media.

Fake News

With the continued proof of Russian collusion by Hillary and the Democrats still the US media acting as the shills for Bob Mueller’s witch hunt and the lying intelligence community’s vendetta against a leader they never thought would be their President the lies continue. The endless, desperate search for the nonexistent evidence of President Trump or his staff’s wrong doing continues as the media makes innuendos and false accusations amounting to nothing!

Contrary Actions

One might be compelled to ask how President Trump could ever have any faith in his intelligence corps when the FBI colluded with Hillary Clinton and the DNC to approve illegally obtained FISA warrants based upon a dossier that even James Comey admitted to newly elected President Trump was salacious and suspect at the very least! Yet, while the question of Russian collusion was supposedly investigated Hillary Clinton’s part in the Uranium One Deal selling 20% of that US weaponizable resource to our enemy was never considered, while Bill Clinton got 500 thousand from the Russians for a single speech, and while the Clinton Foundation received millions from Russian sources the FBI and Justice Department spent their time exonerating former Secretary of State, Hillary, before ever interviewing witnesses. Even President Obama caught on a hot microphone in 2012 promising President Medvedev that after the election he would have more flexibility and to tell that to Putin was never questioned by the news media!

Refusal to duty

It has even been revealed that when the public was led to believe that Hillary’s home brew servers were picked up by the FBI that instead a third party acted, a contractor that did tons of business with the DNC! Wow! No conflict of interest there! So, not only did the FBI and agent Peter Strzok allow evidence to be destroyed, fake interviews that were neither under oath or recorded to be conducted, but an illegal server which was obviously intended not to be used according to classified protocol was never examined by a law enforcement agency tasked with that role!

On the hot seat

Special Agent in Charge, Peter Strzok , cross examined by Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, and others who was the lead FBI investigator in 2 major cases barked back at the Republican former prosecutor like a dog to begin with until his hatred for Donald Trump was revealed in detail during work related times on government owned devices saying Trump needed to be stopped, impeached, described in profane ways to another FBI employee Lisa Page with whom he was having an affair, became a bit more apologetic as the questioning moved along. However, when Louie Gohmert of Texas brought up a question of Strzok’s character when he could come home and lie to his wife while having an affair with Page, the FBI agent under fire blew up in self righteous indignation when the Democrats and the left have been continually chastising President Trump for alleged indiscretions that happened 10 years ago when Donald was a private citizen. Double standards are the epitome of Democrat hypocrisy and its automatic mouthpiece, the US media.


That FBI agent Peter Strzok was allowed to continue to investigate as long as he did when it was obvious that his personal feelings had been expressed in hundreds of text and email comments while carrying on his affair with another FBI employee indicates a fraternity of corruption that is ongoing and is more characteristic of the organization than simply isolated incidents by self-important individuals violating the oaths of the agency with impunity! The damage done to the credibility of the FBI just as in the DOJ where Rod Rosenstein signed off on not just one controversial FISA warrant request but several makes the case of his own impeachment a viable possibility!

Modus operandi

The alleged Russia Collusion investigation by Bob Mueller, former FBI Director, a supposedly unbiased party has been led by nothing but Democrats and Democrat donors under the aegis of a fair and principled probe is instead a vendetta for the firing for James Comey, who in making the decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before ever interviewing witnesses while allowing the destruction of laptops, Black Berry Devices, and other sources of records by Hillary staffers such as Cheryl Mills or Huma Abedin reveals a level of corruption that went all the way to the top and was supposed to have been covered up once Clinton had been elected! Still even today if the Deep State could frame President Trump for something he didn’t do they would proceed no question of legality or ethics and they would have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS running interference for them just as our corrupt news media has been doing all along.

The smell

In all this one must surely marvel at the FBI Russian Collusion probe when in reality it has been a “Get Trump” push all the while! One must also marvel at the ability of FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who although thrown off the Bob Mueller investigation still remains an FBI employee until he was finally forced to leave the FBI offices under pressure by the discovery of more evidence of misconduct. Yet, just think of Peter’s ability to smell Trump supporters while they shop in a Walmart in a different region of Virginia than where Strzok lives? It must be that rigid bureau testing and high ethical standards that allowed him to develop such prolific olfactory lobes! Perhaps it’s really the smell of lies, misdeeds, and violation of the public’s trust smells even worse!

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Comment by Doc Vega on July 20, 2018 at 5:07pm

Creepy fucker Strzok!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2018 at 4:44pm

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