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The Torturous and Byzantine Road of Self Deception.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's said that Neptune removes boundaries. There are obviously more than one kind of boundary. There are boundaries between you and higher truth and boundaries between you and illusions. Obviously the borders are getting blurred in a big way. This is past really strange. I've been noticing weird business at that location for awhile but I'll reserve commentary and judgment since, I don't know. If more of us said “I don't know” we'd be a lot better off. I'll say just one thing, based on a vibrationary feed; there's an emotional texture to this writing that impacts on me a lot more than any of the actual information in it. There is an unusual energy vortex going on here.

Unlike many people who blog, I have few external sources, mostly only internal sources. I'm not connected to the mainstream of the official, alternative blogger-verse and I'm certainly not connected to the no alternative Cloaca Maximus of the mainstream. Due to the, by comparison, extremity of some of my views and the manner in which I present them, I'm avoided by a wide area of influential sorts, who make their living servicing those they criticize, within the officially permitted, parameters. Sites like Antiwar.com and Greg Palast come to mind. The latter finds it absurd that 9/11 could be an inside job and the former does the cha cha over skid treated rocks. I could list a bunch of them, or incidents like Thinkprogresses, fawning backpedal of late. The thing is that many of these sites are either getting paid or working some angle that provides for them to get paid. I have another litmus test and that is the converse relationship between advertising and content. I'm not going to get into obverse and contrapositive here (grin) but if you're wearing Chuck Taylor's or any high heeled sneaker from the corporate line, then someone is controlling the direction of your footsteps. Now, how many people are going to get what I just said (grin)? This is a test in attention and absorption because I know that the general trend is to just keep going, if something doesn't seem to make any sense. Some smaller portion contemplates it and some few don't rest until it's come clear. I like to think of myself in that last group and people who have had the misfortune to be around me and not be on the up and up can attest to this.

I purposely put free ads on my site, because I take the invisible at its word, that I don't have to concern myself with spinning more colors than Solomon in all his glory. I got a donation button because that is the least I can do to avoid repetitive back and forths every time someone is feeling generous. It's not that I dislike money. I like money. You can do really cool shit with it but it is very secondary to my primary drive, the same way that food as sustenance is to the pleasure of eating, or channeling the sex force, as opposed to spraying the environment and making picnic tables or base camps for lower astral, mountain climbers. None of the things necessary to offset gravitational pull are easy. That's why few do them. It's a calling, I suppose. Certain scientists and artists who get caught up in their work, practice some of these things, without being aware of it.

We all need to make a living, or think we do. It's a tricky scenario. How do you operate in the marketplace and not wind up on one of the shelves? I'd say the first thing would be to check and see if it is possible by virtue of example, or (grin) maybe even by virtue. I try to bring out the parallels between what we see and don't see. I like to use the example of cosmic rays. Our senses operate with a bandwidth. Some exceptional people have a larger bandwidth than the norm and, depending on how you live your life, certain things can happen as you progress in age. The bandwidth can expand or narrow. Obviously, according to any science that measures and computes this sort of thing, there are conditions and constructions that operate outside of our general bandwidth. Here is one of the fundamental problems in society. People just assume that there is nothing going on that they can't hear, see or touch, or... they get wacko beliefs and theories based on ancient, distorted and reworked texts. A true occultist or metaphysician knows that there is a science to these things, just as they know that there are laws of Nature that are hidden from the common observer.

Like I've said, it all depends on whether you think the cosmos is conscious or not, because if you do, then you are dealing with potentially, reachable intelligences. Back to all the people that talk about what is or is not really happening. Everyone serves someone or something; no matter what. This is an inflexible law. Some not insignificant number serve themselves and the ratio of them that do is relative to the degree of pervasive materialism in the culture. Most people who starve to death in the woods, do so surrounded by food. Most people who believe themselves poor have too many desires. Most people cannot prioritize and discriminate between essential and desirable. Meanwhile, your buttons are being pushed all day long. It must be really intense these days to be a child who has the TV set as a babysitter and then they go to schools, where learning has been replaced by programming, 'no child left with a mind'.

The competitive aspect is enhanced by the climate of shrinking employment opportunities and the vast numbers of those who will do it for less. So corporations, which have no loyalty to anything but profit, destroy the balance and infrastructure of a nation, in the pursuit of ever greater margins of profit. They literally suck it dry, while preparing to relocate. They are engaged in 'capital crime' and you can make what use you like of the double entendre. Back to those who report on and analyze life's events (grin).

When you notice a steady departure of any writer from their former core principles, or a quick and reactive change, as was the case with Christopher Hitchens, something is up. People get co-opted every day by the usual fare; money, power and sex. You can add in fear as well. We're weak and we have to watch ourselves because, depending on our level of exposure and the nature of our work, you never know who's who or what's what, depending on the circumstances. I see life generally, very different from most people. I've been lucky in the sense that I had no choice coming to this point and unlucky, according to many, given what I had to pass through to get here. As Timothy Olyphant asks in “The Girl Next Door”, “Is the juice worth the squeeze”?

If life were a cakewalk and abiding by certain principles easy, then maybe there would be a lot more people doing it, then again, maybe not. There's an interesting feature about discipline. It might be hard to develop in the beginning but at a certain point it becomes automatic and difficult to break. In other words, it becomes easy. People don't persist and that is understandable given all of the things that can turn your head in any moment. Changing your diet; takes about ten days for your taste buds to change. This is too long for most people, who may not even know about this component to begin with. Stopping smoking (should that interest anyone) can be much, much easier than it generally is, if two things are kept in mind. The first principle is that one must absolutely believe they want to do this, more than they want to do it. The other principle is that the impulse of desire is short lived. If the person knows this then they can wait it out. It comes and goes. This impulse grows weaker over time but it can also grow stronger in the short term. Once, when I quit smoking for a number of years, I was absolutely convinced that I had stopped and it wasn't difficult at all. The uncertainty of whether you want to or not is what compromises you.

People lie but they don't always imagine that they are lying. No instrument can rationalize better than the human mind and no instrument is as easily deceived as the human heart. Without intrinsic values, greater than the lure of whatever they would be compromised for, compromise is easy. Some believe their compromises are temporary, an arrangement to expedite passage onward. They'll just reacquire them on the other side. It doesn't work like that. You can get them back but only at the cost of what you gave them up for. Thoroughly compromised people can make a serious angle adjustment, if they really wish to. Usually they don't or the cost is too dear. I assure you it is not, not by comparison with the cost of continuance. In these times of The Apocalypse, we are going to see some surprising examples, I suspect. Some of them are out of simple desperation and some of them, having to do with a greater resonance, coming down on the area of the conscience.

The definition of 'uncovering' and 'unveiling' doesn't get the more intense scrutiny that it deserves. You are dealing with a cosmic force that is a naturally reoccurring portion of a cycle. It comes around like clockwork. Why this happens is something else, but that it happens is a given. Times like these, the porpoises of demonstration are leaping out of the water and reflecting the sunlight when they do.

Telling the truth for the sheer duty of it, is an oddity in these times. There's no material advantage that makes itself known. However, in order to lie for the purpose of employment, it requires a consistent self deception and self deception is terminal. Your own body will come after you. Your heart and mind won't function properly. It's like deliberately walking off the path into the wild because you saw something glittering in the trees. Everything you need is going to come to you anyway but... you're not sure about that, are you? You need to make sure don't you? Well, there you go.

End Transmission.......

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