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In the modern day politically correct existence America is in the current mode of destroying statues that signify our history good and bad. Many once observed national holidays such as Armistice Day are not even celebrated anymore. Yet, we are constantly adding holidays of dubious distinction such as "Earth Day" "Women's Day" "Black History Month" or even "Kwanzaa" based upon a religion created by two men in 1966. These frivolous kinds of holidays are now taking precedent over those dates of remembrance that signify those who gave their lives so that freedom and the American way of life could survive. In the world of identity politics meaningful anniversaries are conveniently forgotten in the quest to claim more false heroes and dates of questionable merit.


Memorial Day commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by our fighting men in defense of our nation and others in the struggle to oppose aggressor nations, invaders, and those of evil ideological ambition who seek to conquer the world not just the US. Yet, there are leftist groups who attempt to discredit the sacrifices of our fighting men and women who have given their lives in times of war so that they could advocate their twisted agendas. One might recall that during the Clinton Administration a planned protest of the use of the atomic bomb in World War II against Japan would have displayed poster sized photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims. Attempting to make our servicemen into monsters when the Japanese conducted perhaps more atrocities in sheer numbers than even the Germans as they had been at war in Manchuria several years prior to the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor was ludicrous!

Oh contraire!

Luckily veterans got together and stopped this thoughtless exploitation of ideologies and attempts to re-write history. Today we have paid violent protesters who desecrate statues, burn police cars and store fronts, and make death threats against conservative speakers on US college campuses in an attempt to legitimize leftist propaganda and create social unrest as this is the only way that a society will be chaotic enough to be vulnerable to socialist rebellions. Discarding our memory of what our veterans gave their lives for is part of that delusional formula. Remove the church, destroy the family, and rob what is sacred and dear to a society and you decapitate belief in the cultural relevance and sovereign rights of that country. Memorial Day is one of those sacred memories of the contributions of our warriors lives so that we may enjoy remaining free. Is this concept now disrupted forever with conspiracy theories?

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Caught unprepared

In 1941 the Pearl Harbor attack preceded by only a matter of hours, a massive wave of Imperial Japanese assaults, invasions, and conquests of British, European, and American military bases and strongholds with a sweeping succession of spectacular victories. For the allies these crushing defeats almost destroyed Her Majesty's Royal Navy and the US Pacific Fleet. US Marine outposts in little known places such as Wake Island, Guam, Corregidor, and Manila were rarely mentioned by most Americans, but on those remote military bases all out war was unleashed and American and allied lives were on the chopping block.

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Brave resistance

Little did the public realize that only 500 US Marines occupied barracks on Guam and were stormed and overwhelmed by a Japanese invasion force though the Americans fought bravely against insurmountable odds. Just as on Wake Island even with the US Marines exerting heavy casualties against the arrogant Japanese actually repelling two amphibious landing attempts and costing the Japanese Imperial Navy more than a thousand troop deaths, the Marines and some civilian contractors were forced to surrender. Little did the US public know or were they informed that during the long occupation of Wake Island through out the war that after the battle at Midway suffering a staggering defeat early in the war that would forever put Japan on a defensive footing, those captured on Wake suffered several backlash atrocities by their Japanese captors. Each time the occupying Japanese learned of another defeat by the US Pacific Fleet American POW's would be lined up and beaten and even shot to death.

Those who gave without asking

Why Wake island was not liberated sooner many have wondered but the island hopping campaign of the Pacific under Admiral Chester Nimitz had a long and bloody pathway to victory on their way to the mainland of Japan and resources were obviously strained and carefully managed. There were many US servicemen all over the vast Asian theater of war who languished in brutal Japanese captivity! Many US veterans who came back to lead a normal life back home never quite recovered after suffering such ailments as malaria, dysentery, typhus, and prolonged starvation, yet that generation came back home and gladly returned to civilian life again to raise their families. We did not hear complaints, excuses, or hatred for free enterprise or the American way of life back then as we do now in the new world of confused ideological signals and fake news.

A disrespectful White House

Memorial Day is a tradition and should not be regarded as an inconvenience by people like Michelle Obama who standing next to, husband and President Barrack said, "all this over a flag?" While Barrack Obama chose on many Memorial Day occasions to refuse a personal visit to a military ceremony choosing instead to celebrate a Native American tribal celebration or some other foreign engagement. However, this did not prevent President Obama from loading the US military with Gay recruitment, forcing the US taxpayer to foot the bill for Chelsea Manning's gender reassignment treatment while pardoning Bowe Bergdahl's desertion that cost the lives of several buddies who were shot while looking for him after he joined terrorists once fleeing his position. It is hard to calculate just how much damage was done from the classified files Manning gave to the enemy, an act of treason punishable by death, he was was pardoned by Obama!

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Taken for granted

In our present era of unpatriotic betrayal Memorial Day is merely a day of barbecue and beer while those committed to making the public forget about our heroes who served so generously with their lives. At the risk of sounding too corny, too melodramatic, or too much of a war hawk, we do indeed owe a debt of gratitude as even the Communist Chinese held ceremonies to thank the AVG Flying Tigers who came to their aid as Japan mercilessly bombed Chinese cities with little resistance until our pilots came to the aid of Chiang Kai Chek's beleaguered military and rained hell upon the enemy changing the course of the war for our once Chinese allies. They observed that ceremony until the last veteran aviator of the Flying Tigers had died. They say dismissively that history is often written by the victor, but in reality it is paid for with the lives of our veterans who gave everything for us!

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