There Are Many Devil’s Triangles on the Earth Part II

It seems that there are several regions on the face of the earth that are considered Devil’s Triangles, Super Natural Vortexes, or EMF junctions where the forces converge to cause unimaginable distortions in time, dimensional displacement, and physical calamities to aircraft and ships alike. Some scientists scoff at witness testimony and disappearances while others are actively engaged in solving the paradoxes that left people wondering what happened to those who disappeared or what those strange ghost-like atmospheric distortions were.

Frigid unknown

Still there are more zones of unexplained visions and frightening manifestations that the military would rather hide than divulge to the general public. The Antarctic is indeed a point of mystery on this sphere we call earth. The coldest known continent on the planet is an isolated world of extreme weather and the unexplained, yet life has devised a foothold even here. From penguins whose masses huddle together in order to survive the frigid temperatures to the Leopard Seals that devour them in the icy Arctic Ocean to unknown forms of life living untouched for centuries within the underground fresh water lake recently discovered by a deep scanning satellite that detected this feature, the Antarctic is surely an enigma.

Secret mission?

Operation High Jump is one such military operation post World War II headed by Admiral Richard Byrd set sail for the South Pole as a large heavily armed task force that was supposedly dedicated to mapping, weather analysis, and a search for raw resources. One air craft carrier the Philippine Sea, one submarine, several destroyers, and two service vessels along with an assortment of sea planes, fighters, and DC-3 cargo planes were also aboard for the supposed peace time mission. The public announcement by Secretary of the Navy, Forrestal made it all appear to be a routine project. Yet, once the armada steamed into the Antarctic Ocean and divided into 3 groups, a series of tragedies soon began to happen.

Divided forces

One surface group was tasked with mapping the vast shoreline of the Antarctic continent. Another group was ordered to fly aerial reconnaissance over the interior and mountain ranges, while a third set up camps and facilities on the edge of a bay that was named “Little America”. The activity was intense for such a short time as 220 flight hours were logged and 70,000 miles of vehicle, surface vessel, and flight were undertaken. For being a peacetime mission one might surely ask just why some 5,000 troops were deployed with Admiral Byrd’s flotilla? Heavily armed with deck guns, fighter aircraft, submarines, and destroyers surely some type of perceived threat was anticipated.

Disasters strike

Within days the first of a continuing string of tragedies began to take place. One seaplane caught on fire in midflight torching one crewman to death while still strapped to his seat while the other crewman simply bailed out without even a parachute! Luckily as the plane was seen to crash he landed in snow deep enough to cushion his fall and save his life! In another incident several men aboard a sea tender, a small ship designed to handle rough seas and deliver men and material from one cruiser to another vessel capsized and sank requiring a rescue attempt. The frigid waters can cause hypothermia and stroke within minutes, but the seas were supposedly relatively calm at the time of the sinking.

Combat or what?

Men thrown overboard, crash landings, weapons on deck being fired, it all began to read like after battle action reports rather than routine operation logs. According to one witness who after being debriefed was visited by “Men in Black” when he made reference to UFO’s Admiral Byrd’s task force was being rocked by disc shaped aerial assault craft that out maneuvered his air cover. The recorded red tape seemed more like sanitized casualty reports than typical peace time accidents that were causing a large number of casualties! This was definitely not ending up like any fact finding mission! After 8 weeks Operational Task Force Commander, Admiral Cruzan insisted that Admiral Byrd abandon “Operation High Jump” due to high losses.

Who awaited?

Richard Byrd had been a leading authority on polar flight, expedition of the poles, and a pioneer of science. His legendary reputation apparently did not intimidate whoever or whatever his task force encountered at the Antarctic Continent in 1946. Something seemed terribly amiss. Rumors of the tragedies soon began to surface once Byrd’s battered armada had returned. One obscure naval personnel by the last name of Bender began leaking some of the details to discrete sources. He alleged being interrogated by agents from some unknown government entity which caused him considerable anxiety.

On the carpet

When Admiral Richard Byrd appeared before Congress he was questioned by a panel anxious to know what had happened and what the findings of his task force command had been. Byrd admitted they had detected large reserves of coal and other minerals that seemed in endless supply. However, something disturbing happened as the Admiral was being debriefed. US Navy Admiral Byrd informed Congress that some type of advanced aerial disks were operating there, perhaps from an opening into an underground facility. He was adamant about getting the approval to return to Antarctica armed with Atomic bombs to obliterate an enemy there. He revealed that the airborne crafts they flew were capable of traversing the entire globe in hours and delivering attacks against the northern and southern hemispheres with superior speeds. Byrd seemed shaken after admitting this to the Congressional panel. Despite his urgent insistence Congress did nothing.

Untimely consequences

It is interesting to note that in the years to follow Admiral Byrd was relieved of any significant duties. He would no longer be overseeing major operations until 1957 when he passed away. James Forrestal, Secretary of Defense by 1949 is said to have committed suicide when jumping through a window while at Bethesda Naval Hospital falling to his death. There was news that in 1947 after the Roswell Incident according to John A. Keel in his book “Operation Trojan Horse” that Forrestal had suffered a nervous breakdown officially, while insider information revealed Forrestal had been running through the White House screaming, “We’re being invaded by flying saucers!” Scholars of alternate history believe that Forrestal was not just being treated but held there to maintain secrecy. Further investigation of Forrestal’s room showed it would have been impossible for him to simply take a running leap at the small window and break through. He had to have been carried and flung out! But, of course, this is the unofficial version of events.


With the magnetic pole shifting, possible deep underground chambers below the mountainous Antarctic terrain, and a newly discovered huge underground fresh water lake with life forms that have not been cataloged as far as anyone knows, this region surely qualifies as one of the “Devil’s Triangles”.  

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