As scandal-hit Sepp Blatter wins another four years as FIFA President, below is a list of his circle of power of this controversial president, and the key figures facing allegations of corruption.

Sepp Blatter's circle of power.
If you notice the language being bantered about by the various members of Theif-a, you'll hear them say it's "Brotherly Help", - " assistance for a brother" - so therefore can take it they are referring to the Brotherhood?   Even though many Masonic Lodges will invite and welcome overseas visitors from other hoods' around the globe and that in the world of sport, business and politics and no matter how strong the "brotherly love" bond may be - there's always that sense of rivalry, competition and fair game, - that's often far from it. 

Sepp Blatter FIFA congress (reuters)


On the 1st June 2014 - The Sunday Times reported that Mr Bin Hammam paid more than $5m to officials linked to sport's governing body to get support for the country to host the World Cup in 2022.

The newspaper said it had obtained hundreds of millions of emails and other documents that allegedly reveal how Mohamed bin Hammam used slush funds to make payments to create a "groundswell" of support for the bid.

Mr Bin Hammam also allegedly helped to block a vote that would have awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar's rival Australia, and that would have awarded the 2018 tournament to England instead of Russia, said the paper.  

Now the truth of this recent scandal is still yet to come - but the fact is that members of Theif-a have time and time again been caught out fiddling and taking all sorts of bribes.  Stiff jail sentences - when caught and like now - is the only way to deal with this gang of theif'a's!  The same applies to our corrupt politicians and bankers, no fines, slaps on wrists or named and shamed only - but severe jail sentences instead.  

This was first written and published in 2011; Following an historic meeting by a group of Freemasons in 1863, the foundation of the Football Association was established, and moreover, the game’s original set of common rules were agreed to, however, one club represented at the Freemasons Tavern, Blackheath, where this meeting took place, – refused to accept the non-inclusion of hacking [kicking below the knee] and subsequently became a founder of the Rugby Football Union.[1]  Following the BBC’s Panorama programme aired on the 29th November 2010, exposing yet again ‘how rife corruption’ is among the board of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association [FIFA], [2] executive members. – The following day, England’s bid team chief executive Andy Anson, was asked by the media; “Does he think that the ‘Panorama’ programme’s revelations about FIFA, will have harmed England’s chances in their 2018 World Cup bid?”  When Anson replied, “Well, like any other ‘brotherhood’, when you hurt one member, you hurt them all, they all feel it and stand up for each other…”

     Anson’s slip of the tongue, seems to suggest he knows FIFA as a ‘brotherhood’, as opposed to saying like any group, company or organisation, – and no doubt Anson himself is a Freemason, because many of them are within the world of sport.

Sepp Blatter: 13 controversial years at the top
1998 Blatter wins the top job after a bitterly contested election against favourite Lennart Johansson
1999 Blatter tries to suppress David Yallop's book How They Stole the Game, which alleged that 20 leading figures in world football accepted $1m in b... from a Middle Eastern state to 'fix'Blatter’s election as FIFA president.
2002 Farah Addo, Vice President of the African Football Confederation (CAF) claims he was offered $100,000 to vote for Blatter's election as Pr.... Although he claims he refused the bribe, Addo alleged that: "Eighteen African voters accepted bribes to vote for Blatter".
2002 FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen submits a 30-page "bombshell" detailing alleged malpractices; claiming Blatter’s 1998 victory was based on bribery and corruption and accusing Blatter of mismanaging FIFA’s finances.
2002 Eleven members of FIFA's executive committee drop a criminal complaint against Blatter which alleged the misuse of funds.
2004 Blatter chided for suggesting women players should wear tighter shorts. "Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball," he said. "They could, for example, have tighter shorts.
2007 Blatter is re-elected unopposed for another four years, backed by 66 of 207 FIFA members.
2010 Blatter cuts an unofficial deal with UEFA head Michel Platini to ensure that the 2018 World Cup goes to Europe; and leave other would-be hosts to battle for the 2022 tournament.

2011 Ethics committee clears Blatter of turning a blind eye to the alleged bribing scandal.

The twenty-two member FIFA Executive Committee convened in Zürich on 2nd December 2010 to vote for the next host for the 2018 event, – and Russia won the right to do so.  On the 6th December 2010, Mr Anson accused FIFA of operating a secretive ballot, and that only 22 of FIFA’s 208 national football associations were included in the ballot, and the voting pattern of individual delegates was kept secret.

Another thing the Panorama programme revealed, – was that FIFA employs a security company called Delta Security, their guards wear black jackets, with a pyramid symbol on the back, with the name Delta in the middle of it.  It’s been alleged this is the same security company who have links to employing foot hooligans as guards, and that they are in such countries like South Africa and Ghana, working for companies such as Unilever. Columnist Ado Aidoo wrote an article for titled: Dogs of War.  Aidoo says: “This is an example of how these security guards act foolishly in Ghana.  On the 17th March 2005, Kojo Lokko, a farmer who is also one of the oil palm out growers at Adum-Banso [village] was returning from his farm with palm fruits when Delta Security guards who claimed he had stolen them from the Unilever-owned Banso Oil Palm Plantation arrested him.  Thereafter, the guards started kicking Lokko for stealing, after which they called for additional six security guards with three wild dogs.  Upon arrival, the guards then set the wild dogs on Lokko leading to serious multiple injuries.” [3]

England spent £15m on its 2018 World Cup bid, but attracted just two votes, and more important, what was the £15 million spent on?  And even more important than that, and if it’s any consolation, the British tax payer has saved millions of pounds despite all the nonsense it would have made ‘us’ billions of pounds.  The only ones who would have made these so called billions, are the backhander brigade of Masonic building companies and contractors, – who would have been granted the guaranteed contracts to cause even more chaos with our motorways and roads in general, road-cones would have lined the length and width of Britain, – and after six weeks use, white-elephant abandoned stadiums would have blighted our landscapes.

Remember the Millennium Dome, as according to the UK National Audit Office, the total cost of The Dome at the time the New Millennium Experience Company went into liquidation in 2002, was £789 million, of which £628 million was covered by National Lottery grants and £189 million through sales of tickets, [4] when will we not learn, that the only people who got those millions, are those who built it, and I wonder who that was, and what lodge they come from?

The only independent non-Masonic people to have made any excess money out of the visitors to the games, would have been the fish and chips shops, kebab houses, burger bars, curry houses and pubs within the vicinity of the matches, apart from that, not much money would have been created that would have put food on the table of your ordinary working class people, as labourers used on these grand schemes, are on minimum wages and more likely ‘illegal’ immigrants, than that of local people.  And if you want proof of that, go over to the canteens where there still building the Olympic site in Hackney’s East end of London, I have several friends currently working over there, and who have confirmed that’s been the case since the conception of the site.

And let’s not forget the International Olympic Committee [IOC], whom are also no doubt made up of Freemason’s, and when on the 12th December 1998, 80 year old Swiss lawyer Marc Hodler and a long term member of the IOC, told of the corruption in the within the IOC, who forbid him to express his views immediately.  When he told of members who were bought over for their vote for the cities Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney and Salt Lake City in African, members were bought by giving members of their family studentship and medical help, and payments of around $500,000 dollars to a middleman, and then if the city won, than the city had to pay the middleman 3 to 5 million dollars more! [5]

Trapped In a Masonic World - Also available for FREE on-line - Download to date 300,000+ copies though only in PDF format that doesn't read too well in Kindle and other handheld devices.

Warning - Adult Content Only - 18+ Only. Trapped in a Masonic World took the author over three years to research and write the approximate 360,000 words in this thought provoking mega sized book; that’s quite possibly to be ranked among one of the most controversial and disturbing books ever to be written on the subject Freemasonry, Religion and the Occult as you have to bear in mind it’s all true and not a case of fiction. Many major publishers refused to publish the book on the grounds that it could be detrimental to their business, a statement that seems to reflect how provocative this book really is. 

Composed in a most unorthodox manner and colourful of language - on a vast array of topical subjects that it’s almost guaranteed to make the reader wince in dismay and revulsion, roar with the occasional uncomfortably laughter, whilst feeling rather angry and nauseous in the same process. - It should equally toy with your emotions whilst most probably evoking sentiments of such outrage and annoyance that you could find yourself being tempted to throw the book halfway across the room. However, remember in its present format it’s an eBook - so be careful with your laptop, tablet or Kindle device! 

The book is not intended to be a definitive or authoritative guide to the world of Freemasonry, religion, the occult, secret societies, fraternities and other oath-swearing groups or similar organisations that may-well follow a “Luciferian path”, have Wiccan beliefs or are into the occult in general, though the author does their best to extensively cover all these matters and topics. 

They wish for the reader to sit well back and enjoy this most disturbing of reads of how far and wide the tentacles of the Freemasons truly are spread all around the globe and why you’ll find an ‘Obelisk’ in every major capital in the world and perhaps even in your local village or town. 

They hope they have been able to have achieved highlighting the fact and showing you how prevalent and vast the Masonic network of secret societies really are alongside its kindergarten Alpha, Delta, Kappa Greek-system of collegiate fraternal organisations together with the various business or social clubs such a Rotary, Dining Clubs, Gentleman Clubs and other kinds of fraternities and sororities that quite often have their own secret initiation ceremonies involving oath swearing rituals and with a pledge system in place. - Whereas the initiate swears under oath - total allegiance to the fraternity and before all other obligations and vows to keep to this such pledge and until the day he or she dies. The author questions; what really takes place in Congress, USA and the House of Parliament in the UK, where they have for their own convenience Masonic Lodges such as the Welcome Lodge, that are situated in the heart of government. So on public display we see the so called political parties in “opposition” to one-another, yet the majority of all politicians are Freemasons as well which clearly doesn’t bode well if these same politicians have to swear under oath - total allegiance to the fraternity and before all other obligations - is why the author sees all non-Mason’s; being trapped in a Masonic world. 

The initiate Freemason takes a series of blood-oaths and promises not to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry that he will then learn that; “Upon having his throat cut from ear to ear” if he dare reveals the secrets of the Brotherhood. Blood-oaths such as this are sworn upon entering the 1st [Entered Apprentice] and 2nd [Fellow Craft] Degrees respectively. The higher the degree the more gruesome the oaths can be. It’s following the swearing of such blood-oaths and making such pledges that these sorts of Frat-heads do that they in-turn then become appointed “Common Purpose” kind of people and form part of the internal structures of all our central and local governments in general and worldwide. 

[1] “ – From 1863 to the Present Day.” a href="">>;.

[2] a href="">>;.

[3] a href="">;.

[4] “Greenwich: Millennium Dome flagship building.” 

[5] “the Corruption-scandal.” a href="">>;.

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