Three World Wars - July 2014 Centenary of WWI

Everyone else outside the world of the elite ruling families are fair game and cannon fodder and there are millions of indoctrinated folk willing to fight to the death and unwittingly for these elite families whom always remain extremely wealthy and with “one lot” of “them” in power and until another world war is decided to be put into action.  And when it is, it's by the same ruling elites and normally following a major worldwide recession with millions of unemployed and low waged workers - ready to explode and storm their places of government and exactly what we are seeing in various parts of the world today.

In 1919, Australian Will Dyson created the above eerily accurate cartoon. “Curious, I seem to hear a child weeping,” was said by the French Prime Minister, Georges Clemenceau (nicknamed ‘the tiger’) as he exits the Treaty of Versailles meetings with the other Allied heads of state. That child is the image of a future member of the “1940 working class."   It was the alleged inability of the formerly warring nations to create true peace that would lead to WWII. The time between the end of the first and the beginning of the second was precisely one generation. Just time enough for those children born out of one war to be old enough to fight in the second. “Future Cannon Fodder,” in Dyson’s words and now it's the turn of the child of the 1990s and beyond.

Iran Exposes ISIS Supported by US, Israel and KSA..

"If you're not careful, the newspapers and media will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X, and probably why they killed him.

By creating wars and putting us all out to kill one another - widens the divide - culls a few million and peace can once be restored - for us to then crazily and ironically celebrate and memorialise such occasions despite the very same leaders and elite families standing shoulder to shoulder with the “people” of “their nation” on these such days, - when it was “them” who was the cause to all our ancestors deaths that could have been prevented time and again and that's why we now know these wars are deliberately contrived and years before they actually take place.

It’s further been recently claimed ISIS “terrorists” have taken the Northern part of Iraq threatening to unleash an all out attack and sectarian war without regard to international borders. It’s said the U.S. and UK are now trying to broker a deal with Iran and the media has reported this as so when Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of the general staff of Iran's armed forces, told reporters on the 18th June 2014 that Iran will never cooperate with the U.S. and mainly because ISIS was created by the U.S and Israel. He claims the attacks in North Iraq is in reaction to Bashar al-Assad’s recent victory in the presidential elections in Syria. It’s reported that ISIS is directly funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [KSA].

The Illuminati are behind ISIS - a subliminal message within the constant bombardment ISIS is being sent out around the globe.  False flags and "terrorist" attacks will once again be concocted like 9/11, London's 7/7 bombings, Boston Bombing and the Woolwich farce of the alleged killing of drummer boy Lee Rigby - we will get news reports and newsflashes telling us the we are in a 'state of alert' and the risk of 'terrorists attacks' high - and then no doubt such an incident will occur that will then justify even more draconian measures that is to do more with control over us than opposed to any terrorists threat and especially when we know who is really behind all this propaganda and the attacks in general.  

ISIS [ISIL - Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant ] & Al Qaeda- al-Qa’ida are basically one of the same and just covering another region in the middle-east. It’s been alleged and widely believed and since proven by some journalists with credible documentation that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - aka the KSA are the main backers to these type of terrorist groups.

In Syria & Iraq ISIS is funded by the KSA elite families whilst the Syrian Opposition is funded by the Syrian Regime elite families and their Intelligence agencies and who banned the Muslim Brotherhood decades ago and like all wars it’s to do with keeping power and control.
In Iran ISIS is funded by the KSA, whilst at the same time the Iranian elite families are funding their opposition parties.
In Israel ISIS is funded by Hamas as ISIS is part of that same party.
In Egypt ISIS is funded by Qatar & Turkey - whilst the Muslim Brotherhood is funded by the Syrian and Iranian elites families and regimes in opposition to Military Junta currently in control and those fight Assad‘s family and their elites.
The Al-Barhamiya Salafi movement - Madkhalis of Egypt, ISIS is funded so as they can spread Shiism there.
Jabhat Al-Nusra - ISIS has been infiltrated and funded by Iraq’s Baath Party that executed and banned the Muslim Brotherhood, whilst the Kuwaiti Shia elite families are in opposition to ISIS who is funded by the Sunni ruling elites in Kuwait.
In Turkey the ruling elites are in opposition to ISIS who are funded by the Erdogan government there.

Sroriya & Jamiya movement ISIS is said to be funded by whoever TBTB and their intelligence agencies wish to say they are and a bit like Al Qaeda.

"Jihadists" from the alleged Islamic terrorist group Isis are planning attacks on British soil, David Cameron has said on the 18 June 2014. He warned that the current crisis in Iraq must not be dismissed as a foreign problem because the same terrorists are planning to “attack us here at home in the United Kingdom”.  Again, all our world leaders who are just sock puppets for the elites and who fund them - are trying to justify our interfering in these regions by scaremongering the British public into and closer to a world war.


So basically we can see the formations of the chequered board being laid in place and with more pawns being strategically placed throughout these regions and further a field in other countries around the world, including Europe.

This July 2014 is the centenary of the end of WWI.

The schizophrenic mind of the 90%; okay, so you may think of brain-washing as some type of conspiracy theory claptrap - though little do you realise virtually all of us have been indoctrinated in some way or another. It’s done over time and since birth; childhood, cubs/scouts/navy cadets, T.A., schools, universities - TV, radio, films-DVDs - Hollywood and the media in general ease us all towards teaching us what memorial days are really all about. It’s how propaganda works and done constantly 24/7 and everyday of our lives we are told “our” version of events verses “their” version events - those in opposition - the enemy.

One minute the world is at peace - with the majority being made-up of the 90& - “working” classes; 9% - middle-classes and the elites make 1% and whom out of this majority no one wouldn’t dare wish to go to war to kill another innocent man, women or child who was basically in the very same or in a worst position than they’re themselves. Why would they? Basically we’re pacifists, well we’re born that way.

So that kind of psyche has to be broken though in such as subtle way that you don’t even know it has actually happened and truly believe many of your thoughts and opinions are “yours.” In many respects they're as we do think freely, though what most of us “think” about such as the various political issues and religious beliefs we may hold have been subliminally implanted there by everything that surrounds us and by those we’re in regular contact with throughout our lives. Most of what we first learn comes from our teachers, parents, family and friends; “Let’s play gangs or soldiers.” You need a divide n rule strategy and it’s done on numerous levels and with religion being the biggest divider of them all.

Though to condemn all religions is not the way to go, because after all many seek solace and find great comfort in their religions and faith so why should we detract them from something that works for them. Nor should we condemn such people as they should be free to believe in what they so wish, even if they are wrong as they are the ones who will never really find inner peace within themselves as living a permanent lie to yourself is in fact torture and for this reason many people are in a sense mentally disturbed as have permitted themselves to become deluded. Though to them they too must be right as there are millions who too "believe" in what they do, so where’s the problem?   Many people can't hack this life alone and need the help of others or should we say they think they do as many have been deliberately indoctrinated to feel that way, it's how you keep your recruits.  Take any cult at first they smother you with love - then set you to work - though woe be tide if you try to step out of the fold.

To break the natural pacifist within us, you need to get to the child with your “Pink-Blue” “Princes & Princesses” - Kings = the haves and have not’s. You need to create “dreams” for the billions of us on the planet and why the vast majority of the working classes have unrealistic outlooks, ambitions and dreams and even though most women know they’re never going meet a "Prince" to marry, the psychological seed has been planted and deep down in her inner confused emotional mind she must be a "failure" or unlucky in life. The same applies to boys, their dreams of becoming a pop-star, footballer or sports celebrity is so unreal they have more chance in getting struck down by lighting - but when you see the professionals playing on TV - “their” dreams have been achieved - so why can’t yours? - It can of course happen but as long as you realise you have about the same chance as winning the lottery as there are millions like you all sharing the same dream, so a lot of people are wasting so much time, energy and money whilst being distracted as to what's "really" happening around them and perhaps what they should be equally interested in. Think of all the billions of dollars spent on merchandising and products that are sold in the lifetimes of children, teenagers and adults whilst making that 9% and 1% even richer in the process.

This is why when they’re not busy erecting obelisks they’re building and installing monuments and creating “idols” and “hero’s” so as we “never forget” and no matter how unjust and barbaric it was what we’re being asked to remember or heinous the idol may turnout to be, we still unquestionably go along with whatever it is “they” want “us” to do and believe in.

Everything is set-up and designed to manipulate our entire lives and carried out over centuries - each decade and year has it’s annual memorial days, pageants, bank holidays and social events that work like clockwork - such as every four years there is a World Cup series or Olympic event that again works on multiple of levels. It makes all those involved very wealthy as a result and why corruption is always rife and multiple millions of dollars are siphoned-off each and every time a country is unfortunately awarded such a “privilege” to host such an event, as it’s the tax-payers who ultimately kick and foot the bill. Take Brazil, today June 2104 and where hundreds of thousands of working-class people have been protesting other the last year or so and to the build-up of the world cup series - as yet again it has been disclosed that mass corruption has taken place and the money spent is a total waste of money whilst there is so many millions of people still living in poverty and unemployment is so high.

Though “they” know nothing can currently stop these type of mass-frauds and corruption taking place in brotherhoods such as FIFA - as they’re there to help the elites to distract the world by these subliminal hypnotic events that coincide at the very same time “they” wish do whatever else it is they really want to do to get achieved and why you’ll often see conflicts arise, terrorist attacks or regime-change-revolutions taking place and other sorts of corrupt or bad news is often released at the same time and whilst these worldwide events are captivating the attentions of billions of us as they’re beamed across the globe and that then dominates the worlds media with all the front pages covering the story and that headlines every news-bulletin during those days.

Via these mass arenas and not unlike the Roman Colosseum in general, is how you help create and whip-up a frenzy and fervour to win and why jingoism is so rife in such stadiums made for the masses that no longer go to the church but religiously will attend their favourite-club matches.

Take “The Two Ronnie’s” sketch where you’ve the upper-class fellow in his topper, the middle-class chap in his bowler - standing next to the working class man with his flap-cap on and being sternly told to ‘keep in his place’ and why school fees were introduced and only a few of us will ever be successful enough to crawl out of the pit we are contained in, for they want you there.

The upper-classes don’t want the middle-classes taking over from them and the middle-classes don’t want the working-classes to take over them - so currently the world is built on a totally unjust pyramidal system that can only work and serve them right if the working-classes are always kept in the pit, - the pit of despair. That’s where religions come into play as they go along with the charade proudly displaying their books that are conveniently written in what resembles more like the hand of a lawyer than that of a religious scribe and where you can find the endorsement of “Kings” as being “Gods” right-hand men here on earth and who are the chosen ones to rule over us; done in almost an Dickensian way with it’s continuous references to “charity” and acceptance of your “Job’s lot in life and that there’s always someone else worse-off than you…” is the overall objective of this hierarchical pyramidal system that ultimately relies on silencing the objector with such obvious clichés that we all obviously know and that still has nothing to do with the “real” question we want answered; “Why is that only 1% of the population is so wealthy and getting richer - out of all the world resources that belong to all of us - and the divide between the “have’s and have-not’s” getting wider by the day?”

WWI and WWII effected everyone’s life who lived on the planet during these horrendous times. Millions of innocent people and on all sides butchered, bombed and obliterated each other. “People - fellow humans” all in the same boat and only have different beliefs because it’s whatever their “elites” want them to believe and where they so happen to be born. On the toss of a coin - you get the blue pill or the red. And because millions of lives were so wastefully sacrificed that effected every family in each respected country blighted by these wars and who lost either their husband, wife, father, mother, son/s, daughter/s, brother/s, sister/s, uncle/s, aunt/s, nephew’s, niece/s and cousin/s - that it goes without saying no wonder people feel such loss and even hatred yet not realising that it’s for all the wrong reasons. - And that despite of these annual memorial days dedicated to these types of wars - they never seem to blame or condone their “leaders” for getting them into these types of wars in the beginning. And what did your “leaders” do to those who perhaps refused orders and wouldn’t fight, shoot or kill? They executed them and shot by firing squad by their fellow comrades. It’s amazing what we will do to each other if taught and ordered that way.

And that’s how “they” really do it and from the barrel of a gun and why we have to understand why so many Americans do not wish to handover their guns. Hitler and Stalin done this to their own people by banning private ownership of guns. - This then prevented those who did not want to fight and go to war over someone else’s arguments and that knowing millions will unnecessarily be killed in yet another premeditated war by the elites, that they could no longer say “No” and defend themselves against the aggressor/s. “They” treat these types of wars no differently than a game of chess and where we the people are the pawns.

As in Albert Pike's - Three World Wars; each world war has been long planned for so as a sequence of pre-planned events can take place. Each world war that cost trillions in dollars to the worlds economies and follow on from a worldwide recession as after each recession that is so gigantic in size that it effects the worlds economies as a whole and when millions of people are made unemployed, cuts are made and austerity measures put into place is when the discontent starts to surface.
It’s then in these post-recession days that the 90% can see that despite them losing everything the 1% along with their gatekeepers of 9% are still living the high life and it’s not really altered their lives or standard of living whilst everyone else’s have been devastated and destroyed. This is when that discontent begins to arise among the worlds populations and they begin to rebel and vote for other “leaders” in protest though knowing and having no choice but to vote for a party that is also just representing the 1% and 9% and not the rest of society.


So the “people” know there has to be a change and the elites know that’s what the people want. Though instead of addressing the matter they create another world war that will wipe out the millions of voices of discontent in this human cull process. We don’t know it yet, but they sure do know of our real capabilities and that if man truly rose we would soon run these elite 1% families straight out of town! The "elites" are the type of people we refer to who can be seen in the above Strange "Rothschild Occult Party film.

In the early 1900s and prior to WWI, in Britain and like today in 2014 society sat uneasily one on top of the other. The majority of the population occupied the bottom stratum supplying the two million domestic servants who worked for a pittance to serve to the needs of the middle-classes and their elites and at a time when the majority of men on that stratum were Freemasons as well.

In 1910 and following the riots in Tonypandy, Wales, known as the “Rhondda Riots”, Freemason Winston Churchill, then the Home Secretary, sent in the troops to sort them out. The British government sent the British Army to kill its own people if the case need be. More betraying, the British Army and fellow members of the public - though in the capacity of a conscript soldier - agreed to go.

The conflict arose when the Naval Colliery Company at the Ely Pit in Penvgraig claimed that the miners were not working fast enough. Though this can’t be the true reason as they just wanted to keep the pay as low as they possibly could - as the Welsh miners were paid less than half a crown for a ton coal they had mined. And since the miners were paid by the ton of coal removed and not by the hours they worked, - it wasn’t to their advantage to work more slowly. Then because of this reason on 1 September 1910, the owners closed the site to all 1020 miners, - who in turn reacted by going on strike.

Although no authentic record exists of casualties, due to many miners refusing treatment, from fear of being prosecuted for their part in the riots, nearly 80 police and over 500 citizens were injured. One miner, Samuel Rhys, died of head injuries, said to have been inflicted by a policeman's baton. How times don’t change for look how many others have been beaten by police batons and even killed this way.  Authorities had reinforced the small village and town with 400 policemen and a company of the Lancashire Fusiliers, billeted at Llwynypia, and the squadron of the 18th Hussars.

Such was the strength of feeling and hatred towards Churchill, that almost forty years later when speaking in Cardiff during the General Election campaign of 1950, he was forced to address the issue and say anything he could to get the vote; "When I was Home Secretary in 1910, I had a great horror and fear of having to become responsible for the military firing on a crowd of rioters and strikers. Also, I was always in sympathy with the miners..." - Really?

The current “Yes of No” referendum in Scotland as to whether they should stay part of the UK or seek independence is further proof that despite the brothers of Freemasonry sharing and serving the same Craft there has always been a divide. If anything, Scotland is the first and real place where Freemasonry first made it’s impression with the earliest recorded Lodge records found in Scotland date from 1598. The UGLE was technically founded in 1717 - that according to them Freemasonry in England didn’t really exist prior that period. Though this isn’t exactly true and perhaps their real desire to steer clear from these times political times of pre 18th century England, was because basically there was a fight for the English Throne. In 1715 the Scots had supported James VIII of Scotland’s attempt to capture the English crown from the Hanoverian Line.  George I ascended to the throne in 1714 and then English Freemasonry formed the first Grand Lodge (not the UGLE) to cut all ties with Scottish Freemasonry.  If they didn‘t then they could have faced treason charges from King George I.

The written records of the Lodge are much bound up with the Crown and Court as
befits the Lodge of the capital city. The first Masters of the Lodge were also the Master Masons to the Crown, and it is interesting to note that among the first Masters John Mylne, was Master Mason to James III, being appointed in 1481. His sons followed the Craft also Alexander, the elder, a noted priest, ambassador and judge, became Master Mason to James V. Robert, the younger, became Provost of Dundee and built part of and repaired the King`s Palaces of Falkland, Stirling and Linlithgow.  Robert`s son John was Master Mason to Mary Queen of Scots, and in the years 1573-4 he repaired and built the arches of the bridge over the Tay at Perth. He in turn was succeeded by his son, John, as Master Mason to King James VI of Scotland. The King was "entered Freemason and Fellowcraft of the Lodge of Scoon".
Despite denials to this day, in my eyes there’s no doubt that James I of England was also a Freemason.

In 1914 the then Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, also a Freemason, stood at the window of his office on the eve of Britain’s declaration of war. He looked out at Ra as it was setting over St James’s Park and the lights coming on in The Mall and remarked to a fellow brother; “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”  

The total number of military and civilian casualties in WWI was over 37 million, whom millions more due to their injuries died soon afterwards. There were a staggering 16+ million deaths and over 20 million people seriously wounded ranking it among the deadliest human culls in man's history - though it wouldn't be long before this record was broken.

The years leading up to WWII in 1939 were again once tumultuous times as the Great Depression had started in 1929 leaving much of the world unemployed and on the poverty line. Then became the growth of Nationalism as it swept through Germany. They were outraged by those who were previously in power - for signing up to the punitive measures of the Versailles Treaty as it was this that ended WWI.

[And a bit like what our governments have done in Europe, handing over full control to the UN and EU that as a result our nations are again in recession and with much far worse punitive measures of austerity than there has ever been before.]

China and the Empire of Japan had been at war since Japanese troops invaded Manchuria in 1931, and today in 2014 we can again see the same sabre rattling going on between these countries and again all over a territorial dispute. The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate Asia and the Pacific and was already at war with the Republic of China in 1937,

It’s said that the elites in Germany, Italy, and Japan were testing the newly founded League of Nations (LoN) now the UN - with multiple invasions and occupations of nearby countries and that they felt as if they could do almost anything when they encountered no meaningful resistance or consequences by the LoN - which after all is just a front for the elites. Places like the EU and UN are front organisations which are there to simply serve the elites so as they can rule the world and with a “legitimate” air to it as they select and elect whoever they want to be placed there and with their legal courts and barristers we are all falsely convinced the world is run in a legitimate and fair manner. When in fact these places are run by the very same type of gangs and who are members of the same secret societies as that of FIFA - aka Theif-a.

You really cannot trust anyone around you telling you something else as it’s pure propaganda - that if it’s not coming from one “elite“ group of families that you’ll be fighting for then it’s the other lot of elite families and who have long decided to go into battle during these decadal events and wars and when lots are drawn as to who is going to be the head of whatever country and so as they can start putting Albert Pike’s Three World Wars into fruition.

We can see this same type of thing going on all over the world and being funded by the very same elites who have always run our world - as these types of invasions that are cleverly planned and sponsored; such as what’s recently happened in Ukraine and of course Iraq, Afghanistan - and with Libya already fallen. The same applies to Egypt, though the military junta presently in control of the country have outraged the Muslim Brotherhood, so much so and with all the recent mock-trials and miscarriages of justice that has been meted out to thousands of demonstrators and numbers of journalists - and where in many case hundreds have been given life sentences. ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood share the same principles. The Masonic run “Governments of the West” prefer the Muslim Brotherhood to be in power and they were convinced that since toppling Morsi that was going to be the case. It wasn’t until the Muslm Brotherhood were “voted into power”, that signs they were imposing the introduction of Sharia Law - is what put the brakes of their temporary reign of power. And unlike how things are done in Scotland & England when it comes to a referendum, those such as Morsi, know all about the Muslim Brotherhood as does Assad and their links to the Freemasons as this is the real reason they're fighting “others” and from opposing “brotherhoods.” However, we have not heard the end of this and it’s very likely a civil war will take place in Egypt in an attempt to overthrow the current junta in control. Everywhere in the middle-east including Iran and parts of African is going to be embroiled in never ending wars and disputes, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan are all going to fall and be taken over.

When you bomb and completely raze whatever buildings you’ll typically find in a village, town or city - that was once designed, built and crafted by the masons, that isn't it charitable of them and absolutely marvellous as it gives employment to millions of people from all walks of life and following a human cull. It’s what they are crafted to do, erase what you don’t want and rebuild what you do.

Then there was the Spanish Civil War which broke-out in 1936, becoming the rehearsal of sorts for WWII. Germany and Italy supported the nationalist led by General Francisco Franco, and some 40,000 foreign nationals travelled to Spain to fight in what they saw as the larger war against fascism and exactly what we are seeing in Ukraine and Crimea and why now Russia is involved and again these are the first stepping stone towards and all out world war.

Just a few years before WWII, Germany started rapidly rearming themselves and signed a non-aggression treaty with the USSR and annexing Austria in the process. They then invaded Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, the USA ignored this and gave the impression they didn’t care as they were still in recession and with no cash to go to war - so passed several Neutrality Acts with Germany and let them get on with whatever they wanted and whilst carrying big business with them. It was the most widespread war in history, directly involving more than 100 million people from more than 30 different countries. In a state of total war the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind them erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. The strategic bombing of enemy industrial and/or peoples homes and the first use of nuclear weapons by us in combat, resulted in an estimated gob smacking 50 million to 85 million deaths [how they don’t know for the true figures and there’s a discrepancy of 35 million peoples deaths - is beyond my understanding and further proof we really are mere ants to “them.” These unnecessary deaths - as there is no need for war - made WWII the most deadliest of human culls in mans shameful history.

WWIII - The world is still reeling from the worldwide economic crash of 2009, with yet again trillions of dollars stolen directly from us. Though unlike pre WWI and WWII there was no internet, our ancestors were no way as clued-up as to what’s really going on around them as what we are. Even then it’s only in recent years and say no later than the 1980’s that people started to wake-up as to what corruption was taken place in their countries. We know the 60’s was responsible for the Peace and Flower Power movements - though it was mainly the middle-classes who truly understood the politics and what perhaps was going on in the world. Whereas the working classes have relied on their radio, TV or newspapers on telling them how things are in the world - and what an opportunity to subliminally brain wash them with whatever propaganda you could dream up and wish for.

What we are seeing in the Ukraine, and with rapid increase of the far-right is just once again a repeat, in-fact it’s text book stuff on; “How to start a world war from your own front room!” As what’s happening in the middle-east and Africa, which still has to kick-off and now in Crimea - can only end in tears. Normally, before a country will invade or attack another country - it needs a reason and if there isn’t enough people within the population which you’ll normally find is the majority - supporting such an attack or invasion then you have to create a reason. This is where the “terrorist” comes in and who are trained, funded and then used in those countries they have their eye on to “invade” and so as they can have a regime change and the conglomerates can set about building their foundations and financial institutions etc.

Prior to the recent coup d'état in Ukraine there was much corruption going within the corrupt government and that billions if not trillions of hryvnia have since been robbed. For sure it’s the “West” /U.N. who has it’s eye on former or related Soviet States and since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Though perhaps if the people of Ukraine understood and realised what we also didn’t what when we signed up to the EU Treaty in the 1970s and why the public in the UK demand an “In” or “Out” referendum at the least, for if they did then perhaps they wouldn’t be so hasty to join the EU themselves. As all it’s going to lead to - more austerity measures for them as well whilst the banks take over their lives and now they too will be forever in debt and paying the bills just in order to survive. What will the gas supply be like this winter?

There were snipers on the rooftops of Kiev - though we've seen it all before - in Iraq, Afghanistan,Tunisia and Egypt - then Syria and now Ukraine!  Like in Tunisia the worlds media either lied or totally ignored the fact that snipers were [are] being used in all these so called "Peoples Uprisings";

     Reuters News Agency reported: [3] ‘Snipers took to rooftops near the Interior Ministry and central bank Sunday and started shooting at soldiers on the ground’.  ‘A helicopter gunship strafed their hideout with bullets, killing two men.  Earlier, the opposition PDP party said police and military had stopped a carload of armed men, and shots were fired outside its headquarters.  Police said two of the suspects caught after chasing them into apartment buildings had ‘Swedish passports’, and they also arrested a Tunisian.  ‘Police detained four people carrying ‘German passports’ over the same incident, state TV said, quoting a security source [3]. 

     In another separate report also from Reuters News agency it stated: ‘...a vigilante mob assaulted a group of 13 Swedish “hunters” in Tunis on Sunday, after as the men appeared as foreign mercenaries.  “We arrived about 10 days ago in Tunisia to hunt boars,” one of the hunters, Ove Oberg, told Agence France-Presse [3a].  His group was heading to the airport when their taxis were stopped at a checkpoint. “They searched the vehicles,” he explained. “They found our rifles, and everything degenerated.  They dragged us out of the cars..., - ...we were kicked and beaten [3b]”.  [3c] is a video link showing this incident].  Full story:

     There have been many conflicting reports in regards to how long these band of men had been in the country for, and I suppose the best person to confirm this and believe is one of those actual alleged hunters themselves as in this case; Ove Oberg who verified they; “...arrived about 10 days ago”.  So why is it many other reports actually state it was a week ago when they arrived?

     Reuters News agency reported that Inger Eckhardt, a spokesman for the Swedish company that had arranged the hunting trip, told Swedish radio that the hunters had arrived in Tunisia a week ago when the situation was less tense 

What finer time to invoke a revolution within Ukraine than within the run-up to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  A spectacular venue that not only showed the world how civilised and cultured Russia really is, it also displayed how advanced it is - in their infrastructure and technology.  Yet those naughty little buggers who tried to debase the games with whatever trivia they could - may have bitten off more than they wish to chew - wanting to entice yet another war - anywhere “they” can in the world; though it’s one thing kicking the butts of the likes of Hussein, Gaddafi or Bin Ladin [twice in his case!] and other despot leaders, but to try and treat Putin this very same type of way - is of course an insult - and much more dangerous. Source:

What would you do in such a situation?  What if an uprising took place in London and the Houses of Parliament was overthrown with the people calling on Cameron and Cleggs’ resignation.  They wouldn’t give up their seats in power, arguing that democracy and the rule of law must prevail.  Despite in their own cases they were not actually being voted in by the British people in the first place!   Then say that due to their refusal to resign - they too had to flee the UK shores and seek sanctuary elsewhere.   They would being doing the very same thing as Yanukovych and pleading to the UN/USA for help and assistance; stating they had to flee for their lives - as film footage proved to be the case of other officials in Kiev and other parts of the Ukraine.    

Surely Putin would say; this is a matter of the pot calling the kettle black; for how would the USA handle such as situation?  Imagine there is a state/region where around 50%-60% of the population was made-up of Americans, - like that in Crimea though in this case they’re made-up of Russians. 

Then say one of the states in the USA wanted “independence.” Do you think they would even permit it?  Though that’s what actually happened to Ukraine and Russia allowed this when parts of the old USSR broke-up.   Though imagine that the USA did the same and that sometime later there was a power struggle within that “independent” state, though this time its leaders sided with socialism and more like Russian principles and then the same type of violent situation arose like that in Ukraine.  Are we to believe that the Americans, British or in fact any other country sharing a border - would not being doing exactly what Russia is doing today. There would be tanks and SWAT teams descending on that state and before they had time to swallow a third Big Mac.  Remember the Cuban crisis and when the world nearly came to an end!  In fact it could be argued it’s legally acceptable that in both cases of Kiev and the Crimea - and where in the case of Kiev the legally elected but ousted president has directly asked Putin for help, as did the leaders of Crimea. - So what else do you expect the guy to do?   Yes we understand there are those opposed to this and some say it’s a revolution - but you can’t have it both ways.       

So our advice to “the West” is calm down and get off your high horses and let the people of these regions sort out their own business. But that is never going to happen, our leaders don't want that, so it's us the people who need to calm down and ignore all their lies and propaganda.

Yet here’s the worry to the Western leaders, for they know their own populations are ready to explode - with all the financial corruption taking place and the wealth-gap and divide growing by the day. - Tax evasion and avoidance by the conglomerates, thus those who run the world and see the untapped markets of the “East” and beyond is why “they” indirectly sponsor and pay for the modern-day Facebook uprisings, for companies like MacDonald’s, Tesco’s, G4 etc. want a “global marketplace” they can monopolies and dominate along with all the banks.  They will not be content until the world is blighted with umbrellas of shopping malls - in which all our towns are planned around and catered for in order to completely control us.   Many believe Russia is a new Russia and that its own people do not wish to return to the “Cold War” days or times of WWI and WWII.  Some see Russia still in the state of transition and that more political modernisation, transparency and fairness to the people will be more forthcoming than perhaps we can expect to find coming from the West, as they have not seemed to have changed their position or political stance since those mentioned last world wars - whereas Russia most certainly has.  
Why is it the “people” of the Ukraine want to in-debt themselves to the West whose sole interest is to establish their own conglomerates and banking system with rigged world interest rates - Libor - and for trillions of dollars that the Ukrainian people will owe the West and for many decades to come.  So who was the smart-cookie who convinced them that this was a good idea?  

It must be said what took place in Kiev was wrong, and that the USA and the West in general have no real business interfering in this situation.   It's outrageous what's happening in Ukraine and the West are trying their utmost to demonise Putin and the Russian people as a whole.  "We" the West are pushing Russia into a war and not the other way around.  

This is why Prime Minister David Cameron [the Labour leader Ed Milliband doesn't want to even hold one at all] doesn’t really want to hold a “in or out” referendum on Europe by the UK and why Scotland is seeking independence and who wish to remain in the EU.   The vast majority - the working classes in the UK would prefer to leave the UK, but sadly they don't vote, whereas the main middle-classes do and why "their" parties get elected.  The “Right to Roam” was almost hidden from the general public and when the country first joined the EU in the 1960’s.   Mass immigration is causing major problems and tension within the UK, as there are simply not enough jobs to cater for such an unaccounted and unknown true figure of immigrants coming into the country.  This has nothing to do with racism, which "they" try to create and fool us into believing - it’s purely a mathematical equation as the UK is an island with very limited employment opportunities that already has millions of unemployed or out of work people in general. The conglomerates such as BT, Virgin media and Google use overseas workers to deal with their customers orders and enquires, so again more workers are being laid off and this will continue in the coming years and decades.

It's all done on purpose and why I will bet any man that the world will be at war and within the next three years or before - with the year 2017 having a significant role in history.
More: Riots - Revolutions & Coalition Governments

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