Anonymous has called for a 2 month "Occupation", and we'd like to show Solidarity by proposing a Huge National/International Strike, to begin Oct 15th, for as long as it takes, to peacefully rid ourselves of this parasitic banking and military system that is holding us all, including our planet, hostage.

We can take action at the same time, all around the country and the world, by focusing on our local governments, city councils, sheriffs, etc. First we prepare ourselves with food, water, survival and protection gear, and spread the word. Then, "WE the PEOPLE" take UNITED ACTION ALL AROUND THE WORLD by totally withdrawing from the multinational corporate system that values profit over people. Oct 15th is a Saturday, which gives us the weekend to make sure our homes and families will be safe. Then Monday, Oct 17th, WE SHOW UP AT OUR LOCAL COUNTY SHERIFFS AND CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS, IN MASSIVE NUMBERS, DEMANDING ACCOUNTABLITY, THROUGH PEACEFUL UNITY. We assert our individual, local, state, and national sovereignty. We form committees of volunteers to oversee local jurisdiction is in line with Common Sense, Common Law, and assures each of us our God Given Rights.

Our future depends on action, and when enough of us participate, we will not be ignored. Imagine the power of a Strike, a week or longer, where we refuse to support the system in any way, withdrawing in order to organize locally and rebuild within our communities. We clean up the corruption within OUR towns, and reduce the powers of out of control Governments gone Wild one community at a time. We declare bankruptcy and start over, ALL of US get a clean slate. We utilize our greater numbers to demand an immediate end to foreign military occupations and actions, bringing all troops home to their countries to help with rebuilding. We demand an immediate end to geo-engineering, coporate "personhood", lobbyists, and profit over people. We work together to reclaim and heal our world, from within our individual towns, states, and countries, rebuilding from the inside out, because we realize that All of US are hostage to global government and a totally out of control military industrial complex. There is nothing for our descendants other than slavery and a destroyed planet if we do not act, and do so quickly. Every day that passes is another where the dominant criminal minority uses our labor and our money against us in their plans for their totalitarian new world order, which is fascim. We must capitalize on this momentum and UNITE.


The time for Freedom to passed down to us without our direct participation and sacrifice has passed.....It is time to rise to the occasion of becomming the Hero's of OUR OWN LIVES.


Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!







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