USAma Bin Laden died in December, 2001 of Marfan Syndrome

Usama Bin Laden died in 2001. He was the victim of a degenerative disease known as Marfan Syndrome. It is a particularly unpleasant way to die. How do we know he died of Marfan's? Well, let's take a look at some of the evidence.


All of us should remember the article spread far and wide by the Guardian:


Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The disclosures are known to come from French intelligence which is keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA, and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere.

Bin Laden is reported to have arrived in Dubai on July 4 from Quetta in Pakistan with his own personal doctor, nurse and four bodyguards, to be treated in the urology department. While there he was visited by several members of his family and Saudi personalities, and the CIA.

The CIA chief was seen in the lift, on his way to see Bin Laden, and later, it is alleged, boasted to friends about his contact. He was recalled to Washington soon afterwards.


Of course the hospital denied OBL was ever there. I mean, would you?


Well then, who is saying that UBL is dead then?

 Former CIA officer and hugely respected intelligence & foreign policy expert Robert Baer, who in 2008 when asked about Bin Laden by a radio host responded, “Of course he is dead.”

Fox News reported on December 26, 2001 that;

Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

Read more:,2933,41576,00.html#ixzz24tcXuoJJ

On January 18, 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced: “I think now, frankly, he is dead.”

- On July 17, 2002, the then-head of counterterrorism at the FBI, Dale Watson, told a conference of law enforcement officials that “I personally think he [Bin Laden] is probably not with us anymore.”

- In October 2002, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN that “I would come to believe that [Bin Laden] probably is dead.

- In 2003, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told Fox News Channel analyst Morton Kondracke she suspected Bush knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and was waiting for the most politically expedient moment to announce his capture.

- In November 2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama may have died in the Pakistani earthquake of October that year.

- In February 2007, Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program, stated that the purported video and audio tapes that were being released of Bin Laden were fake and that he was probably dead.

- On November 2, 2007, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto told Al-Jazeera’s David Frost that Omar Sheikh had killed Osama Bin Laden.

- In March 2009, former US foreign intelligence officer and professor of international relations at Boston University Angelo Codevilla stated: “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.”

- In May 2009, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari confirmed that his “counterparts in the American intelligence agencies” hadn’t heard anything from Bin Laden in seven years and confirmed “I don’t think he’s alive.”


AP Article, 4/26/02, by ROBERT BURNS
"We're hunting him down," he said. "We're tracking him down. He's hiding. We haven't heard hide nor hair of him for about, oh, since December, in terms of anything hard." Rumsfeld said.


Translation of Funeral Article in Egyptian Paper:
al-Wafd, Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Vol 15 No 4633

News of Bin Laden's Death
and Funeral 10 days ago

Islamabad -
A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa'da organization, stating that binLaden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa'da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban. In the farewell ceremony to his final rest guns were fired in the air. The official stated that it is difficult to pinpoint the burial location of bin Laden because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark is left by the grave. He stressed that it is unlikely that the American forces would ever uncover any traces of bin Laden.


Gary North quotes himself from one of his prior articles on the subject:

The story of bin Laden’s hospital stay was reported last week in Le Figaro. I cannot imagine a hotter story, yet U.S. newspapers are pretending that it’s not newsworthy — “not worth pursuing.” An Israeli Website has translated the full article from Le Figaro (Oct. 31). This should have been front-page news in every newspaper in America, the lead story on every network. But it doesn’t fit the official government version. The people therefore don’t have a right to know. Or, as we might put it, “All the news that fits.”

Arriving from the airport of Quetta, Pakistan, Osama bin laden was transferred upon arrival at Dubai airport. Accompanied by his personal doctor and faithful lieutenant, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahari (though on this latter, the testimony of the eyewitness was not formal), as well as by four body guards and an Algerian nurse, bin Laden was admitted to the American Hospital, a building of glass and marble situated between al-Garhoud Bridge and al-Maktoum bridge.

Each story of the hospital has two VIP suites and around 15 rooms. The millionaire Saudi was admitted to the renowned department of urology headed by Dr. Terry Callaway, an expert on kidney stones and male infertility. In the course of several telephone calls, Callaway did not wish to respond to our questions.

In March 2000 the weekly journal, Asia Week, published in Hong Kong, raised questions about bin Laden’s health, stating that he suffered from a serious physical problem and more precisely that he was in danger due to a kidney infection that had spread to the liver and required the care of a specialist. According to legitimate sources, bin Laden had delivered to a post in Kandahar a mobile dialysis machine sometime in the first part of 2000. According to our sources, “this trip for reasons of Bin Laden’s health” was not the first. Between 1996 and 1998, Osama bin Laden went to Dubai several times for health purposes. . . .

Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama bin Laden received visits from many family members and Saudi Arabian and emirate personalities of status. During this time, the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the elevator and going to bin Laden’s room. . . .


If the funeral took place 10 days before this article was published in al-Wafd and The Observer of Pakistan, this would put the death of Osama bin-Laden around the 16th or 17th of December 2001. Israeli intelligence officials also told reporters in October 2002 that they and United States officials believe that Osama bin-Laden had been killed in December 2001.

I followed Clark’s reference to the Israeli news report and found that the article is still online. The article — Israeli intelligence: Bin Laden is dead, heir has been chosen — claims that both Israeli and U.S. intelligence were aware that Osama bin Laden had died. From the article:

The Israeli sources said Israel and the United States assess that Bin Laden probably died in the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan in December. They said the emergence of new messages by Bin Laden are probably fabrications, Middle East Newsline reported.


This Pennington Press article quotes Steve R. Pieczenik at length. It is well worth reading. Here’s one of the most relevant excerpts from the article:

Pieczenik said that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” adding that the US government knew Bin Laden was dead before they invaded Afghanistan.

Marfan syndrome is a degenerative genetic disease for which there is no permanent cure. The illness severely shortens the life span of the sufferer.

“He died of marfan syndrome, Bush junior knew about it, the intelligence community knew about it,” said Pieczenik, noting how CIA physicians had visited Bin Laden in July 2001 at the American Hospital in Dubai.

“He was already very sick from marfan syndrome and he was already dying, so nobody had to kill him,” added Pieczenik, stating that Bin Laden died shortly after 9/11 in his Tora Bora cave complex.

This gives even more credence to the theory that Osama bin Laden died more than 9 years ago in the mountains of Afghanistan. If this is indeed true (and I believe it is), then why has the U.S. claimed for nearly 10 years that Osama is still alive? And why has the U.S. all of a sudden “found” Osama, killed him, and sunk his body to the bottom of the ocean just 12 hours after his death?


Even the US Govt. says the [December 27, 2001 video] was dismissed by the Bush administration ... as sick propaganda possibly designed to mask the fact the al-Qa'eda leader was already dead. "He could have made the video and then ordered that it be released in the event of his death," said one White House aide. Telegraph


Andy Rooney wrote an op-ed piece on November 21, 2002, titled “Andy believes Osama is dead.” In it, he makes an astute observation:

I don’t like being suspicious of my own government, but this is the most secretive government the United States has ever had. You have to consider what reasons our leaders might have for perpetuating the idea that bin Laden is alive. I suppose our “war on terror” would lose some of its urgency if the main object of our search were proved to be dead. That would be one reason for our government to continue saying bin Laden is alive.

I personally believe it was not only expedient to convince Americans that Osama bin Laden was still alive — it was also strategic. In fact, a February 11, 2002, article hints at this very purpose:

George Friedman, chairman of a global intelligence forecast service, STRATFOR, blamed U.S. military and political strategy for casting Bin Laden as “a critical element in psychological warfare” in the U.S. and abroad.

In other words, just as the fictional character of Emmanuel Goldstein was used to unite the citizens of Oceania against a common enemy, so Osama bin Laden has been used for military and political purposes inside the U.S.


Other Sources used for this article included:



Shouldn't this finally pentetrate even the brain dead that UBL was as real as Achmed the Dead Terrorist of Jeff Dunham fame.



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Comment by Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 on January 14, 2013 at 9:08pm

That was a brilliant observation Nathan !

Comment by Nathan A. Bauer on August 31, 2012 at 7:28pm

Even worse, now the Feds are threatening to come down "hard" on the fictitious Seal Team Six book author. Oldest trick in the book is try to make a story look real by threatening the author, just to get people to read it. Somehow I don't think it will work anymore. Nobody wanted to buy the book when it first came out, and won't now. Finally the people have wised up to the "Wise Guys".

Comment by EIEIO on August 31, 2012 at 6:17am

I do trust your info, Nathan. I have known for quite some time that bin Laden died in 2001 after his condition degenerated into kidney failure, and have been watching all the traitors in government using it in the re-ignition and extended operation of their filthy lucre war machine.

In clarification of the second part of my initial statement, I was musing whether the navy actually did a psyops burial of "something" at sea to provide the troops something they could "verify" because they saw it, or the burial idea was just continuation of the fictional story line.

God bless the souls of those navy seals and their families and friends.

Comment by Nathan A. Bauer on August 30, 2012 at 4:18am

Trust me when I say this to you EIEIO. There was no Bin Laden taken out by a Seals Team. Also note that most of that TEAM OF SEALS is now DEAD!

Comment by Nathan A. Bauer on August 30, 2012 at 3:22am

I must say that "GOP POOP FEST" has a definite ring to it! Apeman, tyvm for the insightful look into Hitlary's eyes and the shame she should feel, but is incapable of. I still have the video of her and Stan Lee rigging the DNC last election.

Comment by apeman2502 on August 30, 2012 at 2:02am

  This should be required reading for every voter. Imagine the decadent self indulgence of Hillary Clinton sucking up to the cameras in the White house briefing room where she LIED for 14 minutes straight about the U.S. Navy SEAL unit going to Pakistan to murder some poor guy and call him Osama bin Laden. The bitch is WHACK. My sincere apologies as an American to the people of Pakistan and other nations and people that our military has offended under false pretenses, with or without my direct participation. I really try.

Comment by EIEIO on August 29, 2012 at 11:58pm

You're welcome, Nathan, and thank you very much for sharing your research.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

LOL, Friday. I have now delightedly added "GOP poop fest" to my political lexicon.  And if I were to offer any stock advice, I would say buy lots of toilet paper because the SHTF is just beginning.

Comment by Nathan A. Bauer on August 29, 2012 at 10:38pm

Thank you EIEIO, it involved a lot of time and research by myself and so many more people. Bin Laden was a CIA asset before his death and remained one many years after his death. I tried to credit everyone with links. As for your assessment Friday, spot on. Old Andy was a pain, but was more right than wrong.

Thanks for the long read.

Comment by Friday Woodlans-Sprite on August 29, 2012 at 10:32pm

I agree with what Andy Rooney wrote in November 2002, "I don’t like being suspicious of my own government, but this is the most secretive government the United States has ever had."  For those stalwart champions of the DNC abominable asses or GOP porcine pachyderms who for nearly a decade,  since Andy Rooney's words still hear "terrorist attack" and do not cringe with disgust from from the deception perpetrated on we the people, it's time to wake up.

There has been plenty of time to research the truth.  Anyone who still believes the official myth from an illusion of comfort, is deceiving themselves with the belief that ignorance is bliss.

The shenanigans on the floor of the GOP poop fest prove what many of us who have been cringing about and bracing for from day one, ground zero, that there will come a time when the illusion that my vote will make a difference, will be flaunted in our collective faces, for the nation and the world to witness on broadcast television.

I had a hunch when Gore "lost," and when Kerry conceded, but for an all out riot by each and every delegate on that convention floor to remain unseen, is the defining moment that none of us matter to "them" and it matters not who they are anyway, they are all the same on both sides of the aisle and they are ALL "officially" selected elsewhere, and they don't care that we know.  They are thumbing their noses at us because they are not afraid of us at all.

These illusions surely must be fading for the sheeple, how can they not?  Are we really all sitting hear feeling powerless and defeated?  I hope not and I know I am not alone.

(feel free to share my assessment far and wide)


Comment by EIEIO on August 29, 2012 at 1:25am

This is the most exhaustive compilation of information available to the public I have seen on the death of bin Laden in 2001.

Makes me wonder if the "burial at sea" by the navy was of a collection of kitchen scraps frozen into the general shape of a human body and wrapped in a shroud, or if the "burial at sea" was just another fairy tale from the propaganda war machine.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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