VIRTUAL 9-11: Will Israel Hack The US Banking System & Falsely Blame It On Iran?

Netanyahu didn't get any traction at the UN today. Indeed his bomb chart has become an object of ridicule in the alternative media. By now he is throwing a huge tantrum. He wants his war and Netanyahu is a man used to always getting what he wants.

There are only three things Netanyahu can do now to get the war with Iran going before the Israeli elections next month.

The first is to simply go ahead and attack Iran, expecting that the United States will protect Israel from the counter-attack even if Israel struck the first blow.

The second option is a false-flag attack somewhere in the world to be blamed on Iran, but that is a very chancy option given the video of WIMEA lobbyist Clawson actually selling the idea that a false flag to start the war with Iran is a great idea.

The third and final option, and the one I am starting to think is the most likely, relates to the sudden flurry of media stories and statements by people like Joseph Lieberman about how Iranian hackers are attacking the US financial system computers. (Senator Lieberman has also been pressuring Obama to sign an executive order to take over the internet.) Of course, the common sense approach still applies. Why would Iran, which wishes to avoid a war, do something that provocative.


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Comment by JUST DEFIANCE on April 30, 2014 at 8:12pm

"The first is to simply go ahead and attack Iran, expecting that the United States will protect Israel from the counter-attack even if Israel struck the first blow."

Of course, Israel does use the US military as it's threat-strengthener, but it also has it own huge stock of nukes.

And, I suspect they still cling, though are coming to see how stupid they are for it, to their M.A.D., mutually assured destruction policy of post WW2 decades.

But Israel would have to finance a US-backed attack, and naturally, most Israelis and the rest of us would protest against any Israel-Iran war.

The US is broke, and another major conflict that far away, would only send the US further into the financial black hole.  So with all the bravado the US shouts at Russia, over the mess in the Ukraine, methinks the US, admin, dept defense, and the Pentagon honchos, are a lot tired and warned-off engaging in more of their specialist shit.

As the article points to, Netanyahu and his right wing head-bangers are the joke of the Mid-East now, and globally re the Mid East, and more and more embarrassed, resort to empty threats at anyone they see as not in-line with their zionism.

Of course, since his totally dumb 'bomb' drawing, the world has to ask about his, and the whole cabal's mental health.

This, might be one way of - dunno - 'shaming' perhaps, these 'lords of sick' into softening their ridiculous posturing and superiorist tendencies, while they are off getting proper, NOT zionist, psycho-analysis?

However, the glitch with that suggestion, is that the majority who vote for them, of all political persuasions, supporters, and financiers in-the-main, would or might be brought to ask the same of themselves?  And as Thinkers, Philosophers and we Humbles, know, asking megalomaniacs to check their egos, and mental stability is a very dangerous thing to do!

It is, nevertheless, a necessity..... all the way down the pipes of power, of course, also.


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