Did everyone get out there and beg for a biscuit?

"Please Mr. Way over the limit Government, could you steal a little less from me in the next few years? We're in for some tough financial times, could you not give it ALL to your corporate bandit pals on Wall Street?"

Think your voice counts? WAKE UP! Voting is the biggest scam of all. Isn't that why you're here? To find the truth? Then go out and find it, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. You want to find a way to change things? Then you go out and play a part in the funniest SHOW on earth? They laugh at you. They F*#%ing laugh at you!!!

That's not how we change things, that's just how we change the make and model of the car they'll run up our butts the next few years. Even many of those in the resistance seem to be unaware or duped by thinking that A) Elections are legitimate. B) Anything is going to change with just a little hope from me and a new guy at the helm. Really?

Why don't you just go get that guy at the carnival to guess your weight and let out a big "Goody, HOOray" when he gives you your treat. I'm not about to beg for the rights God gave me. When paper ballots are counted, the media is not used to sway the opinions of the herd and we get a choice (SElect not Elect) of folks that aren't professional executive gangsters, working for their corporate banker friends..., I'll do it.

They laugh, believe me.

Just sayin... What do you think? Let's get to the bottom of this right here, right now.


sheep taste like chicken
(*Then prove it wrong or pass it on.)

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