"We the Guerrillas"... how we will defeat the NWO!

During the "Apache Wars" of the 1860s and 1880s, the U.S. Army deployed up to 25 percent of their entire Western troop strength trying unsuccessfully to locate 33 Chiricahua Apache warriors in the Southwestern desserts of what was then still "Indian Territory". These invisible Apache fighters always knew their enemy’s location, strength, and direction of travel. The U.S. Army rarely possessed similar field intelligence. Legendary scouting skills allowed the Apache to 1) avoid direct confrontation with an enemy of superior numbers, and 2) wage an extended guerrilla campaign that kept the U.S. Army constantly on the defensive. 

Springing from the historic scouting skills of the Chiricahua Apache, onPoint Tactical’s Scout curriculum is designed to teach students the essentials of covert movement, reconnaissance, wilderness survival and critical scouting skills. Daily training consists of in-depth personalized instruction, hands-on skill development, and extensive practice to reinforce skill individual sets. Night scenarios are also included in Scout coursework to simulate real world scouting scenarios. Some of the many skills that students will develop throughout On Point’s Scout curriculum include: 
  • Individual covert movement
  • Team covert movement
  • Natural camouflage
  • Sensory awareness
  • Reconnaissance and observation skills
  • Scout survival (wilderness survival while covert and mobile)
  • Counter and anti-tracking
  • Sniper field craft
  • Human traps
  • Ambush setup and avoiding enemy ambush


When pursuing the real life outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the late 1890s, Pinkerton National Detective Agency employees Charlie Siringo and Joe Lefors contracted the advanced tracking skills of native American experts to hunt down the infamous "Hole in the Wall" gang. 

Lefor’s trackers could follow man or horse over slick rock and through water, both day and night. Tracking was a way of life, a deep seated skill set honed from childhood that enabled indigenous tribes to not only feed their families by tracking game in harsh environments, but also wage extended guerilla operations against opposition by reading and following enemy movements over any terrain and in any condition.


Melting into the wilderness as urban society collapses, surviving for an extended period of time in a hostile area when cut off from support, or simply understanding our ancestors’ way of life and their immediate connection to the earth – these are all reasons to take onPoint Tactical’s Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living courses. 


Class agenda is as follows:
Course Introduction 
Hunters in modern society 
Modern Hunting vs Primitive 
Nutritional Advantages
Natural Law
Understanding the Wilderness of the US and game found there 
Hunters Observation and Insight 
When, where and how 
Meadows and Fields 
Transition Areas (Woods to fields) 
Game Species 
Mating Seasons
Camouflage and Concealment (C&C) 
Scent Control
Concentric Rings 
Speed = Slow vs Fast 
Conservation of Energy (Take the path of least resistance, most times)
Modern vs Primitive 
Choices (comparable to game being hunted) 
Targeting and Sighting
Hides and Stands
Taking the Shot
Finding Down Game
Field Dressing
Game Processing
Personal Gear - Tier I , II, III - Redundant in each Tier
Camp Gear



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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 11, 2013 at 9:32pm


Comment by TheLasersShadow on March 19, 2011 at 7:14am
You really don't need a "pro" class on it that cost that much, just learn to trap, read a few survival books, learn whats edible and get into the area you want to survive in for a few weeks. Tracking is a good skill but not everyone has the ability, you can't just read a book or go to some class and be a pro, although it will help. Its all about field time and hands on work, hunger can be a great motivator. Spend your money on gear not a weekend with those guys or find a local militia they have this training and will teach you for free.

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