What Globalism Actually Represents and it aint Good!

The True Explanation for Globalism


You’ve seen the disarming terms used by the sold out US Media and our leftist politicians trying to sell us on “Globalism” this vague definition pasted on so many disturbing events going on throughout the world and our society, homogenized into one conveniently misleading term. The collapse of nation’s currency, the imposition of foreign law on US soils such as Sharia Law, our very own politicians and Supreme Court Judges saying they have problems with US Constitutional Law, all are interconnected theme in one large deceptive ploy to merge the world under a tyrannical global government.

Sculpting the downfall

The intended misrepresentation goes even further allowing the migration of immigrants who do not share our values or moral views, refusal of the federal government to guard our borders, the assault upon the individual sovereignty of nations on some vague premise of humanitarian responsibility that has actually occurred under the false flags of terrorism and the treason of our political leaders. Even the fractional banking system that has created unrecoverable deficits requiring the US to sell off its fiscal mismanagement to foreign nations as Treasury Bills all has been calculatedly orchestrated to create the illusion of legality in order to justify increased taxation and regulatory restraint.

Economic stranglehold

After the Second World War the United States was manufacturing 46% of the world’s goods and controlling world economy under a capitalistic system that benefited our society as well as the trade and commerce of the rest of the world. However, the scheme of the international elite was already being hatched. The “Golden Coast” Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Hon Kong would begin to receive huge manufacturing contracts to make US goods that cost too much to make in America, when in truth it was merely corporations maximizing their profits while keeping wages lower through outsourcing. The only way to compensate for the lack of earnings among the blue collar and low middle income work force was to bring goods made in the sweat shops of foreign lands back to the US cheap enough to soften the blow of a diminishing US workforce.

Creating enemies

However, the plot could not remain so simple because on an ideological level and banking level the Trojan Horse was already being introduced into American society and the world. Use Communism as an enemy to free enterprise and statism in opposition to Democratic Republics while the banking system was used to fund the conflict from both sides! Leftists emerged within conservative societies advocating government control to transfer wealth and confiscate prosperity using class warfare. In doing this greater taxation and the destruction of individual freedoms by increased draconian regulation created the iron fist of oppression worldwide that someday would be the basis for the rationale of “Globalism”.

False echoes

And, of course, we were sold on the idea now that the world would never be the same again nor would the US because everything was now in a complex equation known as “Global Markets”, “International Diplomacy”, “Global Interdependence”, and even “Sustainable Development”.


From these ambiguous terms the media, the federal government, and its traitorous proponents began directing the expectations of the population downward! With explanations such as “Finite Resources” we were told that fossil fuel reserves were limited, that the use of these fuels necessitated costly regulations adding expense to everything consumers bought and even putting certain industries out of business under the environmental umbrella of adversity while third world nations were allowed to develop the very same enterprises in their regions without the regulations being imposed upon America and the west.

Vanishing free markets

Banking influence grew to such levels that the court system, the government on almost every level, and the media were either owned by the interests of bankers or heavily influenced by their lobbying. Maximizing profits became a global scheme by relocating industry to the third world countries while increasing regulations and taxation upon the more prosperous economies of the west. Yet, with the ideological opposition to capitalism coming from the dialectic of Communism so as to deceive the gullible, the indoctrinated, and the poorly educated into the acceptance of slavery under the shared poverty of a government controlled system of equality the global elites could control and manipulate every aspect of life for the masses from either side of the persuasion and by the loose fitting term employed today as “Globalism” the worldwide exploitation of people by an elite few.

The Big Lie

Under the controls of fiat currency that no longer had asset backing, courts who exist with the incentive of increasing the prison population, and government that no longer operates on the basis of representation of people who only think they have a voice, only think they have a God, and only think that events happened randomly and with a logical explanation are subdued. Yet, in truth, a worldwide conspiracy leading to a global government was ultimately intended while the ranks of the classes were being progressively thinned through false narratives, official lies, and the ulterior motives of those who would consolidate through wars, famines, shortages, financial bubbles, and even false flag operations to maintain unrest that deflected the public’s attention from what was really being orchestrated against them.

The scheme

Listening to former President Obama lecturing kids in Africa that they will not be able to enjoy the comforts and opportunities that have existed in the past due to global warming, listening to Obama telling Americans they will have to tighten their belts while he and his wife enjoy lavish decadence funded by the US taxpayer, while pushing government spending to monetarily crippling levels so that a future collapse is an inevitable reality that will devastate not just America but world markets. The passing of legislation allowing banks to seize legitimate depositors money in the event of a fiscal crisis they themselves created! The use of America as a global policeman, who will become bankrupt from the economic drain of the insanity to be toppled with insurmountable deficits! These are the ominous indicators of not only the methodology behind globalism, but the intended catastrophic affects that will be imposed upon the people of all nations just as the Great Depression devastated the world decades ago.

Dismantling normalcy

The ultimate intended goal of such a global disaster brought about by out of control spending, removing currency from the gold standard, the selling off of US debt to foreign entities, all creating the illusion of an unavoidable collapse. Even the entertainment industry continually making movies of an apocalyptic nature shows that the consciousness of the masses are being readied to accept the unacceptable. Redistributing millions of refugees with opposed ideology to decency into a sovereign nation with Judeo Christian underpinnings is fuel for civil war and an excuse for authorities to utilize Martial Law as opposed to freedom of the individual is already being imposed in Europe and the UK. Like sheep, those left in the few strongholds of freedom will fall victim to a threat they refused to see or were too docile to react towards. Globalism will have worked as intended. NAFTA, the European Union, the “Amero” the proposed unifying currency of the American continents, and the proposed but defeated UN controlled North South Commerce corridor from South America to Canada, all were conceived under the innocent phrase of Globalism.

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