Where Trusting in the Big Government Monster Has Gotten America!

Losing Control of the Monster the Unaccountable Government

Under the Obama Administration America was treated to the exact tactics it would take to create class warfare and division as the Communist Doctrine according to Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB Agent would attest to. Overspending, taxation without representation, and overregulation matched just three of the Ten Planks that Karl Marx predicted would sink the western civilization, and unfortunately all authorities were correct. The increasing suffocation of the private sector by big government is the common denominator in all this and it is something that our forefathers, the creators of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence warned future generations of Americans about.

Sinking in a swamp

Career politicians building their political machinery for decades have created the swamp that President Trump constantly contends with and while both sides of the aisle refuse to reach out to each other when it comes to the good of the people, they do cooperate when it comes to trying to block President Trump’s reform of the country. Removing the hindrance of useless regulations that stifle hiring and economic growth has been one of his outstanding achievements despite the obstruction he has encountered.

The Big Lie

The worst part of the “Monster” we call big government is the psychological level, that illusion created by bureaucrats that something is being done for the sake of the people. Black Americans are a perfect example. For decades unemployment has stood at double digits with the largest percentage of welfare and food stamps going to 13% of the population. The Black Caucus, embarrassingly corrupt has done nothing but provide lip service from their group of foul mouthed occupiers who blame everyone but themselves for the lack of progress and problem solving as they much like the rest of the DC establishment are busy enriching themselves at the cost of the best interests of the people, Amazingly, Black voters continue to re-elect these corrupt con artist’s election cycle after election cycle. Why? Just because they’re Black? Very likely.

The traitors

Republicans like Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of New York, have consistently denied the GOP Senate the ability to repeal Obamacare and prevent the tax reform bill that Donald Trump promised. The media has worked alongside the swamp to parrot the false talking points while vilifying President Trump as the problem when in reality it has been those opposed who do not care at all for the best interests of the American people just as long as their cadre of self-serving constituents remain intact no matter who is in the Oval Office. Washington DC has transformed alright in the words of Barack Hussein Obama, it has transformed into a self-perpetuating machine that destroys the spirit and contribution of well-meaning and honest officials while rewarding the hacks and obstructers who keep Washington in a state of useless repetition of rhetoric and a choking volume of laws and legislation piled on top of more that serve no purpose other than to confuse and ensnare those who can’t possibly be aware of them.

The little man behind the curtain

This is exactly how a nation can be sabotaged from within. Under the aegis of trying to accomplish everything under the illusion of government being God and that we the people hand over all our problems to an all knowing all seeing entity made of flawed individuals yielding to human temptation, yet being viewed with deity-like qualities that simply don’t exist. It is in that state of self-delusion over the capabilities of a stifling government that not only are we misled over its limited capacities, but endangered by its false encouragements. Each time there’s a mass shooting let’s pass more gun laws when the ones that are in place are not being enforced! When there is a financial crisis we are led to believe that more regulations will prevent another economic meltdown when indeed it may result from the very laws being imposed upon a gullible and trusting American public.

When it comes to the welfare of the people

This where the psychological factor further weighs in with the media, which we were falsely led to believe consists of a free press, when in truth, they see their job and marching orders as acting as propagandists who decide who wins an election and who they vilify as the unwanted opposition which in recent years seems consistently aimed at reformists like Reagan and Trump who threaten the greedy status quo who are threatened by the proposition of actually doing their job instead of keeping their cartel of obstructers enriching themselves while continually transmitting their mind numbing reassurances that have nothing to do with reality, and on and on the endless Merry Go Round of freedom robbing legislation, higher taxes, wars on the horizon, and refusal to react to the needs of the people as our borders are penetrated and those who would kill us are allowed into the country unvetted.


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