So lately I've been thinking that most of us are taught from birth, that WE DO NOT belong on planet Earth!

That WE are here in a testing ground, to see whether or not we're worthy of everlasting life AFTER we die, and in order to receive those blessings, we must surrender our hearts and minds over to the People who actually understand all of this, via religions the "divine right of kings", and "authorities", who keep us on track for our highest good.
We are here to do penance, NOT to enjoy the abundance of our planet, but to be meekly humble and subservient, turning the other cheek, obeying authority, and being grateful to be taxed in order to support those who understand the greater truths of which we are sadly ill equipped to deal with. If only we will follow the rules and regulations of those who are destined to rule, we'll be able to make some sense of our lives, while those who seek our acquiescence are more suited to live lives of wealth and prosperity at our expense.
So throughout the ages they have taken it upon themselves to wipe out those of us who do not willingly offer them the fruits of our labor for profit, at the same time teaching us propaganda about patriotism, nationalism, and making examples of those who refuse to obey by torturing, incarcerating, and murdering individuals who think for themselves. Then they wrap themselves in religions, or new age thinking, again, teaching us to postpone taking action because we're going to focus on OUR lives and prosperity, all the while ignoring the carnage we're enabling through taxes.
And every day as we keep our heads down, working hard to feed and clothe our families, they continue to plunder the Earth's resources, geoengineering our weather by dropping toxic chemicals, fracking our water, poisoning our food by genetically altering it, experimenting on us through vaccines and nano technology, bombing and droning innocent People, and simultaneously taking over school systems in order to teach their bullshit to OUR CHILDREN, who they use for cannon fodder in their immoral wars as we all bow down to the god of profit and corporations who rule us all.
And WE wonder WHY OUR WORLD looks as it does????
There is NOTHING that has more value than each and every ONE of US!
So as you finish reading this article, ask yourself:
"Who and what am I really living for?"
"Who and what will MY CHILDREN live for, and what kind of world will they inherit?"
"Who will protect the sky, earth and water if I don't"
"What does "Moral Stewardship" mean?
And put more simply: If no harm, injury or loss has occurred, NO CRIME has been committed.
Isn't it time to get over paperwork and down to living OUR LIVES?
Join those us at United We Strike April 15th.
Don't Buy, Don't Comply, Ask Why????!!!!!

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!

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Comment by Cryptocurrency on April 4, 2014 at 12:56pm

I like where your head is at Karen.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on April 4, 2014 at 12:57pm

Sharing this...

Comment by Karen Quinn-Tostado on April 4, 2014 at 1:02pm

thanks Cyrpto! If more felt like I do, we'd be through to the other side. Once we let go of thinking colored pieces of paper or metal have more value than WE do, we can plug in OUR OWN Divine Umbilical cord, without translators or mediators.

Then Moral Stewardship can kick in and we can kick them out!

Power to the People through Peaceful Unity!

Comment by richard terrence on April 4, 2014 at 5:08pm

'they' have varied and sundry methods of making mavericks pay and pay..... they control the mechanisms of pain. They control the main sources of information for the bulk of the people... i wonder what could jar the conscousness of sufficient numbers of people to affect much. I also wonder that whatever might fill that bill would merely be the new meme to distract the many....   What ever might come along would have to be sufficiently spectacular or,conversely, sufficiently quiet yet profound, that it would obvious it could not have been caused by the rothchild cleptocracy, archons or whatever they are...

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 4, 2014 at 5:12pm

Brilliant!  Strip Them of the tool They use to control Us:  money.  Remove it entirely from Our society.  How?  Spread awareness to the tipping point:

Comment by Karen Quinn-Tostado on April 4, 2014 at 7:11pm

If WE stop at the same time, breaking their forward momentum, staying within our homes and communities, leaving them empty streets, airports, banks and no profit, they'll notice.

If WE agreed to wake up one 15th and completely FORGET about money, and simply claimed Self Ownership and Moral Stewardship, WE could work within our communities, rooting out the criminals and totally abandoning meaningless just over broke jobs. We could instead focus on using those empty building to feed and clothe the homeless, and begin the job of rebuilding and repairing, exchanging our labor and contributions amongst ourselves in order to really empower our creativity focused on healing. We could totally wipe the slate and begin again, farming, gardening, healing, and have enough folks armed and willing to be able to protect ourselves as well.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 4, 2014 at 11:13pm

Sadly, Karen, if We did that, many would starve.  Better to add free energy.  Prices drop and drop as the cost of energy is removed.  Then fill all NECESSARY jobs with Those who love to do them with robots taking up the slack.

This will eliminate all UNnecessary jobs (banking, insurance, accounting, sales, cashiering, Wall Street, etc.) and free all of Us to find and develop Our gifts as the cost of everything drops to zero, allowing the abundance of this planet to flow to all of Us unimpeded by a system of accounting for Our meaningful energy expended.

Comment by Karen Quinn-Tostado on April 4, 2014 at 11:29pm

How many starve now in the manufactured poverty that is reality to so many? How many die every day in war? How many are falsely imprisoned? We lose everyday that we devalue Ourselves and obey immoral authorities. We reboot computers when they have viruses, and the viruses in politics and banking are killing us NOW. I appreciate your comments, but choose to believe that we will be better off totally without the parasites of government. I do not believe in rulers, I believe in Self Ownership and non-violence. We don't have to look at paperwork, we do need to cooperate and accept that we've all been lied too. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on April 5, 2014 at 1:12am

  For as good as the sentiment is Karen, and it is good, it isn't possible. Could what you propose work, yes, but only with 100% cooperation from all, and that ain't going to happen. There will always be someone who feels more superior, wants more power, wants to work less, and wants everything... thus we will always have rulers here in this world. They prey upon the weak, weak willed, weak spirit, weak minded. Call it influenced by the devil or just being evil, people have the capability of doing both good and bad, and some prefer bad. 

  They know our weaknesses too and why you see them come with both barrels loaded with things like religion, patriotism, pride, and division. This world is like drilling a hole in the ground, where dirt comes in to fill the void left behind, never quite filling and leaving a scar. Such is dumping the whole system, it just isn't possible. What is possible though is finding men and women who would run the system and  have other people's interest in mind. Like underwear though, they need changing frequently. As long as we have people being trained by men to represent God, country, and values... we will have lost. A reboot, yes, but we need to have people empowered with true wisdom and knowledge, virtues and honor. 

  I get what you are saying, and it would be great if it could be, then again that is what Heaven is there for. For what it is worth, I see this as no proving ground, for we are born with favor. We are born with enough favor to make the Angels jealous, but somewhere down the road we walk away from that favor. That is our choice to do, just as it is our choice to remain willingly ignorant. MOst on sites such as this one have awoken either fully or partially, but many still sleep, and as long as they sleep we live in almost a Hell on earth. Even with that said I have seen and lived among heroes, bet we all have. Those who get knocked down, have nothing left to lose except their true worth, that which they were born with. They stand, live, and die, and make the most out of what they have. These are the ones to aspire to, the ones who also stood up while others silently bent a knee. 

  I will also say that many who call for no form of government usually live in areas where they can dial 911. It is much different in places such as these where that isn't an option. Defending one's family, person, and or property looks great on TV, not so much so in real life. Parasites will be here, government or singular, and both have man given rights above the good people. There is nothing exciting about going out in the dark prepared to take a life, prepared top give yours if need be. As some of the few neighbors get older, they tremble with fear, so one has to protect them as well, hoping that if you live old perhaps the favor will be returned. True that one does not reboot an infected computer, but one also does not toss it away, one fixes it and makes it well.    

Comment by Karen Quinn-Tostado on April 5, 2014 at 2:09am

Thanks for your thoughts Anthony.

I realize it's a long shot, but I prefer to keep planting seeds for it doesn't take the majority, only a dedicated minority to make it work. And I also believe that we are basically good, just trained out of it, and were we to simply abolish rulers, which is the true definition of anarchy, our lives would be better. We would all be able to be armed and defend ourselves if necessary, and those who work outside the common law....who willingly cause harm, injury or loss, would be dealt with right then and there, with reparation going directly to those who were harmed. Again, it's a long shot, but I side with Larken Rose, who is much better than I at explaining the beauty of self ownership and cooperation.



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