Will Hillary's Next Office Be The Slammer?

Impending Indictment Against Hillary Clinton

It all started months ago as the political establishment in Washington DC denounced Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and named Hillary Clinton as the heir apparent to the throne of Emperor Obama. The coronation of Queen Hillary was supposed to occur with only token competition from her 2 Democrat rivals. However, the world changed for Hillary Rodham Clinton as well as the future of the United States.

A rising red flag

In March, Hillary Clinton announced that she had generously surrendered her e-mail server to the FBI after deleting more than 30,000 emails that she claimed were personal and of no interest to government matters. Yet, over the preceding weeks and the weeks afterward it was apparent that there was much more to it than that. As it turned out the FBI had actually subpoenaed Hillary's server!

Flagrant disregard

Her troubling conduct has been a problem for decades, but particularly during her tenure as a Senator it was clear that as usual her flippant attitude toward protocol and SOP (standard operating procedure) was evident. When told that the Blackberry handheld smart phone was a security risk she continued using it anyway saying it was only for personal business. The fact that it was discovered that not only had she brought an e-mail server to her home and was using it for State Department business was not only a violation of protocol, but was deemed a legal problem relating to national security.


Furthermore, when revelations that she had sub contracted a small company who had been storing her email traffic in a cramped apartment next to the bathroom was more than problematical! An incredible pattern of negligence was emerging, as a matter of fact, the former secretary of defense seemed to be flaunting her disobeying of the strict code of conduct that should accompany the cyber security of this nation. In recent months the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) had been hacked by the Chinese and 24 million Americans could have been affected. Likewise, the Pentagon had been hacked by the Russians. It was established after investigating Hillary's server that it had indeed been hacked. Were all these cyber attacks related? Did these breaches in electronic security originate from the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's hacked server?

Smoking guns

Weeks ago on his talk radio show, Michael Savage, revealed that according to sources, a mountain of evidence had been uncovered by FBI investigators over Hillary's e-mails. As it turned out a possible revolt was on the verge of splitting the Justice Department up if this evidence was not acted upon as it was so incriminating! We now know that at least 1,340 of the former Secretary of State's emails contained classified, secret, or top secret level documents! Even more troubling were the SAP's (Special Access Programs) that contain particularly sensitive information. This is the kind of data when leaked that reveals identities of US intelligence sources, it exposes who or where the information came from, and puts a complete halt to the acquisition of anymore of this crucial intelligence, but even worse could also mean the death of individuals who served as espionage agents for the US!

Continued lies

That Hillary Rodham Clinton would take her oath to defend the US Constitution, the office of the State Department, and, most importantly, the people of America so carelessly is one thing, but due to the role she played in Benghazi allowing 4 Americans to die and then lying about it blatantly to the American public shows how consistently this woman considers herself to be above the law! It most certainly demonstrates just how little she values the lives of Americans. As well, in her career dating back to Watergate when she was ejected from the Democratic legal team of unethical conduct, this official has a long standing disregard for the proper execution of her duties which have been clearly spelled out for her as well as any other personnel serving their country in the capacity of the State Department code of security, honor, and the defense of this nation.

Tom Delay weighs in

We now hear from former Republican from Texas, Tom Delay, that an FBI indictment is eminent. Recently 150 additional FBI agents have been assigned to the case. It would seem clear that the damage done by Hillary's negligence is serious and could have provided our enemies with extremely damaging disclosures that could cause catastrophic intelligence crises, identity theft, and even threaten the lives of our armed service men. One must ask how is it that after the revelations of Benghazi alone was a person with the type of character as one Hillary Rodham Clinton ever considered for the entitled role of the first female US President in history if personal character and integrity matter in the oval office anymore?

More lies

To date, making bad jokes and dismissing these troubling allegations has been her strategy. Denying her role in exposing classified material she has denied or attributed it to some staff underling. However now, the evidence is growing exponentially. Another batch of emails is slated to be released by sometime in February, but under AG Loretta Lynch we can predict more stonewalling. It took 3 years to get evidence over former Attorney General, Eric Holder's role in "Fast and Furious". Of course, Hillary will try and play the victim of a partisan witch hunt by the GOP alleging that recent the recent Inspector General's recommendation of possible indictment was all political. Yet is was a Democratically appointed judge and Inspector General who have paved the way for the due process of law that has been long overlooked.

An impending revolt?

If Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, stonewalls an indictment over Hillary Rodham Clinton the revolt within the FBI will result from the obvious betrayal of the organization as an unbiased department of law enforcement with a reputation that is legendary by its administrators over politics! That will not stand. Threats of going public with everything they know are already being voiced by those who have examined the evidence against Clinton and know that it is insurmountable! One way or another justice over this matter will be done and Mrs. Clinton will lose her last opportunity to occupy the oval office as her new residence will be behind iron bars. Why would she not be treated in the same manner as General Petreaus, who merely brought a single document to his home office and was raided as a result. He is now being stripped of one of his stars! What about Hillary?

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 27, 2016 at 9:47pm

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 27, 2016 at 8:26pm

Comment by Anti Everything on January 27, 2016 at 2:17pm

150 ADDITIONAL FBI?! Really now. How many idiots does it take to skin this cat? And I guess Delay is a good one to listen to ass he has a lot of criminal experience in politics as the 'Hammer' beating out criminal deals.

Comment by DTOM on January 26, 2016 at 9:52pm

Hillary is being thrown under the bus, so you get the choice between Bernie 'I am going to tax you more' Sanders and "tell 'em what they want to hear" 'Distraction' Trump - my bet is on Barry announcing martial law - I don't think he plans on going anywhere, and he kept hinting at a third term...

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 26, 2016 at 9:27pm

All signs point to....OH HELL YES!!

I'm convinced the Succubus will be served, and the faster it's campaign numbers fall off the cliff, will be all the more sooner. Remember these self-entitled pricks are actually mentally ill, they're above us useless eaters. These psychopath's are so delusional, they actually thought that this felon was going to get a huge percentage of popular vote for real, at least enough so they could rigg the rest of it w/out fear of reprisal. believe Bush was placed as backup, but lookin at his numbers, he's lower than worm shit, ergo USELESS AS WELL.

They're using "Last Gasp" strategy now, which is clinging to the last possible moment to see if this mental mess picks up any steam...ya, they're that delusional. Soon, someone's going to nod their head, and a couple of US Marshal's will be ringing it's front doorbell with lots of "paperwork"

NOW, a Hard-Nut Federal Prison??...We can only hope..But I doubt it. End up probably doing 200 hours of CS at Goodwill...LMAO (doubt that too) Or do 18 months in a place like Martha Stewart spent, a hotel basically, except ya can't check out for a long time ;)

They actually thought because of who she is,& a "Woman" (questionable) that we would just embrace it & luv it to pieces, supporting it up until that first, intense, retina melting, white Flash.

...and this is before that crappy 10 year old Dell optiplex computer, turned into a freeware mail server was found next to the litter box in the Laundry Room.

...but after White Water, Mena, Vince Foster, Barry Seal, illegal hollywood campaign funds, affairs including Vince Foster, And then Webster Hubbell, resulting in the birth of Chelsea. There are a hundred more of these examples, just puttin a few out to show there's a distinct pattern of mental criminality here

How can anyone with an IQ above 69 Not see the criminal hisory throughout this creature's existence??

This thing should not be....

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