You Can Spot an ‘Inside Job’ & Cover-Up – By The Lack-of CCTV Evidence! 9/11-Aurora Shooting, The Eriksson Twins, Sandy Hook, Jean Charles de Menezes

Booking photo of suspected Aurora shooting gunman, James Eagan Holmes.

All the evidence you need ‘to see’ that would confirm when something is not quite right about a certain major worldwide events like that of 9/11, the shooting of Charles de Menezes, the 7/7 London bombings, the Auora shootings at the Dark Knight Rises, and now the recent Sandy Hook school shootings, - is that there ‘never’ seems to be CCTV footage that would soon silence any conspiracy theorists or critics in general by showing us exactly what happened.

James Holmes is the 24-year-old suspected gunman who killed 12 people and wounded 38 others early Friday morning as moviegoers were attending the premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. 

How on  earth can this be possible?  It simply cannot, especially in a world that’s saturated in CCTV cameras that would soon capture a train fair-dodger, ticket tout or someone attempting to sneak into the cinema without paying and you can’t bet your bottom dollar it would be used as evidence to convict them.

Take 9/11, scores of CCTV footage has never been revealed and was confiscated by the FBI following the alleged crashing of an airplane into the Pentagon.  Now if that’s not bad enough, there are the four airplanes and at least three airports involved that day that all have CCTV cameras all over the place. 

So why has there never been any CCTV footage of the “passengers” queuing up, checking in, going to the toilet, the bar, a restaurant, on the phone, taking a photo or whatever else it is many people do whilst travelling?  If a member of my family or close friends had been travelling that day, then I’d be insistent to see the CCTV footage, as after all there must been many scattered about these airports.  I’d need to know why is there no footage of my child, wife or husband at the airport on this day in question? 

Jean Charles de Menezes

The same kind of thing happened in the UK, when on the  22nd July 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian man, was shot dead by the London Metropolitan police at Stockwell tube station on the London Underground after he was misidentified as one of the fugitives involved in the previous day's failed bombing attempts.  These events took place two weeks after the London 7/7 bombings, in which 52 people were killed.   UK media reports reported that no CCTV footage was available from the Stockwell station, as recording media had not been replaced after being removed for examination after the previous day's attempted bombings. Other reports stated that faulty cameras on the platform were the reason for the lack of video evidence. An anonymous source confirmed that CCTV footage was available for the ticket area, but that there was a problem with the platform coverage. The source suggested that there was no useful CCTV footage from the platform or the train carriage.

Extracts from a later police report stated that examination of the platform cameras had produced no footage. It said: "It has been established that there has been a technical problem with the CCTV equipment on the relevant platform and no footage exists." It also reported there was no footage from CCTV in the carriage where Menezes was shot, saying "Although there was on-board CCTV in the train, due to previous incidents, the hard drive had been removed and not replaced."

The platform CCTV system is maintained by the Tube Lines consortium in charge of maintaining the Northern Line; unofficial sources from inside the company insisted that the cameras were in working order. It was also reported that London Underground sources insisted that at least three of the four cameras trained on the Stockwell Tube platform were in full working order, and rejected suggestions that the cameras had not been fitted with new tapes after police took away footage from the previous day, 21 July, when suspects in the failed bombings caught trains there.

Then going back to last year on Friday, July 20, 2012, and the mass shooting which occurred inside a Century movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. Time and again evidence seems to suggest there were at least ‘two’ gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, for ‘they set off tear gas grenades from totally different sides of the cinema.  Many witnesses have said this happened, and there was ‘two’ gas-masks found at the scene, one was recovered from suspect James Holmes [above], the other was found abounded on the ground and elsewhere in the vicinity.

It alleged Holmes shot into the audience with multiple firearms, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.  Then the ‘sole suspect’ Holmes was arrested ‘outside’ the cinema minutes later and where he passively sat awaiting for the police to arrive.  The Century cinema theatre has CCTV cameras covering the obvious entrances and exit areas; so again there really shouldn’t be a problem in us seeing this CCTV footage that will confirm who went in and who did or didn’t come back out again.  Perhaps this “evidence” is yet to surface as Holmes still has to be tried for it. 

Adam Lanza

Holmes will probably be found guilty without the case having to go to trial and placed before a jury or even if it does he will be found guilty and no matter what as that's how these kinds of cases pan-out.

We expect the same type of thing will occur as to what happened in Sabina Eriksson’s case when on the 17th May 2008 and alongside her Swedish twin sister Ursula, who came to national attention in the UK after its alleged the twins had been in Ireland before travelling on to England and boarding a coach for London at Liverpool. Their odd behaviour after exiting the coach at a service station on the M6—including not allowing the bags they were clutching to be searched— is said to be the reason as to why the driver would not to allow them back on the coach.  Though the 'official storyline' has since been proved to be totally incorrect to what the public were first led to believe.  In fact, even to this current day a police 'cover-up' in regards to this case continues.

Sabina Eriksson

The twins were later seen and captured on CCTV walking down the central reservation of the M6.  When Highways Agency Traffic Officers arrived to assist the women, they panicked and then ran across the busy motorway.  Shortly after the police arrived, the women again ran on to the motorway and were struck by oncoming vehicles, with Ursula suffering serious leg and skull injuries and Sabina a head injury that left her unconscious for several minutes. When Sabina regained consciousness she refused medical aid and attacked a police officer, at which point she was arrested.  Remarkably and despite her twin sister laying in intensive care, the hospital's “professionals” then deemed Sabina 'fit and well' and released her after only five hours?

  Then within 72hrs she had met and was taken home by Glenn Hollinshead, whom it’s said she then later stabbed to death in an apparently unprovoked attack. She was then pursued by police and arrested after jumping from a bridge onto another busy motorway, - and later on pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.  She was sentenced to five years imprisonment and released on parole in 2011. 


A Madness Shared by Two

However, the authors of the book; A Madness Shared by Two, claim it was deliberately contrived so as this case would never go in front of a jury.  Sabina had been insisting on her innocence for over 16 months, and until the eleventh hour of her final court appearance.  The book reveals and challenges the “Official Storyline” and exposes a 'police cover-up' along with what really occurred just hours before their M6 dash, for within the book and for the very first time, it exposes the Eriksson sisters were “arrested” under the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence was then ‘edited out’ of the original BBC films.  This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; ‘ was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours’ following their ‘suicide attempt’ on the M6? 

It further reveals that the coroner’s report shows that the injuries inflicted on Glenn, was done so by ‘two’ weapons, it’s always been believed “Sabina” used one, and that it’s highly likely there were more than one person who killed him and that Sabina could well be innocent. Yet this obvious evidence seems to have been brushed under the carpet, or at the very least it was never challenged. The book explains how these twins were very likely embroiled in some kind of major drugs smuggling ring and that they had been under “Obbo” [police observation] prior to this M6 incident, and had probably been so for quite some period of time. 

As a result of the authors findings, legal action is now being sought and brought against the police and other related authoritative bodies by the Hollinshead family.

And now we have Sandy Hook, when on December 14, 2012, it’s alleged 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the quaint village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.  It’s further alleged that before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his mother Nancy at their Newtown home.  It then said that as soon as the first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. 

Again we know there is CCTV cameras in the school that covers the entrance where it’s said Lanza had gone through, so let’s see what develops?  And here’s another prediction, it will never surface, the reason being is that this case doesn’t have to go to trail, it’s technically dead and buried, it’s over and the police know this.

These are the ‘high-profile’ worldwide cases we know of, so can you imagine what other evidence has been suppressed and withheld in the 1000’s of cases that takes place around the world on a daily basis, and why so many miscarriages of justice often occur to this very day?

It's not looking good for the 'truth' to be permitted to come out in these cases, and this is why it's important to look outside the box and ignore the official storyline.  Go and do your own research into these matters, as you'll never find it in the "media" or hear it from your government and their related bodies and agencies etc.

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