10 Year Old Girl Aggressively Patted Down by TSA. Does this look right to You?


TSA has never once detected actual explosives and FAILS to detect over 95% of test explosives brought in by undercover TSA agents.

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Comment by P.J.Kelley on January 10, 2016 at 8:11am

They should at least have a female do the search. This fellow looks like a scary orangutan.

Comment by John Carman on January 9, 2016 at 8:59pm

I honestly think Trump will make some changes and this needs to be brought to his attention no matter what. All that "Patriot Act" BS is exactly like Hitler's "Enabling Act" and "legally" restricts the freedoms of everyone, Martin Borman was a very smart attorney and close right hand man of Hitler's. They documented everyone, took weapons away and restricted their Freedom of travel. After that, they started rounding up those people(Jews) that they had jurisdiction over and sent them off to camps and extermination facilities. BY that time, it was too late. These left wing Democrats are stupid and do not understand all this. 9-11 was a hoax and an excuse like the Reichstag's fire during Hitler to blame the Jews.

Do your research and compare the two and you will see. 

Everything was "Orchestrated" to further restrict all of us and the government is involved in still another "land grab" when there are precious minerals and benefits.

Quote: "Those that forget History are doomed to repeat it"(I think?)

Comment by skip barker on January 9, 2016 at 7:12pm

You want to stop this, all you have to do is stop flying, but you'r getting to a destination as fast as possible is more important then protecting you and yours, not only protecting your loved one, but others, and last but not least, protecting your God given rights and the rights of the Constitution. But keep letting others do things for you and sacrifice while you continue to live life as before, expect others to fight and make changes. Stop flying, everyone stop for one week and speak up and let them know why, and I promise you this crap, this disgusting crap will stop. This is only going to expand and get worse if you do not put your foot down now and end this trashing of your rights Given by God almighty and the Constitution, it will end with you'r having none, and you will be enslaved, all in the name of security which you will also not have. I cannot remember but a much smarter person then I once said he who would give up his rights for security deserves neither one. How any father could stand by and watch this happen without even a whimper of what are you doing and demanding an explanation should be ashamed of himself, and he should have more shame, if he ever thinks about flying again with or without his child. There is no place you have to be or go that is so important you allow this to happen to you and your's. Stop flying , start fighting make a stand now or lose all forever.

Comment by DTOM on January 9, 2016 at 6:40pm

Things will only change when someone thinks 'fuck it, I have nothing to lose' and stand up to this - much like the shot heard round the world at Concord, I'm guessing it's going to be a person in their autumn years, who will set the example to the rest of us.

Comment by Kirk S. on January 9, 2016 at 6:06pm

Sick as f*ck. Anytime ANYBODY puts their hands on someone else it's called assault AND battery. When an adult does it to a child it's called "ass kicking time", or in "legal terms" an "enhanced pat down". In ghetto terms an "enhanced throw down".

Comment by merlynX on January 9, 2016 at 5:39pm

TSA  stands for "Child Molesters of America".    I am betting convicted sexual predators have many of TSA jobs.  

Comment by Pam Prince on January 9, 2016 at 5:20pm

Can we have the reverse shot from behind?

Comment by John Carman on January 9, 2016 at 4:57pm

I am former law enforcement and was U.S. Secret Service, SDPD, U.S. Mint Police, U.S. Customs & Immigration and I have had to pat down and search more people at the Border areas, land Border Ports of Entry, Airports/Seaports, international flights etc..

I have in 25 years probably searched a few DUI women drivers as required to cuff them up, but the techniques are very quick and NOT "Lingering" or invasive into "private areas" which can be done with the back of the hand etc..

I have found contraband on male children under 12 after their Father gave them a pound of Marijuana to hide in their pants. The "child" immediately offered it up when I explained to him what I might have to do. Most children will "comply" without touching them.

TSA is the worst for searching the Wrong people and failing to follow protocols and the "profiles" of actual threats.

The Black Female TSA officer repeated areas more than once where I could have done that in less than 1 minute without invasion. There is a different protocol for females as they may have underclothing, but a 10 year old child? Not good in my opinion. 3 minutes is too long to check a person unless you are going to do a "strip" search(Personal search)

I have years of experience and can tell if a person is nervous, or hiding something.

If the subject knows I'm going to search them, they will either give up contraband or react and I have

all kinds of responses but I have also seized lost of Weapons and narcotics. Of ALL the minors I've had to check, only 3-5 suspects comes to mind that had "contraband" like Undeclared Money, narcotics, or weapons.

I will challenge anybody with serious law enforcement experience who can tell me this TSA employee was over doing it. Or, the TSA Protocols are excessive and patting down a child needs to have more facts to support a full body search.

Note: Even though the TSA employee used rubber gloves, it is still difficult to feel certain objects and contraband which are very small.(Bindle's, razor blades,certain knives, blasting caps, plastic explosive etc...

I totally disagree with the routine searches on people unless they fit a profile or are exhibiting some nervous behavioral responses which tell me something is wrong. I had a fine reputation and I searched 1,000's of people in just 20 years, but I had good reasons. (Not TSA Standards)

Have Respect for elderly, females and small children and certain officials, but quit harassing otherwise "innocent" children which will carry that experience with them.

I too was singled out entering a U.S. Military Base in Japan when I was about 16 and I looked older. I was searched "roughly" after being taken off a School Bus at the Entrance of the U.S> Naval Base. When nothing found, I had to call my Dad who was a Full Commander and come get me. As I remember the Marine Sgt. may have apologized, but it was about 3 years too soon before I was 18 and later went into law enforcement.

I welcome the father or parents of such a case to contact me so I can give them a consultation and my best Expert opinions to assist in a potential law suit. EMail me at: john.a.carman@gmail.com , my site: www.customscorruption.com       

Comment by Karen Quinn-Tostado on January 9, 2016 at 4:57pm

There is a time and a place for MORAL OUTRAGE AND RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!!!! It is TIME to PREPARE to Dig in and DEFEND! We have been trained OUT of OUR OWN BETTER JUDGEMENT and into servitude. Visit http://UnitedWEStrike.com for ideas whose time has come. Look also at Aaron Bundy's response to Stuart Rhodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl5rkosu2Ig



Comment by truth on January 9, 2016 at 2:46pm

lots more tsa hell here TSA Awareness Project

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