AIPAC: What Every American Should Know

This is as 2010 video.

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"There is NO excuse for the continued American support of Israeli Genocide of Palestinians. I EXPECT better from my country. I EXPECT MORE from our people! There is so much information available that completely reveals the Zionists as satanic monsters. If WE do not do something to STOP this satanic Zionist MONSTROSITY, there will be nothing left between you and your children and this vicious Zionist beast and its murderous agenda. Each and every Palestinian man, woman or child who is murdered is blood on American hands because of willful IGNORANCE! These Zionist Scum of the septic tanks of the world are so FEW in comparison to us! They KNOW this and are truly afraid that you will finally awaken... They are Luciferian Satanists and will admit to this if you but ask the question... but Christians believe they are brothers to them? Are Christians aligned with Satanists? WAKE UP! Hitler was Jewish and was funded by the Zionist Rothschild. The term Goy means CATTLE! Cattle? As in animals? Does this mean that all goy are animals, by their definition? This is an unfortunate and disgusting sentiment expressed repeatedly by Khazars. You may witness their dishonesty as they back peddle against their own words and sentiments.

The Zionists NEED you, the "goy" to do their filth work, to catch the bullets meant for them, to take on their cultural "habits" which destroy your own character. When they are finished with you, you will be discarded, as you have no value to them other than as slaves, human shields and subjects for their sick and perverted human experimentation and "research".

The Palestinians are living and dying as proof of their disdain for all humanity. Do NOT support Zionism.

The support and coddling of Zionism is the death of humanity.

Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." This is despicable! Your tax dollars paid this monster's salary!

The time to remove the blinders is now. The time to honor your HUMAN family is NOW. Renounce the atrocities of Zionism. Take back your humanity before there is none left to be witness to.

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Comment by 007Youngblood on November 16, 2012 at 9:15pm

I couldn't agree more! Shake and wake your neighbors to the TRUTH! The Israeli nation-state IS NOT synonomous with God's Israelite people in the Bible!



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