44.) Hey Alex what's your take on executive order 11110 enacted by JFK where in he granted the treasury the right to issue US Dollars backed by silver was he trying to fix the dept problem or simply eliminate a foreign occupation of the financial sort?

45.) How did the theory that flight 93 was shot down (stated in Loose Change: Final Cut) become more popular than the theory that flight 93 landed in Cleveland (stated in Loose Change: 2nd Edition)? Why is the former theory considered more plausible now than the latter?

46.) There seems to be a general view that we can find folks to be candidates to run for elected offices and who share our views. How do we ensure that those choosing to run for office will get a fair election? Do you have any recommendations as to how we would reach an end that guarantees fair and free elections?

47.) Both my parents were involved in politics before I was born, as were my grandparents. They have all told me stories about undercover infiltration of various movements by security and law enforcement and I've seen undercover cops incite violence. So how would you advise dealing with such people? Those engaged in information gathering and provoking violence and those that hide their true agendas. And how do we heal the wounds in our communities created by this distrust?

48.) Do you know if Jesse Ventura is 'safe' living in Mexico? With all the drug murders, and 'fast & furious' I was worrying about him and his family.

49.) I watch the show all the time, and constantly see the advert for solar panel back up as a great to have emergency power. I love that, but have you looked into free energy? with my stubborn, resistant attitude i stumbled onto the work of John Bedini and Tom Bearden..nearly 40 years ago John created a very simple (anyone can build thisincluding a 10 year old girl, for a science fair..http://johnbedini.net/john34/bedinibearden.html) system that harnesses negative energy to be transformed into positive usable energyand being that we are so close to utter disaster, or at least downing of our power grids, i really wish you would have someone look into this

50.) Dear Alex, what do you think of the Church of Scientology? Is it just a way of recruiting people to the NWO, is it some kind of splinter group that's gotten on edge with the mainstream, or something else entirely?


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Comment by truth on August 8, 2012 at 2:56am

My question remains un answered. I asked if in fact if it cost 30k a month to run the new social network.. That was his estimation during the last money bomb.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 5, 2012 at 3:38pm

You're not even on my radar. Your ignorance is amusing however. Please, continue telling me more about myself.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 5, 2012 at 1:23pm

Israel is their homeland lol. You are clueless. Israel didn't even exist until after world war two. I guess, Louis the XV of France was a Zionist huh? All the royal families that have dominated Europe for over a thousand years, all Zionists right? You're clueless and inexcusably so.

You conspiracy theorists don't even come close to matching real history. You're a straight up tool for propagandists. Spout of your divisive regurgitations elsewhere.

P.S Rockefeller was the worlds first billionaire. But there's no real power there.

Take your anger and your delusions elsewhere. No kidding.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 5, 2012 at 1:17pm

Talk is cheap pal. Alex is head and shoulders above anyone in the alternative media. If you actually listened to his show you would know who the global elite are.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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