Breaking: Mancow Reveals Obama's Shocking Secret Past

Alex is joined once again by Eric "Mancow" Muller to discuss the conversation he had with actor Harry Lennix regarding his personal history with President Ob...

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Comment by Wolf on November 24, 2013 at 8:35am

Bill, you miss my point entirely.  

Comment by Just Bill on November 24, 2013 at 5:02am

Whatever needs to be said can be said sober. Drunks start fights -- not revolutions.

Comment by Wolf on November 19, 2013 at 5:52pm

I like the way you express your thoughts...enjoyable. 

You said "Communism didn't just pop up."  Watch this video that is in my "video file" 

The World Revolution - Dr. Stan Monteith - That is not what he tells.  In fact he stated that the French Revolution was the very beginning of the communist invasion.  The library just located one for me...I cannot wait to read it.  I think you might enjoy his discussion, I know I did.

I believe in the MOB or the Unions, The union is nothing more than angry people coming together, all this ended after the Viet Nam War.  End of the mob, end of the anger.  I believe that the mob allows the system (republic) to work.  The mob was the rules and regulations. No mob, no unions, no rules or regulations.

Without the mob there is no constitution, republic or capitalism. Look at Las Vegas, no mob, Vegas is just a place, the mob made it work.  That is over.

The mob allowed people to earn a decent living as oppose to this.

I would take the mob over the usurpers any day.  

Also, the pubs, back in the 1700's was where people came together to talk.  Try that today, the cops are on you like white on rice.  Even if you go by horseback then allow the horse to take your drunk ass home and a cop pulls your horse over you get in trouble.  What is that about?

I am rooting for the mob...


Comment by Zhivago on November 19, 2013 at 12:32pm

Such a mess.  A friend of mine was a career offer in the U.S. military.  Whenever I mention to him the possibility of the military "taking over" in order to stop these criminals (be they politicians, corporatists, families, cabals, or whatever), he says the following:

"Trust me, you DO NOT want the military in charge of ANYTHING.  The military is designed to fight wars, not run countries.  Whenever a military government forms in history, the end result is disaster.  Military people do not have the proper mentality to run a government."

Then I ask, "Well, they are supposed to protect the country from outside and inside threats.  So, what is their responsibility when there is an inside threat?"

He answers, "It's the responsibility of law enforcement to take care of such internal problems as politicial corruption."

Then I ask, "But if the law enforcement apparatus is corrupt, then what are we to do?  Seems to me that that's when the military should step in."

He answers, "Why do you assume that the military would not be corrupt?"

Oy vey.  Case closed.  I got no answer.

Religious folks say that it's all over with, and that some guy "is coming" to fix this, or some religious organization will fix everything.  Well, that was supposed to happen in 1900, as well as previously "prophesied" dates.  I'm not trying to be anti-religious.  I believe in God, and all that.  But, DAMN!!

Are we REALLY to WAIT?  But if we DO something, what do we DO?  Nobody can be trusted.  It used to be that neighbors talked to each other.  If I were on my way to the union hall, I'd stop by my neighbor's and ask if he wanted to tag along, even if he wasn't into union stuff.  Now, today, you get on public transportation, and everybody's looking down at electronic devices.  Nobody's talking to each other, except on the Internet [or so it seems].

How does one organize in today's world?  So many distractions that the one percent keep in front of the people.  Well, my daughter calls them "sheeple." 

I'm not praising Communism.  But, the history of that movement shows the difference between then and now.  People were tied to THE LAND.  They didn't have all this shit that we have now.  There WAS no television AT ALL.  People SAW each other, daily. 

Communism didn't just pop up.  All over Europe, people were meeting in coffe houses, discussing shit.  In time, an organized party started.  Next thing you know you had the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.  People talked to each other.  People sat on their porches.  Life was simpler.  Everybody was poor.

So, perhaps the "solution" is that everybody has to have their faces ground to the dust before they'll finally revolt.  Indeed, that's what my military friend (who's also an historian) says:

"Nothing is going to change until the people are beaten down into the dirt.  When that happens, then and only then will there be a revolution.  They're not suffering enough yet.  But, mark my word, when it gets to that point, they'll overthrow The System."

I have my doubts.  They didn't have television back then.  But, my military friend says, "But they still had distractions.  In the Roman Empire days, they had distractions for the common people, at the coloseums; they had games and entertainment, and all of that--same thing.  It's just that today, they have more tools to work with to keep the masses asleep while they do their dirty work.  But, in truth, it's always been the same."

It's not that my military friend is pessimistic.  It's just that his vision is DESTRUCTION.  LOL!!  I mean, he doesn't have any hope, YET he's not pessimistic.  Sounds weird.  But, what he believes is that life is going to go down ROCK BOTTOM.  And then the hope for change will be transformed to real change.

I still can't see it.  The U.S., for instance, is massive.  And the CONTROL, over the people, is just so intense. 

Comment by Janet Darlene Millien on November 19, 2013 at 9:44am

Zhivago, what you say isn't pessimistic, its the sad truth. Our government is out of control of the people and in the control of the greedy, rich and powerful, self-serving, Godless, inhumane, despots.

Comment by Not mainstreamer on November 19, 2013 at 8:51am

We should never have allowed corporations to have charge of NATURAL RESOURCES, or to get so large.

Nobel Peace Price winners tend to be the worst, not because the Peace Commitee is fooled, but because the Commitee is their people. "Their" is not corporations, Nobel Peace Commitee don't need any donations. 

Comment by Wolf on November 18, 2013 at 6:26pm

I recall vividly when Obama appeared in Chicago.  The very first time I heard him talk he turned me off.  I recall being one of the VERY few that had a bad feeling about him.

Actors, I don't know.  It is not a play, it is more like a on going snuff film, live, with all of us watching live...I wish it were just acting.  

Comment by Wolf on November 18, 2013 at 6:22pm

Since Kennedy you are all correct, it was and still is important to keep up the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL ORDER so the NEW WORLD ORDER can keep the sheeple in line.

I have not voted since daddy Bush...they all suck.  Green, red, blue, they are all funded in one way shape or form knowingly or not.  Look at Amy Goodman, "what 911?"

As for AJ I stopped listening to him about 4 years ago, when he started talking about himself in third person the curtain fell.

The only (and then I'm not absolutely sure) is Jesse Ventura.  I at least like to listen to him, I know he must have his bad but quite frankly I don't know what it would be.

So, until  the time comes to ponder voting, I am leaning toward Jesse.

Comment by Pam Prince on November 18, 2013 at 5:50pm
Anthropology is the study of ancient people, Socialogy is the study of modern people. Obama & friends are still studying & manipulation is their speciality. You can think Global but act local for yourself & your community. Don't get swept away by the drama Media is presenting. The internet appears to be sometimes following othertimes leading the scandal gossip of our times.
Comment by Amaterasu Solar on November 18, 2013 at 5:28pm

Zhivago, I hear tell that Obama was indeed groomed for the position.  I forget now where I got that from, but it was outside the AJ circuit - AJ is a gatekeeper and a shill, so I avoid His creppola mostly - and that yes, They knew He would be pres at least as far back as stated.

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