How The Media Controls Your Mind (Alan Watt)

Predictive programming comes in many forms and many degrees of subtlety. If you have never looked into this subject, you wouldn't even notice how often predictive programming is used in fiction. But when you know how to recognise the signs, you realise that the mainstream media is infested with it. As Alan Watt has said many times: "All fiction is propaganda", and that is so true. When you watch your favorite TV cop drama, you probably assume that it is produced solely for the purpose of providing drama and entertainment for your viewing pleasure. And that's true to an extent. But there's another side to it that most people rarely think about. And that's the fact that these types of programmes are also used as a way of conditioning our minds to accept certain ways of thinking about certain things.

When we see a character in the drama react in a certain way to hearing news of a certain thing, we will then be far more likely to react in a similar way. Even though you know you have your own mind, and you know that you are an individual who is free to think in any way you choose, there's no getting away from the fact that you will be influenced by the way other people react to things. We've done it since the day we were born. For example, let's say your'e watching your favorite soap opera and one of the characters gets the wrong end of the stick and comes up with some crazy idea about how their partner is cheating on them. And then the character's friend says "See, there you go again with your crazy conspiracy theories".

This is a typical example of counter-intelligence or propaganda, as it would have the effect of altering the way the viewer thinks about anyone who comes out with any valid idea about how things are not what they seem. Counter-intelligence is often used when a secret has leaked out into the public domain and the establishment tries to attach some false or ridiculous association to the secret so that people will not want to believe it. The term conspiracy theorist was invented for the purpose of discrediting anyone who disagrees with the establishment's interpretation of reality. Due to the effect of predictive programming over the last half century, the term "conspiracy theorist" is now so loaded with negativity that it has become more of an insult than a description.

The people who work in Hollywood are masters at their craft and we have to give them credit for what they do. Not only do they create some amazing movies that keep us entertained, they are also able to use those movies to imprint certain messages in our minds, and without most people being aware of it. Predictive programming isn't always a negative thing in my opinion, as it can be used for positive effects as well. It's a bit like electricity in that regard. Electricity can cook your food but it can also cook YOU if you're not careful. I have no objection to Hollywood or to the people who are employed there. But we should all be aware of how our mind can be programmed if we allow it to be. This short video can only provide an intro to the subject. To get a fuller picture of how predictive programming works and how it has been used, you really need to listen to Alan Watt at He goes into detail and he's done extensive research into the subject.

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