Something STRANGE Is Happening With Stephen Spielberg (2018)

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Comment by Sweettina2 on April 14, 2019 at 11:02pm

He pegs the crazy meter out! I think he is part of their propaganda arm, always keep folks a little fearful. I believe they're fallen angels. 

Comment by DTOM on April 9, 2018 at 5:26am

The following interview with Vallée, regarding Spielberg, CE3K and how the phenomena is presented to the public via Hollywood is telling -

60GCAT: Why are Americans obsessed with the idea that outer space aliens are the pilots of UFOs?

Vallée: I think Americans, if they are interested in the subject, are very literal. They want to kick the tires, which is a good American thing to do. They want to do reverse engineering on the propulsion system. And when I tell them, "Look, maybe those things don’t have a propulsion system," you get a strange reaction. Just like, if you remember, in Close Encounters, the Truffaut character keeps going around saying this is a sociological phenomenon, not just physical. And he has a lot of trouble getting that idea across.

60GCAT: At one point you subscribed to the theory that UFOs might be extraterrestrial in origin. . . .

Vallée: When I met Stephen Spielberg, I argued with him that the subject was even more interesting if it wasn’t extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET. So he said, "You’re probably right, but that’s not what the public is expecting--this is Hollywood and I want to give people something that’s close to what they expect." Which is fair.

60GCAT: So what do we know for sure about the nature of UFOs?

Vallée: There is a phenomenon. We don’t know where it comes from. It’s characterized by its physical [traces]. Eighty percent of all the cases have trivial explanations. But I’m talking about the core phenomena. It seems to involve a lot of energy in a small space; it seems to involve pulsed microwaves, among other things.

There isn’t much that is known about the effect of pulsed microwaves on the brain, so it’s quite possible that some of the stories that you get from people are essentially induced hallucinations in sincere witnesses--the witnesses are not lying. They really have been exposed to something genuine but there is no way to go back to what that thing was, based on their description, because their brain has been affected by proximity to that energy.

Having said that, I have plenty of colleagues in science and technology I respect who tell me this could be a natural phenomenon--this could be an undiscovered form of energy in the atmosphere. We don’t know much about the effect of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system. We’re going to be discovering that as we go.

So, it’s quite possible that there could be a phenomenon like that, a very spontaneous thing. Or it could be artificial. If it’s artificial it could come from another form of consciousness, which may or may not be extraterrestrial. It’s a big universe out there. Who are we to say where it comes from? We can only speculate on that point.

Comment by DTOM on April 9, 2018 at 5:26am

In CE3K, French actor François Truffaut portrays a character, Lacombe based on real life computer scientist, atronomer, author and ufologist, Jacques Vallée

Vallée rejects the nuts and bolts spaceship Extra- Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), instead promoting the Interdimensional Hypothesis (ITH) - in effect that other "realities" or "dimensions" coexist separately alongside our own, and a multitude of paranormal phenomena  -  labelled under various umbrella terms such as UFOs, is in fact the same daemonic / mythological / supernatural phenomena recorded throughout history. The phenomena itself updates it appearance regularly based on human cultural and social development and operates as a control system over humanity.

Brad Steiger and John A Keel of Mothman fame offer a similar explanation, Keel put forward his similar notion of 'ultraterrestrials'  -  beings that could alter their appearance at will, and manifested in forms that are common in myth and legend - and he would oft remark upon the occult and demonic connections to the UFO phenomena.

“We have a theory. It is not very scientific but it is based upon the known facts. These creatures and strange events tend to recur in the same areas year after year, even century after century…” - John Keel writing about “window areas”, Strange Creatures From Time And Space,

"Destroying the New World Order"


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