The Roots of the Emergent Church and "Relevance"

Do you think the emergent church has some hip, cool, new way of thinking? The mentality of "Well, we need to change Christianity..." and "The Bible doesn't n...

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Comment by R.Fenbarf on April 11, 2012 at 12:36pm

Yea yea yea...I know.Interesting you approach me in such a sensitive dialectical fashion.No Offense? =-)

I wear big boy pants all the time ! I see you are trained to be sensitive.That's the problem here.Every one has been trained like puppies!

Strormtrooper...I am a didactic. The the Bible is didactic.I am not easily offended.The point of the emergent Church and dialectical training (specifically in the fake Churches that teach Small Group Dynamics which is Dialectical Marxism).Men cannot even be men anymore unless they use approved role models that are allowed in their sandbox eg football sports baseball...which is all fixed rigged and fake also.See ?

So if you veer outside the corporate approved sandbox role models,then the courts send real men to sensitivity training if they act like a man.America had rugged men,now they are girly men.

 Anyway you wear shoes because  your feet are sensitive! Sensitivity means weak and vunerable.

 You don't have to treat me like the synthetic dialectics=-)

 It is changing to a Rerum Novarum Global Order.The dialectic process is not at all Christian.It is the exact opposite.I actually tried to cancel this particular video I copied the wrong link heh.

It was too late...but if you think it's a good idea to teach people to be communitarian (which is communism)

Take a look!

 Dude....the Small Group Dynamics indoctrination is Hegel.Real Christians don't use Hegelian Dialectics.

It's your local communitarianism reducation center calling itself Christian.

I have seen all of your stock talking points which squelch any talk of wolves in sheepies clothing before and am quite familiar with the Bible and it's history and all the arguments that make sure Religion is either looney or discounted.That's why it is a fertile ground for dialectical training.

 See...The NWO has always been terrified of Christians like ...these 

Man Or Other Animals

Don't Be Nice Do You know what nice means?

This is different than what was Christianity since about Y2K when the Association Of Related Churches busted out of the gate to teach Marxist dialectical small group sessions in the name of "Jesus").It is a business,like the CIA has business front corporations and it is selling a product.It is the friendly communitarian re education camp.What benefit is it to be OVER SENSITIVE.Ever see an oversensitive child? How about a nation of OVER SENSITIVE child brained people? See how nice.I would bet dollars to donuts you don't have any idea what is in that Bible it's pretty tough stuff.If you did you wouldn't be so sensitive think 2x beforeusing standard talking points that squelch discussion about "Religion"which is why it is a wide open field for the Small Group Dynamics!

It's all about FEELINGS and OPINIONS comrade. Both are transitive and fleeting.No one knows the REAL TRUTH! There is no right and wrong!  Depends on the situation comrade.

The Bible is didactic.There are absolutes.Dialectical training is opposite to that.And it is why the nations are going out with a whimper.It's as old as the hills and Sun Tzu .What kind of fight do oversensitized weenies worried about opinions put up? Not much!KGB defector 1983 tells you here.

 Yoga is being taught in THESE churches.

Yea..."clearing your mind"chanting yoking with Brahma is just the regular progression of the Christian Church.

Thanks for the comment It highlights the issue of oversensitized males! I am going to post that Don't be nice video for all the rest of the "men" God Bless You !

Comment by Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 on April 11, 2012 at 11:45am

No offense...but if you take the time to do an Impartial research about Christianity as whole from it's dark beginnings in Roman Palestine  all the way to this will find That Christianity been always reinventing itself , From Orthodox and Catholics all the way to all protestant denominations , Ironically ,The Ethiopian Cristian Church of Africa, is the only one of all Christians groups that have never change their vision and religious personality and is also the oldest of all Christians denominations , they also have all the books in their bible including all the Apocrypha text that the Early Church rejected during  The First Council of Nicaea in 325. So it won't impress me to see Western Christianity changing once again ! They been doing that for centuries and always will .

"Destroying the New World Order"


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