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Oh no!  James - you will be sorely missed. 

We cannot thank you enough for the timeless dedication and caring you selflessly gave of yourself.

The multitude of minds that you have "woken up" cannot be counted!  God bless and protect you James!

Whats up James have you grown tired of it all in here.? I hope you will not leave for good. Take a well deserved break man and feel proud for what you've done in here. 

Best regards 


dude !

Everyone knows no one else has put more into this website than James, unless I'm wrong, as I know others work hard on here too, but we're addressing James here.  Perhaps it would be nice to explain why, vent a bit of whatever, if ever as this type of constant "truthing" - researching, reading, writing, checking the posts, listening and talking whilst trying to eat, sleep and be fucking normal without going doo-dally takes it's toll on the best of us!   You know the truth about the truth, that when you find it you wish you never had!  Some of us deal in dark matter, know dark secrets and the truth as to what is really going on, yet knowing deep down we are powerless to prevent what is going to inevitably happen.  To us truthers who know the truth - we're living a slow-motion car crash.  We can see the shattering of the windscreens slowing exploding and splintering into millions of tiny sharp pieces of shard - cutting each and everyone of us.  So it's hard this bloody life - a life of trouble and strife that's even harder without a wife or harder with a wife that is there giving you strife the rest of ya life so have a break, switch off, fuck everything and have a joint, take a deep breath and relax.  Take your time and take that time to reflect on what it is that's making you feel like quitting, not a term I would of thought I'd hear coming from you James 007!   Nevertheless, relax, reflect, recharge - then make your decision.  As after this time if you do then decide to quit then you've done it in the right frame of mind and taken your time to get your inner gut feelings right.  

Whatever this site would not be quite the same if you quit completely. So I'm sure I speak on behalf of many more on here - that we would be greatly disappointed to see such talent go and of course miss you.  Best wishes.    

damn dog, someone was flowin in the moment !   ; )

Hell, I'm taking certain parts o

Sorry to hear that

James, I hope a rest from it all will restore you. I have to take breaks myself. You mean a lot to me, and all your hard work is why this site is what it is. God bless you brother, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Work must have some element of fun too to maintain dedication. That is difficult as years pass.

For sure James will plan new projects based on what he has learned. It does not have to be bad to start from scratch sometimes. My best wishes. Thank you James for the numerous hours you have spent to inform people ... instead of chatter and beer. 

Have you committed suicide?

Well then you haven't quite quit...



You are missed!

Thank You for all of the Energy You poured into this.

It is difficult to witness the war against Humanity continuing it's malevolent forward march...........and I am grateful to have 12160 as a place to post my thoughts with like minded community.Thank you for your support of United We Strike.

I wish You Peace, Joy and Love for the remainder of Your journey on Earth.



Well James, if you have truly made the decision to quit, then I hope it is for the best and I wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Also, thanks for your support all these years.

I was about to accuse you of being a drama lama until I realized it was you lol. You have this right, along with anyone else who runs a similar site. Not too many other people can start "I quit" posts without getting light-heartedly trolled. I couldn't imagine running a site like this for all these years. No way. I hope it was worth your time, and what ever you decide to do after running this site, that you do drop in from time to time and do not just disappear.


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