Accused Gunman Christopher Dorner Issues Statement… “It’s Not Me!”

(PP)- Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer who is accused of murdering three people and threatening to continue his vengeful killings, has issued a statement that claims he has no connection to the Southern California murders, and he is falsely accused.

The statement was received by a local news organization via fax from a Cabo San Lucas hotel early Saturday.

“It’s not me!,” Dorner says in the statement. “I have been out of town on vacation and just heard the news that I am blamed for killings I did not and never would commit. This “manifesto” the police are using against me is just a few ideas for a screenplay I am working on with my former colleague Mark Fuhrman. Tell my mom I’m OK. Once again… the cops have it all wrong…. I will soon be in touch.”

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Al Cowlings ;)

this isnt verified any where else BTW

My take on this is the man is innocent and knows to much about the LAPD, how corrupt it is and they are afraid of him. What better way to discredit a man than to call him a killer or a pedophile.

The LAPD is rotten from the inside out! Has been for a long time and it time the police in the LAPD were brought to Lady Justice, I wonder which way her scales would tip? Or have they bribed Lady Justice with a new coat (of paint)? 

ya, I think the same Mystery, evil pricks want this guy dead sumfin fearce ;)

Do you have any idea why? I haven't had time to look into his back ground because of work, if you do and find anything please post it.

This along with the MSM supposedly using a doctored version of the manifesto says to me, Dorner is either one crafty bastard and has been able to get some positive support by using the MSM as a tool and pulpit or the LAPD is really framing this guy and are even saying he has killed people that he has not killed.  If the latter is true, the only rational take is that the LAPD killed these people to really try and set Dorner up for termination.  They would also be the ones who torched his truck and of course planted tainted guns in it as well.  the LAPD hasn't done too much to change how truly corrupt it is either.  They are the epitome of a system that rots from the head down or from the inside out!  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this is turned out to be a ruse to kill an ex-cop that has dirt on some of LAPD's "finest"!

lol! mark fuhrman!  the racist cop from the oj trial.  lol

Gee I dont really know what to make of this.All I know for sure is that for years the LAPD has had a very bad reputation for brutalizing people and just not being right. You have to wonder what the truth really is here.We will never know.The manifesto is gone,shredded. Rhey will come up with a few pages with some high lighted sentences and all just to try and prove the point that Chris has gone bonkers.Has he? Again we will never know because the will kill him,it dosent matter if hes innocent or not.Seems like another cover up going on of some sort.

Dorner is delusional if he thinks he can get away with it just by sending a fax saying I was out of town lol I'll guarantee they have him on camera in town, witnesses and hard evidence. This guy just realized he's likely going to die soon and is trying to see if he can't backpedal. Not a chance in hell this buys him anything. Pathetic really. 

This don't smell good at all...I think the Cops are all screw and they want the guy death because he probably know a lot about the corruption in the L.A P.D.

all the other news sources are still on the original story and hunting him down with drones, then we have this, completely ignored none story ? WTF going on

Christopher Dorner - Leaked File Proves LAPD Know the "truth" behind all this!!


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