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The worst that happened at my job was some lady threw DVD's at one of the supervisors after she was told that we wouldn't price match something from Walmart and a couple of women tried to cut in line back in electronics but to their dismay, they were escorted to the end of the line :) Thankfully nothing major happened, but of course the consumers were a consuming and it left me with that ho ho fucking ho, ba-humbug kind of feeling once again. What a f-ing mad lot!!!

We had a guy who assaulted a woman in a wheelchair over a pre paid phone at the Wal Mart here in my town. My wife decided to go Tganksgiving night despite my warnings, she said she will never do that again.

pure brilliance... loved this

yep, this is an instant classic DS ;)

"Bullhorning Shoppers Lined Up For Thanksgiving Sales 2012"

Black Friday 2012 Madness

BLACK FRIDAY 2012 SPECIAL: The Madness of Consumers:

This is for christmas stuff. Can you imagine what it will be like when there is nothing left to buy. Talk about civil unrest,I mean handgrenades,knives,guns,ball bats,sure looks like war to me. So now we need martial law to control everyone. So,for all the butt heads that will hand all of us over to the prison camps,you will be first in line to be exterminated.

Can't wait to see how these zombies react when the dollar collapses...

A couple years back our town (42K) had a small 4 hr power outage... talk about crazy....  It was a mess... I pity those folks living in town when the brown stuff hits the fan.   Our town has only 3 days supply of food in all its stores....(THAT IS ALOT) compared to most towns.    We live in the sticks and totally off grid.  yeah.  another reason to be off grid.

And God said, "Backpackers shall inherit the Earth..."


"Destroying the New World Order"



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