how obvious is this BS now days???....the hubris is strong with these demented fuchs ;)


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The false flags are flying all over the place these days hey? It's hard to keep up with all the BS falling down on us!

I keep offering a solution to the useless eliters.  Stop contracting with that system, and work towards better - ideas for which I also offer.  (Not fond of Info Wars as a source - They gatekeep...)  For any who have not seen what I offer, please check out My blog.

I quit paying the criminals in 2000 after realizing the lies after the baby-bush vote scam...yes, it's hard, but not impossible. Still struggle here, but am a better man for it. Own a very minute amount of precious metals, I have no "health-care", but then again haven't seen a Doc since early 80's, I just eat minimal and proper and avoid all this public poison that they pass as "edibles" now. Avoid tap water and make my own colloidal and get Spring H2O whenever possible. As far as "assistance"....I wrote people off years ago, 96% are quite useless or evil, quit depending on somebody else, learn to be self-sufficient to any degree. I was fortunate to grow up w/ a design draftsmen engineer / gunsmith for a dad and have learned many skills from mechanics to big-rig driving to electronics to cooking simply because 8 hours a day for 40 years on some assembly line scared the shit outta me growing up ;)

 I give no quarter and expect no quarter from this rogue-criminal "system". Worst I'm guilty of is having a small, home-town bank account that has yet to charge me a dime since 2010, & is always under 1000$ for small bills. If it disappeared tomorrow, it would not effect me.

So it can be done my friend, but be warned, you'll have to change your life-style and daily routines, your neighbors will look differently upon thee and your friends (most) will think your a nutbag, and society / workforce (whats left) as a whole will shun ye, ....but as in my case, I never gave a flying fuck....

good luck ;)

Lose the name. accept only a service provider position with the all cap corporation, if there are questions that You don't "have answers" to, direct Them to contact the "imaginary" corporation.  You are under no obligation to answer as service provider...

Use only lawful money - endorse all checks "Redeemed in lawful money."  More here:

Don't Endorse the Fed - Easy as Awesome

Point is that if We all just started doing things differently, They would have to do all evil personally.  If We stop contracting, They have no power over Us.

And yes, there are down sides in the beginning.  But wandering sheepishly into Their den for slaughter seems to Me even worse.

same goes for the psy-op fuks, anony-mouse


their logo gives it away.........



and the UN

Well...  Some of Us who take symbols for Ourselves left out the UN in Our logo.  We are just as anon as anyOne else.

The eye is the eye of Consciousness that, like the swastika, was preempted and besmirched.  I use the fem anon with the eye of Consciousness where the head would be.  This indicates both Individual awareness and creativity in an anonymous offering of ideas.

Still the same old story, trading liberty for security. And the masses will bleating masses will follow. 


"Destroying the New World Order"



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