It is a beguiling idea: grow crops that suck carbon dioxide from the air, burn them to generate electricity, then bury the resulting CO2. The result? Less CO2 in the air, and less climate change.

This idea's time has come. The new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published on Sunday in Berlin, Germany, says "widespread" use of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) will probably be needed to stop the world warming by 2 °C, the politically agreed danger threshold.

That reflects the urgency of the situation. After 20 years of talk, the world is still accelerating towards climate catastrophe. Emissions grew faster between 2000 and 2010 than in each of the three previous decades.

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For fooks sake!!! Green plants and other organic life suck the CO2 out of the air so what the hell are these idiots talking about? Well... I guess they probably think that we're all idiotic enough to believe their version of BS.

It's called photosynthesis... and we need the oxygen created by the natural process.

Bury that wickedly bad CO2, cause we're all bad, bad humans for breathing.

It's a symbiotic relationship but were made to believe it's a bad bad thing!

I'm getting so sick and tired of all Global Warming/Climate Change propaganda. The latest revelations from the IPCC are totally absurd!

I say drug test these fools, and confiscate it all for me :)

If these morons realized that by letting the Amazon repair itself by not clear cutting the lungs of the planet, the earth could heal, C02 is vital to this. It makes no sense to clear cut the rain forests of SA to graze cattle so we can under nourish and fatten our kids at fast food (not real food) like Mc Donalds. They have poisoned our air (chemtrails), water (fukishima, fracking, tar sands etc) land (see last)... and these assholes in government are `worried`about a non existent threat.

Considering that CO2 cools the planet, that plants grow like crazy with CO2 available, this whole thing is a money-maker for someOne on the inside.  They are so full of the bull.

THAT'S WHAT GREEN PLANTS DO! Suck CO2 out of the air!

Even one of Al Gore’s assistants calculated that a 15% increase in decorative plants in cities would solve the problem better than carbon credits (for which he was immediately fired). -  Mike Rivero

No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Since Al Gore Won His Nobel Prize

Al Gore won his Nobel Peace Price in 2007, and predicted the Arctic would be ice-free in 2014. Since he made that prediction, there has been no change in Arctic sea ice area.


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