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Dear MoveOn member,
A trapped animal is a terrified animal in unimaginable agony, exposed to predators and the elements, dehydration, starvation, and extreme psychological distress in separation from their young, before finally meeting a brutal end.
Many other civilized countries have banned trapping, and we should follow suit.
That's why I created a petition on to the United States Congress and President Barack Obama, which says:
Traps are indiscriminate—many family pets and unintended animals have suffered and died in traps. Children are always at risk for stepping into a trap, particularly since trappers want to expand their range to national parks.
Since trappers only comprise 2% of our population, and have openly stated that they only trap for fun, the other 98% of us should speak up and ban this practice.
–Debra Warrens
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Mature of you.

I never said watching a video was the same as experiencing the animal cruelty you partake in. What I did say, was I had seen it. 

"As for your fable about trappers trapping in residential neighborhoods, you did say it."

I did say it. But you spun the context as you have constantly done here, which clearly demonstrates your illogical approach to not just the dialog here, but also speaks to your illogical approach to life as a generality.

All predators are not inhumane. Many animals are slaughtered in humane ways by farmers and wild animals. Most big cats e.g kill quickly. Lions asphyxiate, while tigers break the neck generally. There are exceptions to this, however it is commonly the method used. What is sad, is our furry companions in the animal kingdom are more humane than you are.

You DO get personal satisfaction out of your immoral methods. You are pleased when you have put dinner on your table are you not?

You stilled haven't addressed the issue of slaughtering these animals humanly. It really does speak to your character and makes my point. You could care less about their suffering. 

Your argument is as ludicrous as making a case for torture at Gitmo. You should really contemplate the karmic repercussions of your life choices if you have any inclination towards existential matters.

Again you're just talking out your ass. You need to get out a little more if you intend to discuss this topic intelligently because you clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about and you don't know me. I'm also struggling to understand why you so consistently imagine things about me that are wrong, it's as if you're just talking to and about yourself, really.

you deserve one licked finger in the air for having an intellectual mind....very refreshing

Banning trapping on private land is not something I support. It's very disingenuous for her to say all trapping is for fun as its not. If I moved out to the country I would likely take up trapping to supplement my protein intake. Not out of fun. Caring for animals I understand but we are predators by nature and practice. Traps should be checked daily as a personal rule not a law.

So it's ok for an innocent animal to suffer in a trap?

11 herbs & spices.....w00t!

The whole "ban" concept anymore is a bad idea usually and the same logic "Many other civilized countries have banned trapping, and we should follow suit." is being used in parallel with the anti gun measures floating around.

i trap in residential....have to, AC won't do anything about it, seems they're just hell bent on killing dogs.

I live trap...cats...cats...cats, bastiches sneak in constantly, eat thru the bread, cakes, whatever is out. Scared the hell outta me couple nights until i found out what it was..... there once was an old lady who lived in a .......cul-de-sac about 2 blocks above me, she had, @ my last Outside drive-by count was close to 60, what the hell was inside, I'll never know. This was 15 years ago, because nobody bothered to do anything about it, the population went crazy in 15 years. (My dog took care of a few) She passed, house was burnt down, but the jungle cats are still the woods, sewers. Aggressive as all hell and hungry, I catch @ least one a They were coming in thru the basement thru a window that was broke by lawnmower on the super cold nights and rummaging the kitchen. After I catch 'em, I drive em miles out and release, ya can't give these away and local animal shelter won't take them, but I'm not killing an animal for no purpose.

LMAO! Sounds like a scene from grimlins.


This is my response to MoveOn,org Civic Action Sharing @

Needless to say I was infuriated!!!!!!

Response was as follows.

I could not let this petition go by without speaking up.
Now my next comment is going to be harsh, this is now my disclaimer. If you do not want to see or read the response now is the time to quit reading, beyond this point I am not responsible for any injury or ill feelings that follow. Dated February 26-2013.

The first line is true, any creature that is trapped or facing death is terrified, naturally. I feel this is true for even the tiniest of life form.
But, I would like to also bring to table that a starving human being is at the top of the food chain and if in need of substance then it should be a God given right to trap and consume flesh of a trapped animal.

I would also like to point out that a trapped animal is not going to suffer long if a human being is trying to provide a meal for itself or for a family they need to be providing for.

Debra Warrens could not have read history or for that matter the fact of present day America. If she had she would know this nation was settled and mapped by trappers forging across America, even now there are necessities that call for trapping and consumption of animals to a large extent in America.

One person can not expect all of humanity to conform with their personal beliefs to the point of denying a very real way of life to a large group of people.

Humanity has trapped, consumed, killed, consumed, raised, killed, and consumed animals for as long as humanity has been upon the face of the planet.

To deny this is to stick your head in the proverbial sand and not realize this can not take place.

The chemical companies, along with the government have compromised our food supply by tampering with the basics of life. This is definitely one of the most important reasons to allow people the basics of survival.     

Link to home site is as follows:   


"Destroying the New World Order"



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